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mitsueki Travels | 10D9N Korea Trip – Day 3 (Part 2): Getting to Hongdae / Raon Luggage Storage / Stylenanda Hongdae

10D9N Korea Trip: 23 April 2015 – 3 May 2015 (Updating!)

Getting to Hongdae

From the Airbnb apartment, we had 2 choices – to take a bus (infrequent) to Anguk Station and take the train to Hongdae Station. The alternative was to drag out luggage to the main road (10 mins walk) and hail a cab directly to Hongdae Station.

Well, the latter won because the bus took too long lol! Don’t remember how much the cab ride was to Hongdae but it was pretty affordable that’s for sure!


Raon Baggage Storage

The only issue we had that day was that our request for an early check in at 12 noon to our next Airbnb apartment couldn’t be fulfilled because our host was still cleaning up our apartment after the last guest :( Yeah usual check in time varies for different hosts – this particular check in was at 3pm!

I didn’t want to be lugging our luggage while exploring Hongdae so I did a quick Google search beforehand and found that there was a paid luggage storage service at Hongdae station near Exit 7 called Raon Baggage Storage:


The station also has coin operated lockers but I searched it up online and didn’t think even the largest one (3k won) could really fit our luggages (we had 2 huge ones and 2 backpacks).

Didn’t really have a choice so we used their services for 2 hours. Don’t recall how much we paid but it was pretty expensive (at least 10k won, S$12) for their services. But at least we didn’t have to worry about our luggage for the time being or lug them around!


Picked up a Hongdae area map from the station (PLEASE DO GET ONE!) and it was really useful to get to our next stop – Stylenanda’s flagship store in Hongdae! (:


Coming out of the exit and walking to Stylenanda, you will get a taste of Hongdae which is just full of happening places – loads of shopping plus coffee places and cafes! Yep, just check out some of the shops we passed by below:

016-DSC09195 017-DSC09196 018-DSC09197 019-DSC09198 020-DSC09199

Style Nanda Flagship Store (Hongdae) 스타일난다 홍대점

We were finally here at the iconic Stylenanda flagship store in Hongdae! And of course, the first thing to do upon reaching there is to take a photo with the sign hahaha!

021-DSC09200 05-IMG_20150426_133932

Style Nanda Flagship Store (Hongdae) 스타일난다 홍대점
335-21 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Stylenanda fans will be in ultimate paradise upon stepping in – the store has a whole level dedicated to Stylenanda / KKXX apparels and shoes on the 2nd level while the 1st level is made up of another apparels section, the 3CE (3 Concept Eyes) cosmetics and a free photo booth corner(:


Headed first to the Stylenanda photo booth for a free photo – which is a MUST DO when you’re at the Stylenanda store. Plus it makes a nice keepsake of the bf and myself(:

023-DSC09202 024-DSC09203

After that, I headed straight to the 3CE cosmetics section to get both my items and the bf’s sisters stuff.


To avoid buying literally everything off the shelf, I would highly suggest you make a list of the items you want to purchase beforehand. So that’s why both his sister and I had a shopping list which I then passed to the very helpful staff to retrieve them for me. Meanwhile, while you wait for them – you can spend that time to browse around the area to see if there’s anything else to add on to your purchase(:

No surprise as I spotted these newly launched 3CE face masks for sale and immediately grabbed them off the shelf to purchase.

026-DSC09205 027-DSC09206

Would have to say that the most expensive makeup haul in Korea was from 3CE. I don’t recall how much I spent but our purchases came up to more than $300 between his sister and myself! Still, it was cheaper to purchase them directly from Korea though(:

Stay tuned for the next post coming soon!

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