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4 Hong Kong Food Brands (Kam’s Roast Goose & Tai Cheong Bakery) to Open in Singapore in 2016!

2016 will be a good year for many foodies who love Hong Kong food! We are already so blessed when Mak’s Noodles, Jenny Bakery, Koi Kei Bakery, The Coffee Academics Cafe & Tim Ho Wan opened their doors here in Singapore but these are just the beginning!

4 Hong Kong Food Brands to Open in Singapore in 2016!

Here’s what to expect next year:

1. Kam’s Roast Goose 甘牌燒鵝 (CONFIRMED) – 1 Michelin Star!

Personally I have not tried Kam’s Roast Goose but I have heard that it is on par with the famous Yat Lok / Yung Kee because the head chef used to work at Yung Kee. So no surprise that it has been awarded a 1 Michelin star! Anyway, it’s not easy to get roasted goose meat here in Singapore so I’m glad to hear that such a famous roast goose brand is coming to Singapore! It will be opened before the middle of next year probably in Orchard Road! 🙂

2. Tai Cheong Bakery (CONFIRMED)

You cannot say that you have been to Hong Kong without trying an egg tart from the famous Tai Cheong Bakery! And now here’s the BEST news – you can now get your Tai Cheong Bakery egg tarts in Singapore once it opens in 2016!

This will be a joint venture with Food People (set up by the managing director of The Pine Garden Bakery & the owner of Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant). The shop will sell it’s signature egg tarts, polo buns, dougnuts, egg rolls, pastries and some local cha chaan teng dishes. At this moment, the location nor opening date has been confirmed but I will update it in 2016 I guess 🙂


3. Mr Rich Bakery (CONFIRMED)

Would say Mr Rich Bakery is a cheaper alternative to the famous Jenny Bakery. Have personally tried it because I bought a Groupon voucher to try their cookies recently. Most of my colleagues who tried it preferred Jenny’s but I quite liked theirs as well. Now if only they offered a all butter tin selection .. right now it is just limited to 2 choices (2 mix or 5 mix!). The official shop will be launched before CNY next year but meanwhile, you can already drop by their official distributor’s shop, Asia Food Mart @ TripleOne Somerset to try them out first(:

4. A La Bakery (TBC)

The people behind Tim Ho Wan / Kam’s Roast Goose have plans to open A La Bakery (Hong Kong) in Singapore as well. I have not heard of the brand but a quick search on Google brought up glowing reviews of croissants, Macaron Biscuits & Artisan Macarons from this French bakery based in Hong Kong! Will give this a try when I’m in Hong Kong next month! 🙂 No details on their opening dates or locations yet though!

Above image credits: SCMP, Groupon & OpenRice

Know any other Hong Kong food brands coming to Singapore? Feel free to share in the comments below! Meanwhile, who else can’t wait for 2016?! 🙂

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