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Food Review | Rayz Bistro @ Selegie Road

A new cafe just popped up right opposite our workplace recently! It seems to have taken over the entire building as seen below and we were excited to go check it out on one of our TGIF lunches!

Rayz Bistro


Rayz Bistro
100 Selegie Rd, Singapore 188308
IG: rayzbistro

On the outside, it looked brighter and more spacious but upon entering, it was quite dark with limited seating occupying just the ground level. The decor is relatively Parisian with French windows, white walls and Bistro style furniture as seen below.


The Menu

You can find the menu of Rayz Bistro as below. At the first sight, the prices of the main courses are not very pocket friendly with prices starting from $15 for the most affordable main course on the menu – unless you take the salad ($8 – $10). (Just realized I forgot to snap a photo of the 1st page).

One of the staff on duty mentioned that they would have the complete menu up within the following weeks so let’s see how it goes. Hopefully they will take into account of the numerous offices and schools around the place and come out with an affordable office/student lunch set in the future though.

Note that all the food items are halal as this is a halal Asian-Western restaurant/Bistro.


Complimentary water was served upon request.


The Food

Here’s what we ordered:

1. Waldorf Salad – $10

Appearance wise is pleasing and you can tell that they were relatively generous on the other ingredients except the salad leaves. 😂


2. Truffle Fries – $10

We ordered the truffle fries to share and it was a pretty good choice! The fries came with a generous helping of shaved cheese on top of nicely fried fries. However, we barely could taste the truffle in the fries though. Prefer the one at The Assembly Ground over at Cathay but this is okay.


3. Fish and Chips – $15

Some of us had the fish and chips and I stole a piece. The fish was done very well, crispy on the outside and moist + soft on the inside. The fries were actually the same truffle fries we had except without the cheese topping in my opinion.


4. Caesar Salad – $10

A couple of us including myself ordered the caesar salad. The portion in terms of the salad leaves was definitely more as compared to the Waldorf Salad and the ingredients were alright though the onion rings were an interesting addition to the usual caesar salad. My only quip is that the dressing used is a tad on the sourish tangy side that I didn’t particular enjoy but it was okay overall.


A general overview of what we had that day as below:


The price came up to $77 for the 5 of us which was not exactly very wallet friendly 🙁 With a hole in our wallets .. it will be awhile till our next visit at Rayz Bistro for now especially when there’s plenty of more affordable fare around the area!


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3 Comments on “Food Review | Rayz Bistro @ Selegie Road

  1. To be honest, we had one of the most disappointing dinner here. (20 OCT 2016)
    I typically don’t write reviews about food but this place was just soo bad that I had to warn others before they too might leave this place feeling cheated.

    Considering the price these guys are charging their food for, everything in this restaurant was off… Their choice of menu and food does not match the ambiance and price that they were offering.

    Let me begin by highlighting that they don’t serve water – you’ll need to spend a few dollars extra for ‘fancy water’ (served in a flimsy plastic glass with a ‘Green coloured straw’ that could very well look like it was served in a hawker center) to wash down the $15 nasi goreng I ordered.

    The Nasi Goreng was bland and erm ‘normal’ and there was nothing that could justify the premium they were charging their food for. We also got Fish & Chips which tasted really fishy and had a batter that was soggy and chewy – the fries were frozen, instant fries that you can get from the supermarket (another minus point).

    All-in-all, this places does not seem to know how to justify their premium price with their choice of cuisine (malay food ‘fancy-fied’ nasi goreng, etc..), bad choice of ingredients (supermarket chilli sauce? instant fries? ‘a BIG NO-NO), and their cooking skills (bland food, uncooked batter). We felt that everything here wasn’t done right. They should really do something about this before they lose more customers.

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