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mitsueki Staycations | 3D2N W Hotel Sentosa Cove Singapore (Day 2, Part 3 – RWS & The Merlion)

mitsueki Staycations – 3D2N W Hotel Sentosa Cove Singapore 

From Underwater World, we took the shuttle bus once again – this time to Resorts World Sentosa to look for a lunch spot.

318-DSC04771 319-DSC04772 320-DSC04773

In the end, we weren’t that hungry and decided to walk around the place instead. Oh yeah it was at this point of time when Trickeye recently opened its doors and the wait was a WHOOPING 90 MINUTES! Of course I highly doubt that the queue is bad now in 2015 since the hype has pretty much died down. Have yet to visit there myself but I did visit the one at Suntec later on that year(:

322-DSC04775 323-DSC04776 324-DSC04777 325-DSC04778

Malaysian Food Street

The weather was pretty horrible (as always) and we headed to Malaysian Food Street to seek some solace away from the scorching heat outside.


Just sharing some pictures inside the food street where you have a large selection of stores to choose from. It’s not too bad as a dining option over at RWS and I think I would prefer it over Insadong Korean Town ;/

334-DSC04787326-DSC04779 327-DSC04780 328-DSC04781

Ordered an ice kachang dessert while the bf had green bean soup as well as a pastry puff and milk tea.

329-DSC04782 330-DSC04783 331-DSC04784

Upon walking out, I spotted this shop called Fung Wong Confectionery (originated from KL) just at the exit/entrance of Malaysian Food Street that sold my favourite indulgences – egg tarts and siew bao! Uhh yes I ordered and ate them both on the spot. Lol

332-DSC04785 333-DSC04786

Spent the rest of the time walking around Resorts World and checking out the shops. Love the colorful popsicles and omg at that hugeeee jar of Nutella!

Was even tempted to pay the $50 levy per person to get into the casino but our attire weren’t exactly appropriate and that’s like $100 just to go in to see the casino. Figured it wasn’t worth it to spend the rest of the day at USS (Universal Studios Singapore) since more than half the day was gone either so we moved on to the next stop!

335-DSC04788 336-DSC04789 337-DSC04790  339-DSC04792 340-DSC04793 341-DSC04794  343-DSC04796

Singapore Merlion @ Sentosa

Our package included a visit up to the Merlion (37m high) which I was quite looking forward to check out because neither the bf nor I have been there before.

I realized that it’s quite sad actually when you think about it – how many Singaporeans have actually visited the actual Merlion in Sentosa despite knowing that it’s like our national symbol? Lol, so if you haven’t visited it before – at least make a trip. Once is definitely more than enough(:

345-DSC04798 346-DSC04799  348-DSC04801 349-DSC04802350-DSC04803

Heading in offers you a nice respite from the hot weather as well as you will travel past an exhibition area and watch a mini clip on our Singapore heritage – all in air conditioned comfort!

351-DSC04804 352-DSC04805 353-DSC04806 354-DSC04807 355-DSC04808 356-DSC04809 357-DSC04810

This is so cliche but you can also collect a free “gold” coin souvenir at the end of it.

358-DSC04811 359-DSC04812 360-DSC04814

Don’t just leave yet though! Instead, take this opportunity to head towards the head gallery(:


And yes.. if you didn’t know – you can actually go up the Merlion and have a lovely birds eye view of the surrounding view of Sentosa/city area/Harbourfont/our ports from its mouth (which is a viewing platform/gallery) as seem from the following photos!

362-DSC04816 363-DSC04817 364-DSC04818 365-DSC04819 366-DSC04820 367-DSC04821 368-DSC04822

One of the kind staff on site also offered their services to help us a take a photo at the Merlion’s mouth – thanks for that(:

369-DSC04823 370-DSC04824 371-DSC04825 372-DSC04826

Ended off the trip at the souvenir shop selling some cute stuff like these Merlion merchandise and even Singapore food magnets (bbq chicken wings, chili crab, roti prata, fishball noodles anyone?!)!

374-DSC04828 375-DSC04829

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