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mitsueki Staycations | 3D2N W Hotel Sentosa Cove Singapore (Day 1, Part 2: Facilities & Quayside Isle)

Have you read my room tour blog post yet? If not, head over to my previous post HERE to read more about the Wonderful Room that I stayed in!

mitsueki Staycations – 3D2N W Hotel Sentosa Cove Singapore 

Meanwhile, read on if you want to find out more about W Hotel’s facilities! (:

I would say that if you’re looking for a staycation that has plenty of facilities for you to utilize AND a beautiful room to boot then W Hotel is perfect for you! Plus there’s this feeling of joy not being in Singapore when you look out the window.. Heh.

We headed down to the basement first where we found the spa and gym. The gym usage is complimentary for all hotel guests but the spa will be an additional cost. Not exactly the most affordable but if you’re looking for the full luxurious experience you can make a booking here(:

073-DSC04510 074-DSC04511 075-DSC04512 072-DSC04509076-DSC04513  078-DSC04515  080-DSC04517

Walked out to the hotel grounds and spotted the gorgeous pool(s)! There were multiple pools (1 full size adult and the other is the kid pool if I’m not wrong) and they were huge as seen from the photos below! Plenty of lounging area all around the pool for those who are looking to relax or get a suntan. Changing facilities are also available on site(:

102-DSC04539081-DSC04518 082-DSC04519 083-DSC04520 084-DSC04521 085-DSC04522 086-DSC04523 087-DSC04524 088-DSC04525 089-DSC04526 090-DSC04527 091-DSC04528 092-DSC04529

The coolest feature about this pool area is that there’s a bar (Wet Pool Deck) connected directly to the pool as seen below. So you can grab a refreshing drink while partying in the pool. Suggest you bring a float in this case to make full use of the large pool(:

As hotel guests, you will get complimentary passes to W Endless Summer Pool Party / other parties which are usually held over the weekends between 2 – 8pm located at the pool area with DJs. We didn’t go for that though as the timing clashed with our plans.

055-DSC04491093-DSC04530 094-DSC04531 095-DSC04532 096-DSC04533 097-DSC04534098-DSC04535 099-DSC04536  101-DSC04538

After that, we walked from the pool area back to the comfy hotel lounge area.

103-DSC04540 114-DSC04551

Refreshing lemon water is available too!


We proceeded to check out their other on-site facilities such as their gift shop and meeting rooms. The latter was for Crystal’s job as she was scoping out a place for her company meeting.

111-DSC04548 112-DSC04549 113-DSC04550

Also popped by their toilet just to check it out for fun lol.

108-DSC04545 109-DSC04546 110-DSC04547

With regards to their dining facilities, W Hotel has 3 near the lobby area – The Kitchen Table, Skirt and Woo Bar. Not to worry, these aren’t the only dining choices nearby as more eateries are available less than a 5 – 10 minutes walk away at Quayside Isle!

115-DSC04552 116-DSC04553 117-DSC04554 118-DSC04555 119-DSC04556 120-DSC04557 121-DSC04558

Another alternative is for you to take their complimentary shuttle buses that can bring you out of the hotel to a few places such as Tanjong Beach / Resorts World / Vivocity / ION Orchard(: Oh yeah, I find it really funny when they named their concierge as .. Whatever.

125-DSC04562 126-DSC04563

Quayside Isle

However, heading to Quayside Isle is much more convenient!

“Quayside Isle is part of the integrated luxury enclave at Sentosa Cove, which comprises The Residences at W Singapore – Sentosa Cove, W Singapore – Sentosa Cove hotel and Quayside Isle” 

Quayside Isle is a really gorgeous location next to the waterfront with a beautiful view. We took some time admiring all the yachts and taking some random photos before walking along the board way to look for our dinner location!

129-DSC04566 130-DSC04567

If you were wondering, yes I do look plumper in the photos! That’s because I was still halfway through my Han Dian slimming treatments during that period(:

131-DSC04568 132-DSC04569  134-DSC04574

Oh yeah, we also spotted a couple doing their wedding photoshoot here which I think is a lovely spot as the backdrop is really nice!

142-DSC04582 151-DSC04591143-DSC04583 144-DSC04584 145-DSC04585150-DSC04590

Anyway, you can find the directory of the retail / restaurants at Quayside Isle below. It may not be the most updated as this was taken back in 2014 so you might want to refer to their site HERE instead for the most updated information!

Updated March 2017: Kith Cafe and &MADE Burger Bistro are no longer available at Quayside Isle!


There were a large variety of cuisines at the restaurants / cafes / bars at Quayside Isle as seen below and we were spoiled for choice when we were deciding on where to have dinner that day!

Blue Lotus Chinese Eating House, Bruseels Sprouts, Cove Stadium, Miska Cafe, Kith, Museo, Mykonos On The Bay, Note di Sicilia, Picotin Express, Saint Pierre, Quayside Fish Bar & Bistro and so many more..!

127-DSC04564 128-DSC04565

135-DSC04575 136-DSC04576 137-DSC04577 138-DSC04578 139-DSC04579 140-DSC04580 141-DSC04581

146-DSC04586 147-DSC04587 148-DSC04588 149-DSC04589

Hehe, wanna guess which eating establishment we finally decided to choose? Well, stay tuned for next Sunday’s installment then! Thanks for reading! 😀

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