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Beauty Review & GIVEAWAY| Pure 95 Shampoo & Conditioner

My hair has always been my crowning glory despite its messiness. And yes, I do quite like how it’s like – except that it gets really tangled pretty easily sometimes 😡

I usually use the common house brand shampoos available, bought by my mom and sometimes, she does like to switch brands up occasionally. It’s through that will you know how well the shampoo will be for your hair!

To date, I probably tried over 7-8 different brands and am still open to more in order to find the perfect one! That’s why when I was approached to try out this brand called Pure 95 – I was pretty open to the opportunity!(:

Pure 95 – The Brand

Just sharing more information about Pure 95 for your reference:

Pure 95

The Pure 95 series is made up of a Shampoo and Conditioner, meant to be used in conjunction with each other for the best results.

Both the shampoo and conditioner are touted to be Botanical, Herbal, Natural – Sulfate-free, Paraben-free, Fragrance-free, Formaldehyde-free whilst the Shampoo itself has been ranked No. 1 in Natural Shampoo Top 10 in TBS Ranking Kingdom, a Japanese TV program.

Pure 95 is formulated by the beauty R&D team in Japan and is the brainchild of Miki Sakazaki whom has over 18 years of experience in the beauty industry!

P.s if you were wondering why the name seems familiar – she runs a beauty and bridal salon “salon de MIKI” in Liang Court, Singapore!

Price & Where to Buy?

You can purchase the Pure 95 Shampoo and Conditioner from the following places at the prices stated below.

  1. Naoki Yoshihara by Ash Outlets at Liang Court and Isetan @ Tampines Mall
  2. Tokyu Hands Outlets at Westgate and Orchard Central
  3. salon de MIKI at Liang Court
  4. MONSO Hair Design at River Valley

Pure 95 Shampoo
• 400ml – S$48
• 200ml – S$32

Pure 95 Conditioner
• 300ml – S$48
• 180ml – S$32


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Winners of this Sampling Giveaway are invited to review PURE 95 by 22 April 2015. The reviewer with the most votes wins the full-size Pure 95 Shampoo (400ml) & Conditioner (300ml).

Details and My Review

Here’s a quick review of the Pure 95 Shampoo and Conditioner!




The packaging of both the shampoo and conditioner is very basic and simple. Just a white bottle imprinted with the brand in front and the ingredients behind. What stands out of course, is the sticker on the shampoo proclaiming it’s No. 1 ranking in the Natural Shampoo Top 10 in TBS Ranking Kingdom, a Japanese TV program.



As you can expect, the scent of both the shampoo and conditioner is very herbal due to the numerous herbal ingredients inside, which is unlike the perfumed / scented ones that we are used to. But don’t worry – it’s not very cloying nor strong actually. In fact, after utilizing the shampoo and conditioner on my hair, I don’t really smell any herbal fragrance in my hair – it smells very.. clean and natural? Not sure how to describe it but you’ll know what I mean if you do try it!


If you’re interested to know the ingredients and more details of the shampoo and conditioner, here they are for your reference:

Pure 95 Shampoo

02-DSC08561 03-DSC0856213-DSC08572

• This natural shampoo, derived from sugar cane & coconut oil, gently and
thoroughly cleanse the hair without drying.
• Amino acids (Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate and TEA-Cocoyl Glutamate)
and 18-herbal complex moisturizer support shiny, healthy and soft hair.
• Suitable for all hair and scalp types when mildness is desired.
• Sulfate-free, Paraben-free, Fragrance-free, Formaldehyde-free.
• Formulated by the beauty expert R&D team in Japan.
• This gentle, natural shampoo is suitable for cleansing hair or skin, and can
be used as a body wash. Perfect for reducing time & cost.
• Gentle enough for everyday use.

18 herbal ingredients for PURE 95 Shampoo

Licorice extract
Arnica extract
Nettle extract
Dutch Watercress extract
Burdock extract
Western Ivy extract
Garlic extract
Pine extract
Rosemary extract
Roman Camomile extract
Lavender extract
Rosemary oil
Sage oil
Palm oil
Sugar cane

PURE 95 Conditioner

04-DSC08563 05-DSC08564  16-DSC08575

• Made with natural ingredients derived from Mother Earth (plants, forest and
sea which were given energy by the Sun), PURE 95 CONDITIONER deeply
conditions, hydrates, and moisturizes hair, giving it a soft and silky texture.
• Suitable for all hair, strengthening weak, damaged and chemically-
processed hair.
• Formulated by the beauty expert R&D team in Japan.

10 herbal ingredients for PURE 95 Conditioner

Arnica extract
Aloe vera extract
Nettle extract
Asian ginseng extract
Dutch Watercress extract
Burdock extract
Western Ivy extract
Royal jelly extract
Brown algae extract

Directions for Usage

Depending on your hair length, you should pour in a tablespoon worth of shampoo into your palm before applying.


In my opinion, first time users will notice the lack of the usual lather in the shampoo but don’t fret, just keep massaging the shampoo into your scalp and in about 5 minutes or less, there will be plenty of lather! Plus the massaging technique will help to absorb the herb essences into the scalp and cleanse the dirt around your hair roots and pores.

Afterwhich, you just wash it off with warm water. The effect on your hair is pretty immediate as my hair felt very silky during the wash especially when it’s still wet due to the natural amino components.


Towel dry your hair as per usual before applying 1-2 pumps of the conditioner through your hair. This is an optional step for the best results and it’s especially useful if you have weak and damaged hair!

The End Results

My hair feels much lighter, fluffier and more importantly – slightly neater and so much softer! Made the bf run his hands through my hair and he was so shocked because my hair has never been the smoothest nor the softest till now!

23-DSC08582 24-DSC08583 25-DSC08584

Really like how using the Pure 95 Shampoo and Conditioner turned out for my hair and I highly recommend it! You should try it to see what I mean(:



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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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