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mitsueki Travels | 5D4N Hong Kong Trip 23 – 27 January 2015 – Summary from Instagram

Phew, it’s been awhile since I last went on a long trip – the last being Taiwan and Japan last year! Was really fortunate to get the chance to visit those 2 countries and those trips only served to fuel my wanderlust! Anyway, recently I just returned from a semi-long 5D4N trip from Hong Kong where the bf and I had an enjoyable time gorging on food literally every few hours, hehe.

5D4N Hong Kong Travelogue (23 January – 27 January 2015) – COMPLETED

Quick Summary of my 5D4N Hong Kong Trip

My full travelogue with all the details, etc will probably only be completed in a few months but I decided to do a quick summary post here for those who can’t wait – utilizing only the photos that I posted on IG (@mitsueki) / Facebook during my trip (follow me there if you aren’t already!). 😛

Day 1: Singapore – Hong Kong

Woke up at an ungodly hour at 6am-ish or so to head down to Changi Airport for our trip. This trip was seriously a last minute one as I won air tickets to Hong Kong, courtesy of MasterCard Singapore in a Facebook like and share contest. #yesifeelsoblessed

Had breakfast at Burger King at the departure hall. Not niceeee! Give me a Mac breakfast anytime instead XD

Was connected instantly once I landed in Hong Kong thanks to VisonData Singapore for sponsoring me one of their portable mifi devices. It’s also thanks to this device that kept me connected throughout my trip!

Checked into our hotel – Eaton Hotel (great location!) first before heading for our first meal in Hong Kong was at Lan Fong Yuen over at Gage Street, ordered a bowl of their instant noodles, buttered bun and their famous pork chop bun.

Walked over to Tai Cheong Bakery to try their egg tarts after that.

Explored a couple of places and had curry fishball + the famous egglets from Lee Keung Kee North Point Egg Waffles.

Day 2: Hong Kong Disneyland

Started off the day at Yee Shun Milk Company where we tried their famous steamed milk pudding and one of their breakfast sets.

Headed to Hong Kong Disneyland immediately after that with our tickets courtesy of Hong Kong Disneyland.

Was treated like a VIP at the classy Crystal Lotus Restaurant located inside Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel where we had the opportunity to try out their special Disney themed dim sum and other dishes.

Spent the rest of the day in Disneyland and I took a zillion photos there! Here’s one of my favourite – at the souvenir shop with loads of Duffy and ShellieMay!

Had the opportunity to take a photo with Duffy / ShellieMay / Mickey / Minnie at the Enchanted Garden Restaurant in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel during the buffet dinner!

*My Disneyland Visit & Dining options were kindly sponsored by Hong Kong Disneyland

Day 3: Mongkok

Had brekkie at Mui Kee Congee to start the day!

Snacked on a glutinuous red bean rice cake from Kee Tsui Cake Shop while shopping.

My OOTD before we spent the rest of the day just hanging out around Mongkok.

Tried 2 highly raved about pineapple polo buns from Kam Wah Cafe and Hong Lin Restaurant during our explorations.

We also tried the highly raved cold noodles from Bai Wei while we were at Argyle Centre. For your reference, this is located at New Town Mall ground floor (next door) and NOT at Argyle Centre itself.

Day 4: The Peak

Started Day 4 really late as the bf was down with a bout of food poisoning in the early morning so we decided to skip our trip to Ocean Park. He felt much better a few hours and we were off once again to makan – this time at Australian Dairy Company to try their highly raved breakfast set with scrambled eggs!

Decided to head up to The Peak since we missed out on Day 1 due to the crazy queue.

Tried the famous egg tarts and pineapple polo bun from Honolulu Coffee Shop later.

Spent the rest of the night having fun at the AIA Great European Carnival (should be gone by now as this is a temporary attraction) to make up for missing out on Ocean Park.

Day 5: Hong Kong to Singapore

Last day means saying good bye to Hong Kong and all the food there!

Had our last Hong Kong dim sum indulgence at Maxims Jade Garden in the airport before we flew back to Singapore.

And the worst part of the trip is unpacking all the goodies and loot brought back from Hong Kong. Realizing that many of them are bear themed as below #socuteright?

Yes yes, loads of details were left out from this post so if you want to read up more about my Hong Kong travelogue – then stay tuned because I will be working on it and posting it; most likely every Sunday for your reading pleasure(:

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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