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6 Types of Voters in the #GE2015!

With the #GE2015 elections and polling day drawing closer each day, do you notice that there is a trend in the type of voters in Singapore?

6 Types of Voters in the #GE2015!

Well, here are 6 of the most common types of voters trending at the moment – do you see yourself in any of them? 😛

(Note: Please don’t take these doodles (they are doodles!) seriously as this is just light hearted humour(:)

#1 – The Rally Attendee

Seems like this person will be attending literally every rally and posting their photos taken at the rally (both selfies and generic people photos) on social media. And here’s the funniest thing – it may or may not be their own constituency but they are there to show their support for their selected party or particular candidates!

wpid-2015-09-10-01.19.39-1.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-09-10-01.19.38-1.jpg.jpeg

#2 – The Undecided

Don’t be surprised that there are many people who are still undecided to whom to vote for during polling day. In some cases, there are even the clueless who barely knows what is going on or even their own parties/candidates that are battling in their constituency.


#3 – The Fervent Supporters

These are the people who are die hard supporters of a particular party – be it PAP or one of the opposition. They are usually the ones who share their sentiments both verbally or online and you can immediately tell which party they will be voting for. Sometimes they do attempt to sway of influence other individuals’ opinions to echo their own sentiments.

#4 – The Singapore Politics ‘Experts’

Come on, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen those super long Facebook posts or sentiments shared by sudden ‘Experts’ on our current political parties and situation in Singapore, which MAY or may not make sense to you. Okay, to give them some credit – some are actually factual or intellectual musings but many are just influenced by the online media and their own opinions though (and you can tell), lol.


#5 – The Followers

These are the people who are easily swayed by postings on social media (usually the younger ones) or by promises from the respective parties during their rallies broadcasted live/online/TV (the older ones). It may or may not reflect their real opinions as they might be joining the majority (such as their friends/families, etc) subconsciously just to be ‘in the crowd’.


#6 – The Can’t be Bothered

And of course, there are those who can’t be bothered with the political situation in Singapore. They just want to get the elections over and done with – just voting just because it’s compulsory to vote.


In general, the type of voters in Singapore are not just limited to the above 6 types as there are so many more! Feel free to leave a comment if you’d like to share! 😛

Anyway, on a more serious note – just cast your votes wisely this Sept 11! No matter what, it’s YOUR decision to make a choice.

Let the polling.. begin! (:

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