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mitsueki Travels | 5D4N Hong Kong Trip January 2015 – Day 4 (Part 1)

5D4N Hong Kong Trip Report

Read the rest of my 5D4N Hong Kong Trip Report here:

If you read my original itinerary, today was supposed to be Ocean Park Day!

No Ocean Park 🙁

Unfortunately, the bf was not feeling too well in the morning – apparently he had a small vomiting problem late at night.


We slept in till pretty late, then I decided to leave him resting in the hotel room while I ventured out to get him some medicine from the nearby 7-11, mainly a panadol in case of a fever , this pill that apparently helps in vomiting and diarrhea (brown box), water and a isotonic drink (Hong Kong doesn’t seem to sell 100 plus?).

Luckily it was a really mild case and he was much much better as noon approached, thank goodness! Was super worried >< Really awful to fall sick during a trip eh..



Quick ootds before as we headed out for the day(:

0813-20150126_131626 0814-20150126_131755

Australia Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司

Headed first to Australian Dairy Company (ADC), touted to have one of the best breakfast Hong Kong (amongst all the chaa chan tengs)! So it was pretty obvious that it had to be included in our itinerary right? Hehe


Australia Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司
G/F, 47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan

If you have already read up on ADC prior to your trip, then you would already be prepared for the long queue regardless of whatever time you are there. Don’t worry though as the queue moves pretty fast! Plus we were so entertained by the cute cat sleeping outside Man Yuen Book Company, the store next to ADC. Stay away from petting as the sign says do not touch cat – oh the temptation~🙁

0816-20150126_133455 0817-20150126_133507 0818-20150126_133519

It wasn’t too long before we were ushered into the restaurant. That’s the only good thing being in pairs, but the bad thing here is having to share a table with another couple. Luckily we already experienced it previously at Yee Shun so we were fine with that.

For your reference, here’s the menu at Australian Dairy Company below:

0820-20150126_134110 0821-20150126_134112

We ordered their highly raved breakfast set (HKD38 as we went after 12 noon) each for brunch that came with a bowl of spaghetti in soup, sandwich, ham and of course – their heavenly eggs (ask for SCRAMBLED).

By the way, the set comes with a drink selection between coffee and tea – which I don’t really take. Wanted to change it up but they didn’t allow it. For some reason, they allowed a change for the Hongkie couple (the woman changed hers to milk), not fair 🙁


Luckily the food made up for EVERYTHING because yes, it really lived up to the hype! The eggs were FANTASTIC while I totally adore the spaghetti soup (everything else was yummy too!)

067-IMG_20150126_134404 068-IMG_20150126_1348560823-20150126_134330 0824-20150126_134351 0825-20150126_135804

Breakfast at ADC was too good – I think it deserves a post on it’s own 😛

But seriously, wow.. totally get why people would return here again and again – I would too on my next visit. Highly highly recommend(:

Stay tuned for the next posts coming up next weeks where I’ll share more about our experience at The Peak Tram / The Peak / the yummy egg tarts at Honululu Cafe and our fun night out at the AIA carnival!

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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