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mitsueki Travels | 8D7N Japan June 2014 – Day 6 (Part 2)

So the last time I left off the post was when I mentioned that we had just checked into our new hotel, Hotel Sunroute Plaza Tokyo after 6 days of staying at Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku. If you are interested – you can read my review of the previous hotel and the new one in my previous posts below.

You can read all my previous posts on my Japan trip here:

How to get to Tokyo Disneyland?

For your reference once again, this is the map of the Tokyo Disneyland/Disneysea area at Maihama. For us we were staying at Sunroute Plaza Tokyo, the first hotel *green (next to Tokyo Disneyland Hotel (yellow).

Getting to Tokyo Disneyland is very simple from here if you stay at Sunroute Plaza Tokyo because all hotel guests get to hop on a free shuttle bus that can bring you to Tokyo Disneyland Station. You can approach the concierge to ask when the shuttle bus would be arriving but in general, it is probably about a 15 – 20 minutes wait.

Alternatively, you can also make your way on foot to Tokyo Disneyland – and that takes about 15 minutes as well.


This pink bus is the one that would bring us to the station as pictured below! It’s just a normal shuttle bus though nothing special but pretty comfy!

030-20140612_111619 031-20140612_111736

It was a really short ride and along the way, we got to see Tokyo Disney Resort! It is absolutely gorgeous and super ultra expensive! Really looks a fairytale place –  wished I had the chance to stay in it >_<

032-20140612_112229 033-20140612_112327

In case you were wondering, this is the Disney Resort Cruiser! They only travel on certain routes, and you can check their routes HERE if you are interested.


It is a short walk to Tokyo Disneyland from Tokyo Disneyland Station and yes boo, it was practically drizzling the whole time we were there T__T


Buy Tickets to Disneyland/Disneysea!

You can easily obtain your tickets to Disneyland from the ticket counter below. Note that the queue is pretty insane in the early morning (we were there close to 12pm!) so it is actually better if you can obtain your tickets earlier so you don’t have to waste additional time queuing – unless you arrive late like us!


One of the perks of staying in a official Disney Hotel is that you get to beat the queue and purchase tickets directly from the hotel instead. At the same time, this also means that you are guaranteed entry into the park EVEN during periods of restricted admission and peak visiting days.

We bought the 2 day passport for all of us priced at 11,000 yen each (S$125) which gave us access to either 1 of the parks on both days. For today, we were going to Tokyo Disneyland and tomorrow – Tokyo Disneysea!


Yes it’s raining and seriously no one cares because – it’s Disneyland!


Welcome to Tokyo Disneyland!

Tokyo Disneyland is a theme park based on the films produced by Walt Disney. It was opened in 1983 as the first Disney theme park outside of the United States. Modeled after Disneyland in California and the Magic Kingdom in Florida, Tokyo Disneyland is made up of seven themed lands and features seasonal decorations and parades. – Japan-Guide

041-20140612_113412 042-20140612_113414

You seriously have to take an obligatory photo here at the entrance of the World Bazzar. Think all Disneylands have this exactly photo spot because I recall taking a photo as well at the Disneyland in Anaheim, California a few years back!

Keke, and yes, I wore accordingly to the Disney theme! Wearing black, white and red = Mickey Mouse colors!

043-20140612_113510   046-20140612_113606

And yes, it’s Easter themed hence the rabbits and eggs!


For your reference below, the full map of Tokyo Disneyland is as follows. As you can tell, it is split into 7 areas – World Bazaar / Adventureland / Westernland / Critter Country / Fantasy land / Toontown / Tomorrowland! It is a really big park so a full day might not be enough to cover the whole place! We did manage to cover the main areas but we had to skip quite a number of rides that day ><

Disney FastPass

For many theme parks, you can cut the queue by paying a premium price but not at Disneyland. In case you didn’t know, there is this function called the Disney FastPass.

