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mitsueki Staycations | 3D2N W Hotel Sentosa Cove Singapore (Part 3: Kith Cafe @ Quayside Isle)

mitsueki Staycations – 3D2N W Hotel Sentosa Cove Singapore 

Yepp, in the end after walking around and weighing our choices, we settled for dinner at Kith’s Cafe as it was a cafe that I’ve always wanted to try out!(:

Updated March 2017: Kith Cafe and &MADE Burger Bistro are no longer available at Quayside Isle!

Kith Cafe Sentosa Cove


Kith Cafe Sentosa Cove
31 Ocean Way #01-08 Quayside isle
Singapore 098375 +65 6734 9007
8am – 10pm (Closed on Tuesdays)

Heading in, you have a choice to be seated at the alfresco seats along the boardwalk or escape the heat by sitting indoors. I think that we would have taken the outdoor seating when it was cooler at night but obviously we sat indoors instead!

The cafe was not crowded initially as it was a weekday (around 6pm) but the crowd started coming in closer to 7pm.

154-DSC04594 155-DSC04595

You can find Kith’s menu below for your reference. Plenty of choices to choose from! You can also view the full menu HERE!

156-DSC04596 157-DSC04597 158-DSC04598 159-DSC04599 160-DSC04600 161-DSC04601 162-DSC04602

My date for the day – CRYSTAL! She’s single btw :X

163-DSC04603 164-DSC04604 165-DSC04606 166-DSC04607 167-DSC04608

Here’s what we ordered in the end – a beef carpaccio to share and a pasta each (scallop pasta for me and gamberoni (king prawn!) for Crystal)!

The beef carpaccio was fantastic and it was gone within seconds!

168-DSC04609 169-DSC04610

It was with a slight regret that we ordered 2 tomato based pastas as it tasted alike after awhile. We should have ordered a carbonara instead heh. Still, if I remember right – they were pretty good but I remember mine being a tad spicy.

171-DSC04612 172-DSC04613 173-DSC04614 174-DSC04615

The dinner was a treat from Crystal to me in return for sharing this staycation prize with her – thank you (1 year late but Nvm uh?)~ Expensive treat eh as the total bill came up to almost $80 for 2 persons? XD


Exploring the rest of Quayside Isle & Sentosa Cove

Feeling stuffed (and guilty) after such a heavy meal, we decided to take a stroll along the rest of the boardwalk to digest our food – which became a pretty long walk in the end. Random photos taken along our walk passing by the beautiful lit scenery, Sentosa Village and One Degree 15 Marina Club (I had my company D&D here during my first year!). There’s also a supermarket located at Sentosa Village which you can pick up groceries and other necessities (or alcohol) by the way(:

176-DSC04618 177-DSC04620 178-DSC04622


Headed back to our room with our supermarket loots and were greeted by a lovely surprise!

Soft and romantic lighting, a LOVE bedspread, couple pillows, a heart shaped rug in the bathroom along with a complimentary cake..

179-DSC04626 180-DSC04627 181-DSC04628 182-DSC04629 183-DSC04630 184-DSC04631 was on the wrong date with the wrong person! LOL


Dropped the staff a call to inform them and they came back to collect everything – except the cake which they left for our consumption.

186-DSC04633 187-DSC04634

Oh yeah, it was only at night when we realized we could tweak the light colors and settings in the room with a click of a button!

189-DSC04636  191-DSC04638

Anyway, I had a good laugh with Crystal after that as we attacked the delicious cake left for us and paired it with the kiwis we purchased earlier at the supermarket(:

193-DSC04640 194-DSC04641

The plan after that was to change to our swimwear and lounge/lepak at the gorgeous pool whilst drinking our Kopparberg ciders. I even changed already – but in the end, we ended up having the usual girls H2H (heart to heart) talks till really late at night while watching videos on my Lenovo Yoga Tablet!

195-DSC04642 196-DSC04643 197-DSC04644 198-DSC04645

With that, it concludes my Day 1 staycation at W Hotel with Crystal! Stay tuned for Day 2 where the bf and I decided to become tourists around Sentosa Island! (:

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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