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mitsueki Travels | 11D10N Osaka – Kyoto – Tokyo Travelogue 2016

If you have been following me on Instagram and Facebook, you would have known that I visited Japan recently back in April on a 11D10N trip! I managed to visit quite a number of places (Osaka/Kobe/Kyoto/Nara/Tokyo) this time round all thanks to the multi-city itinerary I created and searched off Skyscannermy MUST VISIT flight comparison site!

11D10N Osaka – Kyoto – Tokyo Trip: 21 April – 2 May 2016 – Photo Summary

Read on if you would like to read a photo summary of my 11D10N Osaka – Kyoto – Tokyo Trip from 21 April – 2 May 2016!

Day 1 (Singapore-Tokyo-Osaka)

Had a crazy red eye flight in the morning which saw us take 2 planes from Singapore to Tokyo before transferring to the domestic terminal to catch our domestic plane to Osaka! Lunch was at the famous Jiyuken for their famous raw egg with curry dish, was SO damn good. Was so shagged as we made our way to Osaka Castle before turning back to our Airbnb apartment. Along the way, we popped by Uncle Rikuro to get one of those bouncy cheesecakes before heading to LALALAND at 5PM. It was like 11PM when we woke to head down to the convenience shop paradise to get supper and other food.


Day 2 (Osaka)

Day 2 was a full day devoted to Universal Studios Osaka followed by a trip to the Pokemon Centre before ending off at Gudetama Cafe! Do buy your tickets beforehand and I HIGHLY recommend getting the Express Pass. We felt like celebrities bypassing the queues LOL!

Day 3 (Osaka – Kobe -Osaka)

Day trip to Kobe where we had Kobe beef for lunch. Followed by a trip to Dotonburi with all the flashing neon lights and we had dinner of okonomiyaki and yakisoba!

Day 4 (Osaka – Nara – Kyoto)

Said byebye to our Airbnb apartment before taking a train in the morning to Nara. Went to Nara Deer Park and Todaiji Temple before taking a train to Kyoto. At Kyoto, we went to Fushimi Inari Shrine before ending off with Ramen for dinner and then back to our Kyoto hotel!

Day 5 (Kyoto)

We went to Kiyomizudera temple, had lunch of zarusoba and tofu before checking out the Otowa Waterfall. Walked to Gion and then to the Pokemon Centre before going to the Ponto area for the famous omurice from Kichi Kichi for dinner. Ended off the night with a view of Kyoto Tower in the distance before heading back to our hotel located 5 mins away from Kyoto Station!

Day 6 (Kyoto)

Rented a kimono with the bf for 1 day and went to Arashiyama to visit the Bamboo Forest and Tenryuji Temple for this day!

Day 7 (Kyoto – Tokyo)

We traveled to Tokyo on Day 7 via the Shinkansen (bullet train). Had the Bento set on board and was able to view Mount Fuji on the way. Checked into our Airbnb apartment before heading out to Sunshine City at Ikkekuburo for Coco Ichibanya curry rice and the Pokemon Centre.

Day 8 (Tokyo)

It was raining the entire day so I swapped my itinerary to visit Akihabara instead. Brunch at a random cafe in Lumine Est at Shinjuku before heading to Akihabara. Visited one of the owl cafes there called Forest of Owl. Spent the rest of the time waking around Akihabara and even took neoprint together! Ended the day with bbq beef skewers, Lotteria fast food and Ichiran Ramen!

Day 9 (Tokyo)

We headed to Harajuku for half the day hanging out at the super crazy crowded Takeshita Dori Street. Saw many interesting shops and people at this fashion street. Loads and loads of snacks all around – Calbee Potato Chips with Royce Chocolate / Croquant Zakuzaku Cream Puff / Crepes! Went back to Shinjuku after that and checked out Don Quibote which had loads of weird stuff. Spot the Godzilla head in the last photo!

Day 10 (Tokyo)

We were supposed to head to Asakusa today but decided to take things easy and hang out around our Airbnb apartment area in Shinjuku! Along the way, we passed by a Shrine and went in. Got our fortune and I got 大吉! Hehe, went to a sushi restaurant for lunch but too bad Wx couldn’t eat alot of it because he’s allergic to seafood (so wasted!). Spent the rest of the time shopping and playing our favourite Arcade games (UFO & medal machines) all the way till nightfall. Ended off with Wx gorging on 16 cream puffs for dessert at night back at our apartment!

Day 11 (Tokyo – Singapore)

Day 11 was our last day in Japan. This means that we were going home – back to Singapore and reality! We came with 2 luggage and went back with 4, guess this shows how much we bought huh? HAHAHA! Here’s an OOTD on our last day taken outside our Airbnb apartment before making our way to the airport!

Oh.. Did you realize I don’t have to travel back to Kansai Airport in Osaka where I originally landed? That’s because I’m heading home from Narita Airport in Tokyo instead! Guess this is the biggest benefit of opting for a multi-city itinerary rather than a round trip! And here’s the best part – you can actually compare the cheapest multi city flight details on Skyscanner!

You can read how you can plan a Multi-City Itinerary to Japan with Skyscanner + TIPS for CHEAPER flights:

Why settle for a round trip when you can go multi city like me? As you can tell from the pictures above, I managed to visit Osaka/Kobe/Kyoto/Nara/Tokyo during this trip and though it was relatively exhausting due to my multiple luggages; I’m glad I had the opportunity to visit them!

Meanwhile, if you would like to read the detailed travelogue.. it’s currently in the works so stay tuned for that! Regardless.. I’ll be back JAPAN! 😀

If you are interested to read more on how I used Skyscanner to create my Japan itinerary and how you can easily use Skyscanner to search for cheap flights to Japan, you should read the following posts below!

Thanks Skyscanner for making this Japan trip happen! 

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    Enjoyed your blog and pics. Can you Recommend Some good restaurants that I can enjoy while I am in Osaka Dec 3-8?
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