This is a system that lets you minimize the amount of time waiting in line at certain attractions by assigning you a specific time to enter the attraction.To receive a FASTPASS ticket, just go to the FASTPASS ticketing machines near the entrance of the FASTPASS attraction you want to ride and hold your Passport ticket under the reader. Then return during the time period printed on the FASTPASS ticket and enjoy the attraction without the wait. – Disneyland

And if you were wondering how to use the FastPass?


Check the FASTPASS and Standby wait times at the attraction entrance.


Hold your Passport ticket under the reader of the FASTPASS ticketing machine and receive a FASTPASS ticket with the designated time period printed on it.


Until the designated period starts, you can use your time effectively at other attractions, shops, or restaurants.


Once the designated period starts, return to the attraction and enter through the FASTPASS entrance.

Do note that not all attractions have a FastPass card, it is only for the popular attractions!

In general, most people rush to the popular ones first to get their card and they wait out for their timing. And you CANNOT get more than 1 FastPass each time and each person can only get 1 Fastpass per ticket. So for example if I have the Big Thunder Mountain FastPass already, I cannot head over to Space Mountain to get my FastPass for it. Instead, you have to wait for the timing to be up (written on your FastPass) before you can do so. Mm, yes – there is a possibility that you CANNOT get your hands on a FastPass because all the timings have been taken up already. Yepp, first come first served.

In general, the FastPass is like getting into the priority queue. However, that doesn’t mean that there is no waiting time. It’s just a shorter one, lol. So usually popular attractions that has a 60 – 90 minute waiting time = 20 – 30 minutes waiting time with the FastPass privilege(:


World Bazzar

The first place that everyone will go will be the World Bazzar because you have to go through it to get to the other lands.


Essentially it’s a covered shopping street full of souvenir shops and restaurants. You can also catch some character appearances here as well!


It’s the perfect place to get your hands on a Disney souvenir. My outfit was super matchy with my Minnie ears so obviously I immediately bought it!

050-20140612_114230 051-20140612_114240

Loads of caps and other deco around the souvenir shops so feel free to try them out!

052-20140612_114716 053-20140612_114800    063-IMG-20140612-WA0008 064-IMG-20140612-WA0009 065-IMG-20140612-WA0012 066-IMG-20140612-WA0013

I bought the Goofy headband for the bf and I think it suits him!

067-IMG-20140612-WA0018 068-IMG-20140612-WA0020 060-IMG-20140612-WA0004

Bf doesn’t seem to like it though HAHAHA!


Lunch at Restaurant Hokusai

We wanted to get a proper meal before entering the park and our restaurant choice was Restaurant Hokusai, a Japanese restaurant! Mainly also because we were hungry (and lazy) to look at other restaurants around the other areas.

055-20140612_115801 056-20140612_115832

While waiting for our food, the goofy headband was being passed amongst the guys and guess what?! I think it suits them too HAHAHA!

058-20140612_120353 059-20140612_120452

Most of us had the set menu (Tempura Set / Chilled Pork Udon Set / Japanese Mochi Pork Cutlet Set / Sirloin Steak Ju) where the price range was between 1520 – 2300 yen (S$17-26) each. Price was a little on the expensive side but the quality of food was pretty decent for a restaurant in a theme park!

069-20140612_121904 070-20140612_121911 071-20140612_121921 072-20140612_121926 073-20140612_121932 074-20140612_121937 075-20140612_121956

Our tummies filled, we were off to explore the rest of the World Bazzar! And we also had the opportunity to spot a few characters such as Cinderella, Donald Duck and Tigger amongst others! It was really difficult to get a photo op with them as they were always swamped with people – especially Donald Duck T_T

076-20140612_125127 077-20140612_125205 078-20140612_125217 079-20140612_125252 080-20140612_125326 081-20140612_125352 082-20140612_125430 083-20140612_125439 084-20140612_125449 085-20140612_125503 086-20140612_125538 087-20140612_125702

And this is the gorgeous sight that greeted us upon exiting the World Bazaar – the famed Cinderella castle in all Disneylands worldwide!

