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Ambulance carrying Woman in Critical Condition blocked by roadhog: SGF6850J on PIE

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Ambulance rushing woman to hospital blocked on PIE: Heartless road hog causes deadly delay 

A driver was caught on video blocking an ambulance that sounded its sirens to indicate that it was in a state of emergency. This caused a five-minute delay in transporting a woman who was having difficulty breathing to the hospital, The New Paper reported. The 45-year-old was eventually warded in the Intensive Care Unit.

The ambulance she was in was travelling along the first lane of the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) when it was slowed down by a Hyundai Matrix in front.

This was captured in a 94-second clip by the patient’s son, who told The New Paper that the driver even sped up to prevent the ambulance from overtaking when it tried to do so.

Watch Video HERE

The video also shows the hatchback braking for no reason. A loud bang can be heard after the ambulance also brakes. According to The New Paper, this was the sound of paramedics being thrown forward while attending to the patient, who was “drifting in and out of consciousness”.

The ambulance driver had to use a loudhailer to read out the Hyundai Matrix’s licence plate and ask its driver to move before he finally gave way, The New Paper said.

Credits; ASIAONE & The New Paper

Luckily the woman is alright (for now), but apparently she was warded in the ICU – which could also be the result of the delay caused by this roadhog!

Horrible driver of car plate number: SGF6850J!

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