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mitsueki Travels | 5D4N Hong Kong Trip January 2015 – Day 1 (Part 2)

Yeah, starting on my Hong Kong travelogue first before any others including my staycations and other short trips last year – but stay tuned for them ya?

Started off early morning at Changi Airport for the flight to Hong Kong and you can read it in my previous post including directions on how to get to the city centre and my review of Eaton Hotel.

5D4N Hong Kong Trip Report

Read the rest of my 5D4N Hong Kong Trip Report here:

Hello 7-11!

Our visit to a country will never be complete without stepping into a 7-11 to check out their ‘wares’. And it just so happened that there was one just opposite our hotel(:


Just to share – we usually tend to pick up our essentials from 7-11 such as bottled water, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and if possible, yakult (if available) at most of countries that we’ve been. It’s usually cheaper and more convenient as compared to bringing our own. Mm and yeah I’m not really a fan of using the hotel provided amenities unless the quality is pretty good – of which I have only experienced in Japan!

Anyway, in general – it’s always fun checking out the 7-11 in most countries such as Japan and Taiwan but I think that the ones in Hong Kong are pretty good too.

0105-20150123_160638  0107-20150123_160734 0108-20150123_160744

The outlet at our hotel may be small but it was very well stocked as seen above/below with a number of goodies imported in from Japan.


But what I liked most about it is that it kinda sold “hot” snacks cooked on the spot – a range of Hong Kong street food such as curry fishballs, sausages and more! They also had cheese instant noodles as well (:


Unfortunately, the hot food corner closes pretty early so usually by the time we were done for the day, it was already closed hence we didn’t get to try ;/

Eaton Hotel to Jordan MTR

Being connected to unlimited 3G speed thanks to VisonData is great because it allowed us to utilize Google Maps to locate the nearest MTR station to grab the MTR to our next stop!

0110-20150123_161004 0111-20150123_161415

Jordan MTR is a 10 minute walk away from Eaton Hotel and it is very convenient and easy to get to. Best of all, Austin MTR station is also relatively close by, but slightly further down compared to Jordan.

eaton to jordan

Personally, I feel that the next few stations have a walkable distance between them (such as Mongkok and Tsim Sha Shui) so if you have the time to spare, and calories to burn after indulging – maybe you can do that too (yes we did that)(:

Jordan to Central Station

I believe it’s typical tourist behavior to take a obligatory photo at every MTR station in Hong Kong and i was no exception 😡 So here’s mine at Jordan!


The MTR stations here are slightly different from the Airport Express train – definitely much older and reminds us of the trains in Taiwan. At least it’s pretty clean though pop up notifications on the MTR app keeps informing me of breakdowns. Reminds you of our recent MRT breakdowns in Singapore huh? Lol

0112-20150123_161711 0113-20150123_161724  0115-20150123_161751 0116-20150123_161851 0117-20150123_161904

Our next destination was to Central Station, a few stops near Jordan as seen from the MTR map below. It’s very very easy navigate using their train maps because it’s very similar to Singapore – super straightforward(:

Got off at the Central Station and was heading over to the exit when we spotted that they offer free Internet services at this station! Should be pretty useful for tourists I guess!


Central Station to Lan Fong Yuen

Used a couple of maps as reference to find our next destination – the famous Lan Fong Yuen for a late lunch.

central to lan fong yuen

It’s quite a distance to Lan Fong Yuen from the station, probably about 15 minutes of walking including climbing loads of steps which you’ll see in the pictures later.

0119-20150123_162941 0120-20150123_163121

We took the opportunity to walk through Li Yuen Street East as it was a mini shopping street. Nothing much caught my eye here though and I figured I could get cheaper things in Mongkok so we just breezed through the street. Plus I was hungry so I really wanted to get to LFY, lol!

0121-20150123_163622 0122-20150123_163632

Our route took us through Pottinger Street aka Stone Slabs Street (石板街) where we climbed up the granite stone steps. Plenty of shops lined the entire street so have fun browsing through them on your way if you’re not in a rush (:

0123-20150123_164014 0124-20150123_164058 0125-20150123_164138

Lan Fong Yuen 蘭芳園

Keep your eyes peeled and you will know that you’ve reached the right place when you spot the fruit stall below and Lan Fong Yuen next to it.