089-20140612_131219 090-20140612_131224

And the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey of course! ^^


Didn’t really notice my Minnie ears were dropping that time but ah well, obligatory shot once again!

093-20140612_131258 094-20140612_131335 296-IMG-20140612-WA0064

Ducky! Yes, ducks were everywhere at Tokyo Disneyland!


Snacks at Tokyo Disneyland

Just to share, you will NEVER go hungry at Tokyo Disneyland because of the variety of snack booths scattered all around and that should pretty much ward the hunger pangs away so that you can play more! Of course, there are other restaurants in each land as well – but really, try the snacks there!

Mickey shaped churros ^^

097-20140612_131749 098-20140612_131803 099-20140612_131857

YOU HAVE TO GET THE POPCORN! There are like idk, loads of flavored popcorn booths EVERYWHERE in Disneyland and they vary from land to land. I don’t recall specifically where each popcorn stand is at – just explore!



Other flavors I spotted include cream melon soda popcorn, caramel, honey, strawberry and so many more!


You can opt to have it in a paper carton or top up for a unique popcorn holder design. Again not that each land may offer a different popcorn box. For example – the Minnie mouse ribbon popcorn container was located at the Fantasyland while the other containers were located at other stores all around. Erm, and 1 wasn’t enough T__T I bought the Minnie Mouse Ribbon and the Duffy one the next day HAHAHA! The bf’s sister got like 3 of them~


And turkey legs were of course, everywhere in all theme parks. The ones in Japan are smaller than the ones in the States and even in Singapore – wonder why? Yummy though(:


Keke, and Mickey Mouse ice cream!

154-20140612_163957 155-20140612_164044 156-20140612_164054 157-20140612_164212 158-20140612_164251



Other than the ones I’ve featured above, there are actually many many more! So just walk around and explore!(:

Tokyo Disneyland – Photo Spam

And from here, I am just going to spam all the photos that I took at Tokyo Disneyland for the day as there is just too much to cover! Suffice to say – we walked in a clockwise direction and covered all the lands; but we didn’t get to sit on most of the rides though. It would be nicer if we had more time here but well, guess this definitely warrants another visit in the future.

Okay, spam time begins below – with additional comments in between!(:



Must sit ride – Pirates of the Caribbean! It is one of the LONGEST rides (15 minutes) and pretty awesome(:

101-20140612_132413 102-20140612_132637 103-20140612_134113 104-20140612_134328 105-20140612_134333 106-20140612_134416

Another lazy ride is the Western River Railroad (also 15 mins)!

111-20140612_140336 112-20140612_140707 121-20140612_141828


MUST SIT ride: big Thunder Mountain (FastPass) – go queue up to get the fastpass ya?!

150-20140612_161332119-20140612_141646 120-20140612_141651151-20140612_161415 152-20140612_161907 153-20140612_162159

The Tom Sawyer Island Rafts seems pretty interesting too(:

182-20140612_170312 183-20140612_170316 184-20140612_170321

You can try your hand at Westernland Shootin’ Gallery, quite fun but you have to pay!

122-20140612_143135 123-20140612_144053 124-20140612_144349 125-20140612_144355

108-20140612_134538 109-20140612_134551

Daytime Parade: Disneyland Parade – “Happiness Is Here” at 3PM!

At Tokyo Disneyland, there are only 2 parades held here daily – 1 during the day at 3pm and 1 at night at 7.30pm. The Daytime Parade is called Happiness is Here while the Nighttime parade is Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights. It is a pretty awesome experience if you can catch it, but if you can’t don’t worry too much about! 😛

For the most updated schedule, please refer HERE!

So yepp, along the way to Critter Country, we spotted the huge crowd below and were wondering what the fuss was all about!


