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Food Review | Churn Creamery @ 124 Tanjong Pagar Road

Desserts and sweet treats are one of my greatest weaknesses – so naturally I was pretty happy when I was invited down for a tasting at the dessert cafe, Churn Creamery 😜 Dropped by on a random weekend afternoon with the bf and Crystal in tow!

Churn Creamery

Churn Creamery is located at Tanjong Pagar area also popularly known as Korean BBQ street to many. The shop front is relatively nondescript so here are some directions if you plan to locate it:

The shop front as below.


Churn Creamery
124 Tanjong Pagar Rd

It’s pretty easy to access considering that there is a bus stop in front of it.


Just look out for the shop as seen on the left side. It would be better if clear signage was provided as we almost walked past the cafe while looking for it!


The Place

Churn Creamery is a homely but cozy little ice cream/dessert cafe as seen pictured below. It’s a nice little hideout spot where you can gather with a group of friends to enjoy a spot of delicious ice cream; especially in the heat!


The Menu

For youe reference, here’s the menu offered at Churn Creamy featuring a plethora of desserts including their gelatos, chocolate brownie, french profiteroles and drinks to name a few(:


All their gelatos at the counter are homemade by the 2 lovely owners of Churn Creamy as seen below.

The flavors change occasionally and it is made up of a mixture of hot sellers, interesting / conservative flavors for different taste buds. Some of their flavors include strawberry cheesecake, rum & raisin, Isaphan, Speculoos, Valrhona Manjuri and banana Nutella.

As we were there just before CNY, they had special themed flavors such as Mandarin orange, peach and even pineapple tart!

We tried out almost all their flavors available and agreed on 1 thing – Churn Creamy really makes good ice cream! What I particularly enjoyed is how they were able to incorporate the actual taste of the flavor into the ice cream so what you order is what you get! Let’s say like the pineapple tart flavor really tasted very similar to the actual product! Was really impressed by the taste and flavors! (:


P.s did I mention that they even have their own chocolate tap?


Gelato Sampier – $16.80 (Supreme) + Add On Molten Chocolate Cone ($10)

The Gelato sampler came with 4 scoops of Gelato – and of course, you can choose any of your favourite flavors. Recommend that you add on the molten chocolate cone because it’s super worth it to enjoy the taste of the chocolate paired with your Gelato choices!

We chose the Isaphan, mandarin orange, cookies and cream as well as the vanilla flavor alongside with our molten chocolate cone!

The molten chocolate cone is a crispy cone filled to the brim with molten chocolate directly from the chocolate tap as seen earlier. The best way to eat it is to pair it with your ice cream!

Here’s the recommended way to do so – pour the molten chocolate directly from the top onto your ice cream! (:

Then watch as the magic happens where the chocolate will instantly harden on top of your ice cream. Very cool! Did I mention it was absolutely delicious and super instagram worthy?! (:


Crispy Waffle with Single Scoop – $7.80 / $8.80 (Supreme)

For those who prefer the usual type of desserts, you can opt for their crispy waffles with a choice of single or double scoop of your selected flavor!(:

We chose to pair it with the Valrhona Manjuri (chocolate) which was a crowd pleaser especially when paired with their decadent waffles! It also comes with a dribble of honey and some honeycomb to add some sweetness and extra texture to your waffles & ice cream combination(:

This was actually my favorite out of the 3 desserts that I tried 😛


French Profiteroles – $9.80 / $10.80 (Supreme)

You don’t really see french profiteroles at many dessert places or restaurants (unless it’s a French restaurant mainly!) hence I knew that I had to try their version!

You get to choose your selected choice of gelato flavor (ours was banana nutella) and it will be encased between 2 profiterole shells and topped with a combination of chocolate sauce and almonds. Don’t worry, there are 3 profiteroles in the dish so you can always share(:

Instagram worthy and absolutely delicious as with all their desserts!


Affogato – $6.50

Crystal also ordered the affogato. It comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream but she made a special request to change to speculoos flavor instead because she felt that it would taste absolutely heavenly together.

I don’t take coffee so she had to be the judge for this drink – and she loved every bit of it(:



Had a wonderful time at Churn Creamy that day together with the bf and Crystal and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to drop by if you are around the vicinity! Go for either Japanese or Korean BBQ nearby before ending off with a yummy and affordable dessert from Cream Creamery today! (:

Huge thanks to the lovely ladies behind Cream Creamery for extending this tasting invitation – I hope they will keep up the good work in producing such delicious gelatos! (:

Note: This was an invited food tasting but all opinions are of my own (:

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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