0127-20150123_164605 0141-20150123_1718180128-20150123_164615

Lan Fong Yuen
Hong Kong, 擺花街35號G/F
2 Gage Street Central

Don’t be fooled by its tiny appearance as there’s actually seating space inside – not alot but sufficient! Plus their turnover rate is pretty fast(:


Alternatively, if you just want to grab a cup of their famous Milk Tea, you can do a takeaway here and cross the street to get an egg tart from Tai Cheong Bakery to snack on.

But after coming all the way, of course dine in if you have the opportunity right?

The menu is below for your reference. And just to share something silly – we were issued the Chinese menu first and I was asking the bf to translate it one by one for me as I’m pretty bad at reading Chinese characters. The owner then promptly grinned at us and whipped out an English menu. Aiyo I should have asked for it earlier huh?!

0129-20150123_164727 0130-20150123_164843  0132-20150123_165437 0133-20150123_165444 0136-20150123_165558

If you’re not sure what to order, just refer to their bestseller menu featuring their pork chop burger, crispy buttered bun, french toast and chicken chop with spring onion and vegetables instant noodles & many more! Plus it has pictures so you will kinda know what you are ordering lol.

Recommended dishes from OpenRice users: 絲襪奶茶, 撈丁, 金牌豬扒包, 熱奶茶, 奶茶, 蔥油雞扒撈丁

During our visit, we ordered their signature pork chop burger, chicken chop instant noodles set, Hong Kong crispy bun, milk tea and honey lemon drink.

0137-20150123_165723 0139-20150123_1659510138-20150123_165906 005-IMG_20150123_165821008-IMG_20150123_170332006-IMG_20150123_165843  007-IMG_20150123_165857

My favourite out of the lot will definitely be the chicken chop instant noodles – have no idea why all instant noodles in general taste so good in Hong Kong! The pork chop burger was alright but don’t bother ordering the crispy bun here as its just average. Bf was disappointed with the milk tea even though the LFY version is touted to be the best in Hong Kong. Well, at least we got to try (:

Oh, there’s a minimum charge of 25 HKD (S$5) per person to dine in by the way! And in total we paid a total of 86 HKD (S$15.50) for our meal which was reasonable.


Tai Cheong Bakery 泰昌餅家

We walked over to Tai Cheong Bakery next, which was just less a 2 minutes walk away from Lan Fong Yuen. According to the reviews, the Central outlet here is one of the best ones to try from even though they have plenty of outlets scattered around Hong Kong.


Tai Cheong Bakery 泰昌餅家
35 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

Headed into the shop to pick up two of their freshly baked (and still pipping hot) egg tarts for HKD 6 (S$2.20) each for the bf and I to try. Oh and like many, we were standing outside their shop eating the baked tarts on the spot.

0143-20150123_172024 0144-20150123_172035

The bf really enjoyed the egg tart but while I loved the egg custard, I wasn’t too big a fan of their crust. I don’t know about you but the egg tart crust is the utmost importance to me when it comes to eating egg tarts! Probably because I think their crust is rather gritty and I taste coconut (???) of which I’m not a fan of. Was disappointed until I tried Honolulu’s egg tart on Day 4 (stay tuned) and that egg tart was so good!! It’s definitely a matter of personal preference whether you like Tai Cheong’s egg tart or not I guess, so your opinion may vary from mine!

0145-20150123_172143    010-IMG_20150123_172230 011-IMG_20150123_172254  012-IMG_20150123_172331

Right next to Tai Cheong is Simmons Ye Olde Sweets Shop, a British candy store selling a huge variety of old school retro sweets such as Flying Saucers, Pink shrimps, Boot Laces, White Mice and Sherbet Fountain! So if time permits, head in for a visit because I’m sure you’ll like it because you probably wouldn’t get anything like that in Singapore(:


Heading to The Peak Tram Station

Using the Google maps below, we navigated our way to the next stop – The Peak Tram Station. And yes, the original plan was to try out Kau Kee Restaurant to try their braised beef noodles but the bf didn’t feel like trying it (cos it was further away) so we went to LKF as an alternative instead.

lfy to the peak tram

Even though LKF is nearer, it was still quite a long distance to The Peak Tram. It was indeed fortunate the weather in Hong Kong at this time of the year was freaking awesome – so this means we wouldn’t be sweating, hehe. If not, I think we would have taken a cab all the way lol.


