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Customize your candles with CandleMize + GIVEAWAY!

Teehee, I always love receiving parcels in the mail and recently, I just received this box of goodies that I am really excited to share with you!


Here’s a sneak peek of the items I’ve received wrapped nicely in bubble wrap, can you tell what it is? D:


Tadaah, here it is unveiled in its glory! And if you were wondering what they are – well, they are my customized candles from CandleMize!



Just to share a few details about CandleMize:

CandleMize is a local set up specializing in custom candles for your loved ones! All the candles are uniquely handmade by hand with love and can be customized to your preference – from the font to the colors and the words, perfect for all your special occasions!(:

Facebook: (For enquiry, ordering & purchase)
Instagram: @candlemize

Price List

As the prices are subject to changes, I won’t be able to list the full price list here but let’s say that the pricing is very affordable (starting from S$3) and it is based on how many letters you want per word. Numbers, chinese characters and symbols are also available – you can see a few examples if you scroll down!

P.s if you were wondering, the height of the candle is around 2.5 ~ 3 cm each(:

Now, if you’re interested to find out the exact price list, do drop them a PM on Facebook ya? 😛
Facebook: (For ordering & purchase)



Make your special occasion super unique with customized candles from CandleMize! And best of all, I am giving away 3 sets of customized candles to 3 lucky blog readers!


How to Win?
1. LIKE Candlemize on Facebook
2. LIKE & SHARE this Facebook Post
3. Leave a Comment on this Facebook post telling me:
– Why you would like to win
– Name and valid email address (for contacting purposes)
(You can pm me directly on Facebook with your ANSWER / NAME / EMAIL ADDRESS if you feel uncomfortable revealing it in public after you have LIKED & SHARED)

*All steps MUST be completed in order to be eligible
**Optional: LIKE Mitsueki’s Blog and/or FOLLOW me @mitsueki on IG for more giveaways!

Giveaway ends: 22 December 2014, 1159PM



My Customized Candles from CandleMize!

I was kindly sponsored a number of candles of my choices from CandleMize, so let’s take a quick look at my customized selection!

The first would be familiar to many because I featured it as an image during my blog’s 2nd year anniversary! It’s made up of 5 candles (3 words, 1 number and 1 symbol) and I think that it is so unique! Love how the color combi turned out too(:


And here it is, lighted up at my mini birthday ‘celebration’ recently. Hehe, and if it’s familiar – that’s because I grabbed this off my IG (@mitsueki) / Facebook page!

I also made a custom candle for my colleague’s birthday. And yes, her name is Pinky but ironically, she doesn’t like pink so I chose purple for her(: We sorta had a nickname for her in the office (elephant), thus I requested to see if they were able to make an elephant shaped candle specially for her and tadaa! It is so darn adorable that even Pinky decided to keep the candles after her celebration!


At Candlemize, they don’t just make elephant shaped candles, but they can practically do loads of other characters based on your preference and liking! I tested this out by ordering 2 very popular characters that I like – Hello Kitty & Rilakkuma shaped candles and you know what?! It can be done too! So in love with both of them; am just waiting for an occasion to use them 😛

81-DSC07296  85-DSC07300    89-DSC07304

The ‘animal kingdom’ so far – elephant, cat and bear! But not to worry, other designs are available – just customize and let your imagination flow and CandleMize will try their best to do it for you!(:


So other than numbers, symbols, characters and English letters, they are also able to do Chinese characters too! Now that’s pretty rare and useful in Singapore! Just showing off – I custom made this 五十五月 (55 months)for the bf and my 55th month anniversary in his favourite yellow color~


By the way, in case you were wondering what these sticks pictured below here are for – it’s actually the candle sticks! Basically you just poke the sharper end of the stick into the holes (already pre-poked) while the other end goes into your cake!(:


Other Gorgeous Works by CandleMize!

And just sharing some other gorgeous works by CandleMize for others:

In general, if you are looking to make a special occasion even MORE special – I would highly recommend a custom candle from CandleMize to make it a little more unique for that special person in your life 🙂

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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