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How to Win an OPPO N3 or N5?

Loads of giveaways recently, and here’s sharing a good one from OPPO –> Your chance to win a brand new OPPO N3 or N5!

How to Win an OPPO N3 or N5?

  1. To win an OPPO N3, all you need to do is  post and caption: What you’d capture with the #OPPON3’s motorized rotating camera. Don’t forget to tag #OPPON3 & #OPPOSG 
  2. To win an OPPO R5, all you need to do is post and caption what else you think is thinner than the OPPOR5. Don’t forget to tag #OPPOR5 & #OPPOSG

P.s Do you want to see how tough and durable the OPPO R5 is? Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ah0A_0cDPpU

Yes, winning an OPPO N3 or N5 is THAT easy! So go join now! D:


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