Along the way, we also passed by one of the numerous Tsui Wai restaurant chains in Hong Kong as well as the famous Yong Kee Roasted Goose. It’s a pity we were too full to try the latter but I guess that’s another trip then!

0148-20150123_173407  0151-20150123_1734490150-20150123_173445  0152-20150123_173743

Directional signs to The Peak Tram were everywhere so even without the GPS navigation or a map, you should be able to get to your destination easily. It took us about 15 – 20 minutes of walking to finally reach!

0153-20150123_1740220154-20150123_174117 0155-20150123_174334

You know you’ve arrived when you spot this place as seen below.


It was such a shock to us when we saw the MASSIVE snaking queue to head up to The Peak Tram.

0157-20150123_175121 0158-20150123_175222   0161-20150123_175728 0162-20150123_175849

Yeah, the queue didn’t just start from the ticket area but ACROSS the road! It was seriously crazy and what’s crazier was the fact that people were still joining the queue?! I think that you probably take about 4 – 5 hours at the very LEAST to get onboard The Peak. Posted the photos on my Facebook page and everyone was similarly just as shocked, including a couple of my friends who had just returned from HKG recently. So yes, luckily this was just a one-off incident – though I’m not sure why?

We decided to forgo heading up because the ridiculous queue was simply not worth the time and decided to head over to our next stop. It was lucky we did so as well because we had a change of plans and headed up to The Peak on our 4th day instead, minus the crazy queue so stay tuned for that! (:

The Peak Tram Station to Central Station / Star Ferry Pier

For your reference below, here’s a map with the walking directions back to Central Station / Star Ferry Pier below. Again, be prepared for a long walk!

peak tram to ferry terminal

We were following the route when it took us past one of the famous ‘Ding Ding’ tram stations, an iconic Hong Kong sight here. I didn’t include a ride on board one of the ding ding trams in my itinerary because it didn’t seem like we would walk past it.

Ding Ding Tram Experience

Guess it was fate that we chanced upon it! Hehe, was referring to the tram route map and realized that we had the opportunity to board it! We just needed to drop off about 3 stops later and walk a distance to Star Ferry Pier(:


The tram is so cute, check it out below!

0164-20150123_180940 0165-20150123_180955  0167-20150123_181126

Entrance is by the back of the tram and the exit is in the front. I guess this depends on which direction it’s heading though. But do keep an eye out and don’t board by the wrong way!

Each adult ticket costs 2.30 HKD (50 cents SGD) to board and you can use your Octopus card / coins.

0168-20150123_181210 0169-20150123_181219  0171-20150123_181934

It was the office crowd timing (6pmish) when we boarded so it was quite crowded inside the tram. Despite that, we still had some space to take a couple of photos and even a couple selfie XD

0172-20150123_181939 0173-20150123_182031 0174-20150123_182042 0175-20150123_182051

I must say that it took a HUGE effort getting down the tram. As mentioned right – there’s only 1 exit right in front and the tram is supppeeeerrr crowded. So, go figure lol.


Walking to Star Ferry Pier Central

Again, it is still quite a distance to Star Ferry Pier from the tram stop. We relied on the directional signs to get to the pier and YAY, we found it! Lol, yes we did quite a bit of walking during our time in Hong Kong. It’s good because we ate like, alot! XD

0177-20150123_183315  0179-20150123_183610

The easiest way to Star Ferry Pier without getting lost is to walk back to Central Station first, and then walk on the covered walkway towards the pier. Having said that, it’s probably about a 10 minutes walk but there are many pretty sights along the way(:


When you can spot the Hong Kong Observation Wheel, you know that you are reaching the Central Piers very soon as seen below.

0183-20150123_184046 0184-20150123_184353

Star Ferry Ride to Tsim Sha Tsui

Head over to Pier 7 in order to get to Tsim Sha Tsui. Then just follow the crowd~


Tickets onboard the 10 – 15 minutes ferry ride costs a mere 2.50 HKD (50c SGD) / 3.40 HKD (60c) depending on whether you came on a weekday/week. And you can opt to pay using cash by buying the tokens from the token vending machine or using your Octopus cards.


