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Food Review | Sik Bao Sin Eating House (吃饱先) – Desmond’s Creation

Hope your Mother’s Day celebration a few weeks ago went well! I know mine did because this year, the bf was celebrating it together with my mom and myself! (:

Usually our Mother’s Day celebrations are pretty simple – just having a lunch together, something we don’t really get to do much often due to my work schedule during the weekdays and other commitments over the weekends.

We usually patronize the restaurants around our location and so far, my mom’s favourite has to be Char just outside my place(:

Sik Bao Sin Eating House (吃饱先) – Desmond’s Creation

This time, decided to bring her somewhere different and I was on the lookout for a restaurant to bring her to prior to Mother’s Day!

It so happened that a nondescript restaurant caught my eye as the bf was sending me back home one day and I did a quick Google search = found good reviews = chose it as our restaurant for the celebration!

16-DSC0065619-DSC00659 20-DSC00660

Sik Bao Sin Eating House (吃饱先)
Address: 592 Geylang Road, Singapore 389531
Operating Hours: 11:45 am – 2:30 pm, 5:45 – 9:30 pm
Phone: 6744 3757 (Reservations for large groups ONLY)

Since the restaurant was voted as one of the best zichar restaurants in Singapore, I attempted to reserve as I was worried about the popularity of the restaurant during Mother’s Day but unfortunate they only accepted reservations for a table and above.

Fortunately my fears were unfounded when we headed there earlier (12pm, it opens at 1145am) and it wasn’t as crowded as expected.

Here’s the exterior and interior of the restaurant below for your reference. As mentioned earlier, it’s pretty nondescript as the only notable feature will be large signboard at the top proclaiming it’s unique name. Do note that Sik Bao Sin = eat full first in Cantonese so you can expect Cantonese dishes here at the restaurant!

Oh and good news – there’s air conditioning (thank God) because the recent weather in Singapore is a killer! 🙁

17-DSC0065718-DSC00658 01-DSC00641

The Menu

For your reference, here’s their full menu below. It’s a pretty limited menu but there should be sufficient to select your favourite dishes from! No prices available but I can tell you that the price range is from $12 – $25 per dish based on my personal experience and other blog reviews.

Do expect a relatively long wait for your food especially if you order the wok fried items as apparently, there’s only ONE chef who is in charge of all the wok fried items. And he’s a true blue Singaporean to boot! That’s pretty rare because most zhichar cooks nowadays are Malaysians or other nationalities! (:


To start off your meal, hot Chinese tea is served to everyone. It’s not free though as they are priced at $1 each. If you don’t want drinks, or have brought your own – feel free to reject and you won’t have to pay for it especially if you are a non regular Chinese tea drinker like myself.

Steamed Pork with Salted Fish – S$15.00

Our meal started off with the steamed pork with salted dish, apparently one of the Star dishes (then again, most of their dishes are starred, lol) but this came high recommended. We were not too impressed when the dish was served as the presentation was very plain. To give it credit – it does look exactly like the picture in the menu, lol.

Suffice to say, don’t be fooled by its looks because this was an impressive dish, where even my mom gave it a 2 thumbs up! It just had the right balance of everything you are looking for in a steamed pork x salted fish dish. You have to try it to know what I mean (: Highly recommended dish and a must order here!

03-DSC00643 04-DSC00644

Ginger Chicken (Small) – S$19.00

By the way, do note that the dishes were served one by one so it can be slightly slow.

We move on to the ginger chicken next. My mom was proclaiming – at least this one got decoration! Lol, essentially referring to the chopped chilli bits and leek. Not to worry, it wasn’t very spicy though! The sauce was nice and sticky, while the chicken was tender and had the wok hei taste. Still, this wasn’t my favourite dish much due to the bones (lazy to eat) but it was not too bad. If only they made it into like cutlets or something without the bones, think it would be more enjoyable. Meanwhile, my mom was most impressed with the chopped ginger cubes in the dish – yes totally edible and she made both of us try. It doesn’t taste like what you expect, relatively sweet at first, interesting(:

08-DSC00648 09-DSC00649

Garlic Kailan – S$12.00

You either choose between a few variety of kailan dishes or the sambal kangkong for your greens. Mom doesn’t like beef while the bf was allergic to prawns (and couldn’t take spiciness much) so we had to go ahead with the most common of dishes – the simple garlic kailan.

Mom’s remark here was – it looks like a dish you serve at home lor. So yes, no fancy decoration, just kailan served rather haphazardly on the plate.

The good news? I was pretty impressed with it! Like some restaurants really can’t do kailan very well (not going to name any..) but they do it well here! Surprisingly, I found myself reaching for the stems instead of the leafy parts because they were the right balance of everything I liked! It’s also a good respite from all the meat we had be consuming so far(:

06-DSC00646 07-DSC00647

Sweet and Sour Pork (Small) – S$19.00

Lastly, we had the quintessential sweet and Sour Pork – found at all zichar stalls and my personal must order option to try.

Serving was very very small for the price paid – think there were only 7 pieces for $19?! The rest of the plate was made up with the other LARGE ingredients such as tomato (think there were at least a whole chopped tomato inside alongside with onions, leek, etc.

Mom was impressed with the batter but that was about it. It was very crispy outside but I didn’t feel like I was eating any pork. Note that this is quite subjective because personally I prefer my sweet and sour pork more meaty, less crispy. Some might prefer the crispy version – so to each his own (:

11-DSC00651  13-DSC00653 14-DSC00654

The Verdict

Overall, it was a good meal with a few dishes that impressed my mom! Prices may be slightly be on the more expensive side as we paid about $72 for 3 pax (approx $24 per person) for the meal.


Regardless, the food was good and we would return again especially since it’s so close to home! Next time however, we would probably order the tofu prawns my mom had been eyeing, the steam pork with salted fish again, beef kailan and the black chicken soup! (:


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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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