Spotted a glimpse and we knew the parade was on!

115-20140612_141544 116-20140612_141551

Ran towards to start of the parade area to watch! Yes, this is the Disneyland Daytime Parade – “Happiness Is Here”! We were there during Easter so they had a special Easter themed version with rabbits and eggs and all that! It was such a happy parade and will definitely put a smile on everyone’s face!

160-20140612_164610 161-20140612_164619 162-20140612_164639 163-20140612_164655 164-20140612_164755 165-20140612_164813 166-20140612_164840 167-20140612_164923 168-20140612_164933 169-20140612_164934 170-20140612_164940

Attempted failed selfie with my Mickey Mouse ice cream HAHAHA!

171-20140612_165039 172-20140612_165113 173-20140612_165627 174-20140612_165648 175-20140612_165735 176-20140612_165740 177-20140612_165834 178-20140612_165844 179-20140612_165848 180-20140612_165850

117-20140612_141556 118-20140612_141559

Critter Country

We skipped Critter Country because there wasn’t much there except for Splash Mountain & Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes. No sir, nobody wanted to get wet there!

But if you are up for a wet ride – take the SPLASH MOUNTAIN ride! FastPass available here so grab it if you want it!

I wanted to try the Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes  where you have to row your own canoes but no one else seemed interested so we gave it a pass 🙁 Next time then!


Fantasy Land

Fantasy Land was the next stop and there were plenty of rides here including Peter Pan’s Flight / Snow White’s Adventures / Pinocchio’s Daring Adventure / It’s a Small World / Haunted Mansion / Pooh’s Hunny Hunt amongst many others!

Most of the rides are kiddy rides suitable for all ages (including the elders) where you just sit for the entire duration of the ride. Queues are not very long either except for the more popular ones.

Personally, I recommend Peter Pan’s Flight and Haunted Mansion (FastPass). I have not tried Pooh’s Hunny Hunt (FastPass) because we utilized our FastPast for another attraction; and the queue for the Hunnt Hunt was pretty insane! Would have loved to try it though because it is highly recommended!

128-20140612_145219 129-20140612_145245 130-20140612_145303  132-20140612_145407

For the die-hard fairy tale lovers, you can head over to Cinderella’s Fairy Tale Hall inside the castle as well!


There is also a 3D film attraction called Mickey’s PhilharMagic too if you are interested to check it out(:

134-20140612_145549 135-20140612_145705 136-20140612_145748139-20140612_150406 140-20140612_152139  142-20140612_153113

The FastPass was available for The Haunted Mansion but the queue wasn’t as long compared to others (30mins that day) so we decided to just queue. It’s also a pretty long ride (15 mins) and one of my childhood favourites(:

Just to share – this was not my first trip to Tokyo Disneyland though it feels like it. I’ve been here about 3 times when I was younger and The Haunted Mansion ride that I took left a deep impression on me (in a good way) so this was a ride that I really enjoyed. It did change up a bit but for the better hehe. Not scary at all by the way!

144-20140612_153501143-20140612_153247  145-20140612_153524 146-20140612_153617 147-20140612_153818 270-IMG-20140612-WA0028 272-IMG-20140612-WA0030 273-IMG-20140612-WA0031 275-IMG-20140612-WA0033 277-IMG-20140612-WA0044 278-IMG-20140612-WA0045 279-IMG-20140612-WA0046 281-IMG-20140612-WA0049  149-20140612_160519185-20140612_172040

On the carousel with my new Minnie Mouse bow popcorn bag!

190-20140612_173747 191-20140612_173758 193-20140612_173826

Refuse to queue for the Pooh’s Hunny Hunt or gave up? Then just head to Pooh Corner’s souvenir shops instead hehe!

205-20140612_175928 206-20140612_175948 207-20140612_175952

Winnie is SOOO cute! And super fluffyy!!