Just for the fun of it, we paid for the tokens. #superboliao

0187-20150123_184622 0188-20150123_184719

There are 2 decks onboard the ferry with plenty of seats so don’t worry too much about it. Just sit back as the ferry brings you across the waters towards TST and enjoy the gorgeous skyline of Hong Kong!


Beautiful eh? Oh ya, there’s no air conditioning onboard the boat if you were wondering! I guess the best time to get onboard the boat is during the daily light show ya? But I think it will be really crowded though D:

0190-20150123_185322 0191-20150123_185345 0192-20150123_185407  0194-20150123_190010

Definitely a more enjoyable experience taking the Star Ferry from Central to Tsim Sha Shui (Star Ferry Pier), rather than taking the MTR 🙂

The Avenue of Stars 星光大道 & the Symphony of Lights Display 幻彩詠香江

The original plan was to head to Ocean Terminal to check out Moomin Cafe before heading on to The Avenue of Stars before catching A Symphony of Lights show at 8pm. Decided to skip the cafe instead due to time constraints as it was about 6.45pm – 7pm and we didn’t want to miss the show.

ferry terminal to tst

Was walking towards the Avenue of Stars when we spotted the famous Mister Softee / Mobile Softee 富豪雪糕!  Despite the insanely cold wind buffering me, I bade the bf to purchase an ice cream for me. Each vanilla cone costs 9 HKD (S$1.60) and you can pay in either cash or via the Octopus card.

0197-20150123_190510 0198-20150123_190528 0199-20150123_190529

Hullo Miste Softee!

0201-20150123_190601 0202-20150123_190627

Just sharing some shots of the gorgeous skyline of Hong Kong as we strolled along the Victoria Harbour waterfront in Tsim Sha Tsui!(:

0203-20150123_190828  0205-20150123_190924  0207-20150123_191329 0208-20150123_191605

You know that you’ve reached the start of the Avenue of Stars when you spot the following.


Essentially, it’s just a long stretch of road that are lined with star shaped plaques of famous Hong Kong stars and celebrities – much like the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the States. There are also squid snack stalls and other souvenir shops along the path so feel free to pick up a snack or some souvenirs home(:

0210-20150123_192045 0211-20150123_192225 0212-20150123_192245

Can you spot some of the famous names below?

0213-20150123_192443 0214-20150123_192601

Bruce Lee / Jackie Chan /  Chow Yun Fat / Andy Lau / Jet Li / Anita Mui / Tony Leung / Bruce Lee / Stephen Chow – to name a few! At the time of my visit, there were 107 names so look out for your favourite Hong Kong stars! Hehe, and the more popular ones are usually at the end though :X

0215-20150123_192727 0216-20150123_192833 0217-20150123_192928 0218-20150123_193000 0219-20150123_193016 0220-20150123_193034 0221-20150123_193058 0222-20150123_193112 0223-20150123_193128 0224-20150123_193201 0231-20150123_2004470225-20150123_193213 0226-20150123_193605 0227-20150123_193740

Everyone was waiting in anticipation at 8pm for the Symphony of Lights Display.


Unfortunately, it was nothing as glamorous as it is touted/pictured to be. You can watch it on Youtube below here:

Or view my photo spam below – but it’s nothing much.

0230-20150123_200312  0232-20150123_200604 0233-20150123_201025 0234-20150123_201029 0235-20150123_201030 0236-20150123_201339

We started walking back to the Star Ferry Pier even before it ended so that we wouldn’t get caught up in the crowd. Plus we weren’t too impressed with it anyways ;/

Exploring Tsim Sha Tsui

The last item on my itinerary today was to spend the rest of the night exploring Tsim Sha Tsui before walking / strolling back to our hotel in Jordan.

ferry terminal to tst

Was walking out of the pier towards TST and spotted Hui Lau Shan and Bonjour. Not to worry but these 2 outlets are EVERYWHERE so just go to any without the queue/crowd XD

0237-20150123_202131 0238-20150123_202148

Mm, Tsim Sha Tsui is one of the most popular places to visit and stay in Hong Kong. I almost selected to stay here but I’m glad I didn’t after all.

