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mitsueki Travels | 8D7N Japan June 2014 – Day 6 (Part 1)

Have you been missing my Japan travelogues? Hehe, yes I know I haven’t updated it in more than a month! But yeah, my schedule is packed daily while I’m struggling to repair the damage caused to my blog photos (if you noticed, practically all my photos in my blog are not I had to reupload many of them..).

ANYWAY, back to this travelogue once again so that I can finally finish this up!

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Good Bye Shinjuku!

This is the last glimpse you have of my usual OOTD in Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku as we were moving on to our next hotel today, but lol, under the same brand actually! And can you guess where we were planning to go based on my outfit? 😛

012-20140612_084319 013-20140612_090236

Luggages packed for all 6 of us and ready for pick up! We utilized TokyoAirporter once again to pick us up in a mini van from Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku at 9AM to bring us to Sunroute Plaza Tokyo where we would be staying there for the next 3 days 2 nights! Price was pretty expensive (13k yen = SG $150) as you can get cheaper alternatives elsewhere (take a bus, etc) but for the convenience, time and comfort of a big group, going via the mini van was much better for us(:


Hello Sunroute Plaza Tokyo!

If you haven’t guessed it yet – yes, the plan for the next few days was to spend the whole day in Disneyland and Disneysea respectively! And in order to fully utilize the time there, it is better (imo) to stay closer to the theme parks. Again, for the convenience, time and many other reasons! But note that this does NOT come cheap.

This is the map of the Tokyo Disneyland/Disneysea area at Maihama.

The best hotels to stay in of course if you can afford it AND get your hands on the rooms before they are sold out will be – Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and Tokyo Disneysea Hotel MiraCosta as seen pictured below. And they are absolutely GORGEOUS!

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
Opened in 2008, the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel is the resort’s newest Disney Hotel. It stands just across from the entrance to Tokyo Disneyland and is designed in an early 20th Century Victorian style. Hotel facilities include themed gardens, restaurants, shops and an outdoor pool.

Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta 
The Hotel MiraCosta is the resort’s most unique hotel, as it stands partially inside Tokyo DisneySea and offers views into the park from many of its rooms. Guests also enjoy access to a separate entrance from the hotel directly into the park and can enter the park a little bit earlier than regular visitors on certain days. The hotel facilities include themed restaurants, shops and spa facilities.

*Above details from Japan-Guide

The more affordable hotels around the area will be the 6 official Hotels of Tokyo Disney Resort and the MOST affordable is Sunroute Plaza Tokyo! And that’s the main reason why I chose it too (don’t forget we have 6 people! That’s 3 rooms!) 😛

The six Official Hotels are located on the resort grounds near Bayside Station of the monorail line. Staying guests enjoy the benefits of complimentary shuttle bus service between their hotel and Bayside Station, complimentary baggage delivery to their hotel from JR Maihama Station and purchase of tickets that guarantee entry to the park even on days of restricted admission. Japan-Guide

To be honest, Sunroute Plaza Tokyo is not too shabby either! Located close to Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, a stone’s throw away to Tokyo Disneyland and a train ride away from Disneyland (yes walkable distance), I think it was a pretty decent hotel.

Just like Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku, we made our reservations at Sunroute Plaza Tokyo online before our departure. Yes, it’s in English so you don’t have to worry 😛

Checking In

Checking in was fine but one thing I noticed about this hotel is that it is catered more towards the Japanese guests rather than foreign visitors. In fact, we didn’t see any non-Japanese staying in this hotel other than ourselves, and that was seriously quite surprising when you compare our stay to Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku (full of tourists).


So because of that, their grasp of English is not as good as compared to the one at Shinjuku but they really tried their best to assist in your needs and so I was pretty okay with that(:

015-20140612_101212   018-20140612_101705

Yay! We got our hands on our room keys already!


Snapshots of Sunroute Plaza Tokyo!

And just sharing snapshots of our hotel area for your viewing pleasure. Note that this hotel is mainly catered towards the local Japanese crowd (and that’s why you’ll realize too 😡)!

Below is the main entrance area, and you will be greeted with the sight of a bar.


We usually take our breakfast at this restaurant here but actually our breakfast vouchers allow us to choose from 3 different restaurants (Califonia / Hamakaze / Carnival) in the hotel ;x


The bell concierge, check in area is below, beyond at the end is the luggage storage corner. There are also many more shops including an arcade at the other side of the hotel too so it’s not as small as it looks ;x


I presume this leads to their ballrooms and such.

025-20140612_110153  027-20140612_110312 028-20140612_110330

Sunroute Plaza Tokyo Room Review (Cruising Cabin)

We opted for Sunroute Plaza Tokyo’s most basic room category with the Bed and Breakfast plan (Cruising Cabin 16.5㎡) which cost us a whooping 39960 yen (S$450) for 3D2N for 2 persons in a room. Yeah, I wasn’t kidding when I said this was one of the cheapest options you can kinda imagine the prices at the other hotels, lol.


Welcome to our cruise ship inspired hotel room! Yes, you will notice the layout is literally the same as what you can find onboard the cruise ship.


The room comes complete with all the ship related decor, from the rowing oars to the life float and even to lifejackets on the wall!


If you have been onboard a cruise before, doesn’t this layout look familiar? The bunk beds, the lights and all that? Super cute, lol!

254-20140612_205639  256-20140612_205730

Real example of a cruise ship room. Note the similarities?

Even our toilet is not spared from the cruise ship theme and comes with this porthole style mirror!


Yes, the toilet is very small. But we were pretty used to the toilet size in the hotel toilets of Japan but I just to warn you first if you were looking for a nice big toilet.


Personally, after comparing this hotel vs Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku, the bf and I prefer the latter because it is more spacious and comfortable for us. But for the others (bf’s family), this was an upgrade from their tiny cramped room, so yeah (please opt for a double bed instead of a twin bed in Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku!) ;x

Buy Tickets to Disneyland/Disneysea!

One of the perks of staying in a official Disney Hotel is that you get to beat the queue and purchase tickets directly from the hotel instead. At the same time, this also means that you are guaranteed entry into the park EVEN during periods of restricted admission and peak visiting days.


We bought the 2 day passport for all of us priced at 11,000 yen each (S$125) which gave us access to either 1 of the parks on both days. For today, we were going to Tokyo Disneyland and the day nex – Tokyo Disneysea!


Excited to read more about my trip?

Then stay tuned for my next installment! 😛

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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  2. Hi, I was planning for my trip to tokyo and i came across your post. I have also make an online reservation at the Sunroute Plaza Tokyo hotel but the website didn’t ask me to make payment for the room. I would like to know if you too experience the same thing, and how did you go about booking the hotels for your trip. Thanks!

    1. hi ying!

      i didn’t make payment for the room either during the reservation, but don’t worry, if you received the confirmation email – it means that the room is already booked. i paid upon check in(:

      for your reference, i used the hotels’ websites and the following booking sites for all my travel trips:

      heading to japan this year as well and ive booked thru the above mentioned sites. do compare the average prices before booking though(:

      have fun!

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