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My Christmas Celebration 2014!

How was your Christmas celebration yesterday (or on the Eve)? I hope it was good because I had a great one yesterday!(:

Starting off first with a quick OOTD. Looking really slack – shirt from my KL trip (travelogue coming really soon…), my new skirt from Cotton On and bag from Maku Store!(:

Headed down to Century Square to pick up our Christmas orders! For this year, we decided to try out Crystal Jade because we had Delifrance last year already(:

Sneak peek of some of the food items we ordered! Good spread right hehe!

Was worried we wouldn’t have enough food so I even took out some of the limited edition tea cakes that Mariette sent over to me previously. Not bad!

Some of the lucky draw prizes that the bf’s mom prepared for all of us! Yeah, loads of presents during Christmas from his mom o_o

She even prepared door gifts for everyone (including myself and the bf’s family, lol). Here are the 2 xiao guas (aka bf’s cousins) – YF and YJ.

The boys united – only knowing ONE thing. To play =_= Meanwhile, the rest of the women were busy with the preparation of the ‘buffet’!

Here’s the feast we enjoyed! Initially was worried we had too little food – in the end, we had WAYYY too much! There’s turkey breast, a whole chicken, duck wellington, honey baked ham, mushroom tarts, mincemeat pies, bacon and egg rolls, and of course, my 2 Mariette tea cakes!


Overall, the food was really good and I really enjoyed it!

Did I mention we also had 2 logcakes and 6 cupcakes? HAHAHA! The fruit logcake (right) was given to the bf from his boss while we bought the Prima Deli lychee logcake (left side) because it was on sale yesterday – only $25.20 becos they were clearing stock! The cupcakes were ordered from Crystal Jade as well ^^

After eating, it was time for the most favourite part of the night – RECEIVING GIFTS! Check out how excited the xiaoguas were!

Xiao gua’s aftermath of opening their presents! They had like 4 – 5 each!


Even the adults weren’t spared from the presents! Each of us received about 3 – 4 as well~

And an added bonus from the bf’s mom – all the ‘lucky draw’ gifts!

Here are my 2 prizes – HAHA!

The rabbit (omg it is SO me) and a BIG huggable elephant!

Here’s another bonus gift ^^ hehe, you will know what it is next year~

Meanwhile, before I end off – just wanted to give a huge thanks to all my colleagues and friends for these gifts that I received this year!

Seriously my FAVOURITE part of Christmas – the gifts! Was soo excited to rip them all open to check out what they were!

Thank you so much! <3<3

P.s if you were wondering, bf already gave me a gift (shopping spree) previously and I treated him to a staycation at Moon Hotel (travelogue up soon!) for Christmas! XD

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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