The best way to describe TST is that it’s akin to Orchard Road here in Singapore. Just imagine a dazzling area of lovely displays, brightly lit shops – mostly carrying high end brands such as Chanel and Dior, to name a few as well as other branded street wear. Prices are definitely not the cheapest here but it’s nice to window shop and personally I think you can probably spend a couple of hours / half day wandering around! (:

0239-20150123_202253 0240-20150123_2025100244-20150123_2035430245-20150123_2035480246-20150123_203604

There were only 2 things that tempted me to purchase here:

1. Rilakkuma jewellery from Lukfook Jewellery but they were crazy expensive – prices start from a couple of hundred SGD for the cheapest pendant. So we just had a look see ><


You can tell that jewellery is pretty expensive in Hong Kong eh? Or in particular, here in TST. Check out the exorbitant prices for the other jewellery on display – the cheapest being 152k HKD (27k SGD). Then again, I notice they like really flamboyant and huge pieces. Yeah no simple diamond rings on display XD


2. Rilakkuma items from the Hong Kong label, Chocoolate. We have the label in Singapore as well but I figure that it would be cheaper to purchase it in Hong Kong itself. Plus the Rilakkuma themed items were launched in Hong Kong first before In Singapore the next month.

Pity that when I went to visit 2 of the outlets in TST at The One and I can’t remember where else, but the particular ones that I wanted were sold out already 🙁


They still had some of the tsum tsum designs available that day too!


Yeah anyway so I mentioned that we just spent most of the time window shopping and strolling around TST right?

It was then we stumbled upon a row of Jenny Bakery black market shops in one of the streets.

Jenny Bakery 珍妮曲奇

Just sharing more on Jenny Bakery 珍妮曲奇 in case you have never heard about it – it’s one of the must buys / must try souvenir to bring back to Singapore as their butter cookies are touted to be absolutely divine. Plus their packaging is adorable – it comes in a bear tin box that changes design apparently on a monthly basis. Mixed reviews about it though but judging from the fact that you need to queue between 2 – 4 hours to get your hands on one (read from online sources), it shouldn’t be too bad huh?

Check out the queue!

We just wanted to try a tin without queuing so we were alright with forking out a little extra to try it. But woah, it was DOUBLE-TRIPLE the price at some of the stalls, which is pretty insane considering that the cheapest box of cookies is usually S$12 or so.

Here’s the black market price for the shop that we eventually settled on:

  • 4 Mix of Soft Butter / Coffee / Hard Butter / Raisin and Oats – 140 HKD (S$25)
  • 8 Mix of Coffee Almond / Cashew Nut / Almond Poppyseed / Hazelnut Macademia / Walnut / Pistachio / Mixed Nuts / Chocolate Chip Cashew Walnut – 320 HKD (S$57)
    **If you purchase the Jenny Cookies from the shop itself, it’s half the price mentioned above

Yeah we paid an exorbitant price of 140 HKD for a box of the 4 mix cookies but you are technically paying about an extra S$12 to save on 2 – 4 hours of queuing time so it was worth it in our opinion, considering that we just wanted to try it. It was really not bad though I would say and melts beautifully in your mouth!

0248-20150123_210346 0249-20150123_210350

After that, we decided to walk back to our hotel as it seemed to be just a (long but super straight) road down.



Lee Keung Kee North Point Egg Waffles 利強記北

Along the way, we passed by one of the Lee Keung Kee North Point Egg Waffles 利強記北 outlets. The menu below is for your reference – and you can tell that it’s darn popular from the number of celebrities pictures pasted everywhere at the outlet lol.

0256-20150123_213703 0257-20150123_213737

Kun Lock Bldg, 178 Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Tried out their highly raved egg waffles 雞蛋仔 and a stick of the curry fishball 咖哩魚蛋. Just to say that oh my gosh, the egglets / egg waffles were soooo good – definitely much better than the ones we have in Singapore! The Singapore version is more airy while theirs has more dough so it is chewier and nicer. The curry fishballs were meh, didn’t really like them. By the way, they are called 魚蛋 instead of 鱼丸 on the menu!

0258-20150123_214104 013-IMG_20150123_214130

Was tired out after a long day so upon reaching our hotel, we bought a microwave udon dinner and a couple of snacks from 7-11 for supper in the hotel to end off Day 1!


Pretty productive day I would say, despite only having half a day here in Hong Kong! Stay tuned for the next installment next week where I share my experience at Hong Kong Disneyland! ^^

Thanks for reading always~

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