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6 McDonald’s toys you probably queued up for

I have to hand it to McDonalds Singapore for having a good marketing strategy to make us Singaporeans eat at the golden arches (McD) so frequently. Other than the affordable meals,  promotions, convenience and those delicious fries paired with addictive garlic chilli (don’t forget our curry sauce!) – to me, I think that the biggest draw for many (even the usual non-Mcd eaters) will definitely be the getting your hands on that coveted McDonald’s toy.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about because most likely.. you might have queued up for at least one of them – either for yourself, girlfriend / bf, marriage partner, colleagues or kids (by choice or was forced).

6 McDonald’s toys you probably queued up for..

Oh yeah.. if you haven’t realized – did you know that you probably queued for different versions of the same popular character(s)? Lol, very smart to capitalize on them huh?

1. Hello Kitty McSweet Millennium Love 2000

I still remember very vividly that I was at the Singapore Science Centre on a school trip back in Primary School and we were having lunch at the McDonald’s there. The group of us had to queue for almost an hour to get our meals because the adults were queuing up for the Hello Kitty plushies. Back then, I was still wondering what the craze was about .. until I got home and realized my mom also queued up to get her hands on one of the pairs. We still have it displayed at home as a trophy lol

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Oh and the queue was no joke – it even made it to the news back in 2000. Yepp, the last couple was sold out within half a day.

2. Hello Kitty Fairy Tales 2013

This set of Hello Kitty toys were the MOST epic ones ever in Singapore in my opinion. No one expected the demand for the toys to be so OVERWHELMING and it became a MUST HAVE MUST GET item in Singapore back in 2013. Singaporeans went cat shit crazy over them, examples include the INSANE overnight queues starting from 7PM till 11AM when the respective toy every week was launched (my bf attempted to queue but it was too long!), willing to pay 10x times the amount for the plush you want (market rate was like $25 – $100 per design depending on the popularity) from the resellers, getting into arguments and fights over the toy – it was crazy and the hottest topic on everyone’s mouths.

Singaporeans also wanted to get their hands on the Hello Kitty owl design only available in Hong Kong and were willing to pay $200 – $500 for it.

Img Credits: HelloKittyJunkie
Credits: AsiaOne

Then.. McDonald’s launched the limited edition Hello Kitty Singing Bone (black) and well, who can ever forget the $126,000 bid for it on Ebay? Yes..the word limited edition makes Singaporeans really siao =_=

Credits: STOMP

3. Minions Despicable Me 2 Happy Meal 2013

Right after the Hello Kitty craze, McDonald’s launched the series of Despicable Me toys – free with the purchase of a Happy Meal toy. Now who would have thought that the adults would be the ones buying them? Many queued for their kids but to be honest, I’m sure many queued because the set became another MUST HAVE MUST GET thing. At least the queues weren’t as bad but the quality was pretty bad – managed to get my hands on a couple and I wasn’t impressed.

Credits: Lobanghub
Credits: Straits Times

4. Hello Kitty Bubbly World 2014

Knowing that they would be facing the crazy queues and demanding Singaporeans at the stores, McDonald’s decided to launch the 6 piece Hello Kitty Bubbly World 40th anniversary collector set online ($80) as a pre-order set on 23 April at 11am. I know the bf was furiously clicking on the site for me to get his hands on the set before they were sold out within the next 80 minutes. Disappointed fans had to queue yet again when the individual characters were made available on 28 April 2014 at 11am. At least the queue wasn’t as bad but many of the favourite designs were sold out pretty fast! Btw, since then McDonald’s also suspended their online sales for most of toys (Hello Kitty and Minions).. until the latest batch in 2015!


5. LINE Forever Love Special Edition Box 2015

The demand for the LINE toys were not as high compared to other popular characters such as Hello Kitty and Minions so it wasn’t too much of an issue getting your hands on them other than Brown and Cony other than a slight queue. I even overheard numerous people rejecting the McDonald’s counter staff’s offer to add on to purchase the LINE toys! Have to say that LINE is slowly gaining popularity in Singapore though so if they were to launch it again next time, it will be better received.

However, I know that there was still a queue for the LINE Forever Love Special Edition Box 2015 consisting of Brown and Cony in a couple set ($19.80) launched on 9 February 2015 prior to Valentine’s Day. It must be the words “limited edition” and “Valentine’s Day” = MUST HAVE MUST GET that caused the queues to form once again and most outlets were sold out on the toys almost immediately.

Credits: Singpromos

6. Minions Movie Happy Meal 2015

As mentioned in all my social media channels (IG/Facebook) – I have never EVER seen so many adults eating Happy Meal in my life.. until a few weeks ago when the set of Minion toys (free with purchase of a Happy Meal) were launched from 18 June 2015 with every 2 new designs launched weekly.

The initial queues were alright but I spotted a Happy Meal box literally at every table in McDonald’s! The next few weeks got the hype going and just last week – queues started forming and the minion toys were getting sold out really quickly. They even started running out of the specially designed Minions Happy Meal boxes and have converted back to the usual red ones lol. Yep, it has become a MUST HAVE MUST GET toy once again – for both kids and of course, adults alike.

Credits: Youtube

Here’s a bonus #7 where long queues were predicted too:

7. Limited Edition SG50 McDonalds Hello Kitty 2015

As mentioned in my earlier post HERE, I spotted this set of McDonald’s Hello Kitty featuring Hello Kitty dressed as .. Trishaw Uncle, SG50 Parade, Orchid Lover, Durian Lover, Samsui Woman and a McDonald’s crew member. Yepp, if you can’t already tell, it’s because of SG50!

Each of the McDonalds Hello Kitty will be available at all their restaurants from July 27 onwards. As yet, I have yet to hear of any queues forming for the Hello Kitties but I think that is because online ordering was made available earlier on 20 July! Yepp, I was the 5000++ customer who bought it online to avoid the queue and received it on 27 July.

Credits: McDonalds

But I’m not sure why – the feeling of obtaining the kitties via the online ordering process VS actually queuing up to get your hands on them is so different. Lol – do you agree?

Anyway, it’s too early to tell whether this batch of Hello Kitties will cause any queues – but let’s see over the couple of weeks eh?(:

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