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Trapped.SG | Escape Room Singapore @ *SCAPE

A few weeks ago, I was invited down to Trapped Escape Room (aka Trapped.SG) to try out one of their escape rooms! Since I could bring a couple of people with me, I invited my colleagues to join me for a night out(:

The outlet I visited with the colleagues was at the popular youth hangout place, *SCAPE which I feel is more convenient since the MRT is so close by (Somerset). The other outlet at 42 Kandahar Street is not as accessible but on a bright side, it’s very near Rich & Good Cake Shop so you can pick up one of their famous swiss rolls after that!

Trapped.SG Escape Room Singapore @ *SCAPE

022-DSC00844 023-DSC00845 024-DSC00846

2 Orchard Link, #02-20/21/22 S237978
Instagram: @trapped_sg

If you check the website, there are actually 5 room choices to choose from. However it varies from the 2 outlets – the SCAPE outlet has 3 rooms while the Kandahar outlet has 2 rooms.

You can refer to the following image below for the 5 rooms:

Just a couple of shots taken at the entrance of Trapped.SG – with the wall of fame taking centre stage. Assuming that your picture only goes up if you manage to beat the game lah. But with a 17% winning rate, it’s quite challenging.

025-DSC00847 026-DSC00848028-DSC00850

Remember to read and follow the rules! We were briefed once more before heading to our room.


Before that, don’t forget to leave your belongings in the lockers provided. It’s pretty big considering it could stuff in 4 ladies bags and a guys bag lol. No cheating though – please leave your phones and cameras in the bags too!


Heh the doors sure make you curious what’s behind huh?

030-DSC00852 031-DSC00853 032-DSC00854 033-DSC00855

We chose the room, World War 3: Zombie Edition to challenge and it was definitely the right choice!


Before we entered, we were given a short briefing about the room, what not to do and most importantly… the help line was given with the use of an intercom phone! Only 3 hints will be given each time but eh..I think that if you’re really bad they might be nice to you lol. Don’t forget that you only have ONE hour to escape or you lose!

All of us were relatively new at Escape games, this being their first time while it’s the 4th time for me and the 2nd for another colleague. Erm I think I’m pretty bad at them because I’ve never ever managed to escape any before HAHHAHA!

In my opinion, the World War 3 room is relatively challenging. I won’t spoil you too much but I can say that the first clue may take up quite a bit of time to solve. My suggestion is to call for help if you spend more than 10 minutes trying to figure it out. My team was rather stubborn at refusing to call for help and we managed to solve it only after 25 minutes =_=

What I really liked is that they don’t give the answers directly to you on the call but the hints that they give are really good because some are pretty much unsolvable without their help. Yepp so we still had to use our brain cells for quite a bit.

Anyway, here’s what I’m willing to reveal about the room:
– There are more than 1 rooms.
– What you see is not what it seems.
– Use everything in all the rooms – EVERYTHING! Especially the first room
– Don’t wear a skirt / dress preferably unless it’s relatively long (like midi length)
– Not scary for me but er, some of my girls screamed at one point of time 😡
– 2 groups can work separately on the first and half of the second clue respectively because it will be too crowded at the former (you will know what I mean when you play with a group of people). But you need to open the first lock to open the second lock la regardless because of what’s inside
– Most clues do kinda relate to each other
– Teamwork is pretty crucial

We were about 3/4 into the game when we ran out of time. They were nice enough to extend our time by a few minutes while they completed the set up for the next group coming in.

I think by then, we were pretty desperate and kept asking for clues to solve it quickly, lol. Answers were still not revealed directly to us then so we were trying really hard. Felt bad taking up more time than allocated as the next group was waiting outside (so sorry guys!).

Overall, the colleagues and I had a really exciting time at Trapped.SG and I felt that we were able to work cohesively as a team even though we didn’t manage to escape in the end hehe.

We also got our picture taken by the helpful staff there with the props provided.


All photos taken will be uploaded to their Facebook page and you can ask them to take a photo with your respective media devices as well (:

036-DSC00858 037-DSC00859

Thanks once again Trapped.SG for the invitation and hosting us! We definitely would return again soon – perhaps this time to try out the Superheroes room instead! (:

P.s I am relatively hooked to Escape Rooms in Singapore now – so.. feel free to drop me an invite: 😛

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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