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mitsueki OOTD | Showroom (sroom) x OKDGG Korea

Had the privilege of being sponsored once again by popular online Korean shopping site, OKDGG and this time, I selected all my apparels from Showroom (sroom) Korea, one of the many shops available off the OKDGG site(:


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Showroom x OKDGG Korea

With a sponsored budget of US$110, I managed to snag a total of 6 items off the Showroom (sroom) site! Best of all, most of the shops from OKDGG tend to offer free worldwide shipping for purchases over US$100 so that’s really affordable!

In preparation of my upcoming Hong Kong trip, I selected the following pieces that were packaged nicely as seen below.


Item #1: MisQs Gel Pencil in Black

Recently developed a liking for Korean makeup products and was interested to try more. So I selected this MisQs brand (Korean brand) gel pencil in black to try out. It’s not too bad and even has a sharpener function, woots!

02-DSC08110 03-DSC08111 04-DSC08113 05-DSC08114

Item #2: Blue Knitted Pullover

Singapore may be hot most of the time, but that doesn’t mean that knitwear doesn’t come in handy at times during the months when it is more cooling or during the rainy season! :X

Anyway, blue is one of my staple colors in my wardrobe so I selected it for this particular knit design. It’s quite thick and super comfy so I am thinking about wearing this to Hong Kong since I heard it’s really cold there recently!

09-DSC08118   12-DSC0812335-DSC08189  37-DSC0819138-DSC08193

Item #3: Red Ribbon Knitwear

I got this particular piece at a bargain price of less than US$10 if I remember right. I think it’s an adorable piece with that cute ribbon at the chest area. It’s quite thin for a knitwear, suitable for Singapore weather and I can imagine myself wearing it out during a rainy day. Bonus points because you can roll up the sleeves so it’s not so warm ;x

13-DSC08124 14-DSC0812523-DSC08160  25-DSC0816228-DSC08167

P.s bonus act cute photos while I was testing my camera, lol!

26-DSC08163 27-DSC08164

Item #4: White Collared Shirt

A white collared shirt is a staple piece that I have been looking to include in my wardrobe for the longest time! And it so happened that I saw a great one off the sroom site while browsing and I immediately added it into my shopping cart! Super versatile and can match with literally everything. In love with the preppy style recently so yay because this shirt can totally pull off the look with a black skirt ;x

19-DSC08130 29-DSC08168 30-DSC08169 31-DSC08181

Item #5: Grey Knitted Pullover

This is the thickest pullover that I have ever owned and that’s great because it will definitely be useful for my overseas trips (other than Hong Kong) during the colder months. You can choose it to wear on it’s own as seen from my first photo, or layer up with the white collared shirt like what I did for the next few photos for that preppy look(:

08-DSC0811718-DSC0812932-DSC08182 33-DSC08184 34-DSC08185

Item #6: Cotton Blouse

For the last item, I selected this cotton blouse in a wheat/biege color. Yeah, I didn’t want to choose knitted wear for all my choices since I can’t wear them that often. So glad I chose this blouse because it’s super comfy and thin, perfect for our weather. Think it’s nicer paired with a skirt because it is suitable for both office and date wear in my opinion!

15-DSC08126  17-DSC08128 22-DSC0815621-DSC08154

Super happy with all my purchases, thank you once again to OKDGG and Showroom (sroom) Korea for sponsoring these apparels!

And if you really like them too, head over to shop for really awesome Korean fashion wear from OKDGG today!(:


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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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