208-20140612_180710 209-20140612_180815


Toontown was the next stop where most of the Disney characters homes are at! By then, legs were aching and we just sat there for quite awhile. Nothing much here for adults or teens except for some photo opportunities though the younger kids will love checking out Minnie’s House / Chip N Dale’s Treehouse / Donald’s Boat / Goofy’s Paint n Play House / Toon Park / Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey!

210-20140612_181538 211-20140612_181950 212-20140612_182529

Mm, I guess if you like, you can sit the Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin, a pretty decent ride.

213-20140612_182533 214-20140612_182610283-IMG-20140612-WA0051 284-IMG-20140612-WA0052 285-IMG-20140612-WA0053 286-IMG-20140612-WA0054 287-IMG-20140612-WA0055

Apparently there was a Gadget’s Go Coaster (mini coaster) that I think that I would loved to try out but I missed it out XD



The last land we explored was Tomorrowland! The more exciting rides are here I think but we didn’t have much time left as the park was closing in a few hours..

Recommended Rides here are Space Mountain (FastPass) / Monsters Inc Ride & Go Seek (FastPass) / Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters which we didn’t take as the queues were pretty bad and they ran out of FastPasses already!

So we took the Starjet just for the fun of it!

216-20140612_190351 217-20140612_191407 218-20140612_191946

Made it just in time for the next item on the list – oh yeah, it’s Disney’s nighttime parade!

219-20140612_193643 220-20140612_193905

Nighttime Parade: Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights 2014 – 7.30PM

This is the second parade that Tokyo Disneyland has on a daily basis (subject to weather conditions), and you can check the updated schedule HERE!

It is an absolutely gorgeous spectacle of lighted parades with all your favourite Disney characters, really really pretty – don’t miss this one out!

221-20140612_194736 222-20140612_194809 223-20140612_194841 224-20140612_194907 225-20140612_194924 226-20140612_194933 227-20140612_195006 228-20140612_195052 229-20140612_195131 230-20140612_195133 231-20140612_195310 232-20140612_195346 233-20140612_195421 234-20140612_195435 235-20140612_195534 236-20140612_195627  238-20140612_195737

Ended off our trip with the last ride at Grand Circuit Raceway because there was barely a queue! Park was closing in like 15 minutes HAHAHA! But actually we didn’t have to worry about the park closing time because it never closes on time <____<

239-20140612_200442 240-20140612_200730 241-20140612_201125 242-20140612_201230 243-20140612_201241 244-20140612_202054

Everyone was waiting for the finale – where the fireworks would begin but it never did come. Think it was because of the bad wind conditions ><


Grabbed this photo off the Disney site – it would be wonderful to watch the fireworks display!

Byebye Disneyland!

Saying good bye to the land of smiles and fun! BYE! I’ll be back in Disneyland soon (doesn’t have to be in Tokyo :X)

246-20140612_202653 247-20140612_202738 248-20140612_202803 249-20140612_202816290-IMG-20140612-WA0058

Dinner at Coffee House “California” at Sunroute Plaza Tokyo!

It was pretty late when we reached back to our hotel and the only food option left for us at this time was at the coffee house, Califonia which was open until 12AM. Plus we had some vouchers to use .. so why not?


It was a Japanese style buffet meal and we just had something light as it was pretty late, like at 10PM and I didn’t want to eat till too full so I shared with the bf ><

261-20140612_221631 262-20140612_221635 263-20140612_222834 264-20140612_223406

End of the Day!

And well, ending off Day 6 with some cooling leg/foot patches as they were ACHING like mad! We bought them from the grocery store called First Shop within the hotel.

314-20140613_002506 315-20140613_003757

And did some quick research on the next Disney adventure we were going to embark on the next day – DISNEYSEA using my trusty Lenovo Yoga 8 (kindly sponsored by Lenovo!)!

316-20140613_004202 317-20140613_004224

 Stay tuned for that and thanks for reading!(:

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