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10 Reasons to Visit Bali, Indonesia!

Looking to travel soon – be it for a weekend getaway or a full fledged holiday? Then look no further than Bali, Indonesia as your next destination (if you haven’t been there!)

Technically, I have been to Indonesia – does Batam count? Lol, but honestly, Bali has been on my travel bucket list for quite a while now due to a number of reasons.

10 Reasons to Visit Bali, Indonesia!

In fact, there are 10 reasons that I can think of at the top of my head on why YOU should visit Bali too! Read on for more! 😛

1.Unique water activities

There are like a zillion water activities to do in Bali; including more unique ones that you don’t really see often (especially in Singapore!)

Credits: JewelinIndonesia

For one, you can go diving at many of the dive sites around Bali that are touted to be the finest in the world! For more unique dive sites, check out the USS Liberty Shipwreck dive site!

Credits: Cubicle to Reef Scuba

Other than that, you can go white water rafting (basic and advanced levels available), canyon tubing and swim with dolphins!

Credits: Canyon Tubing

Alternatively, for non-swimmers – try seawalking! Yepp, no swimming experience required and this is probably perfect for the bf! Plus you can totally wear your glasses in the helmet too, super cool!

Credits: balirescentre.com

Or if you just like water activities in the park, check out the waterbom park!(:

Credits; LittleBaliLove

2. Check out the beaches

Bali is well known for it’s beaches and there are plenty of GORGEOUS beaches everywhere for you to lounge the day away! Blue sky, blue sea and white sands – ah, this is the life~

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3. Hit one of the numerous clubs / beach shacks for a drink

And while you’re at the beach, don’t forget to hit one of the numerous beach shacks for a drink or two!(:

Credits: Jayme.me
Credits: justmytravelblog

4. Island Hopping

There are loads of different islands to check out and explore in Bali – just island hop from Bali to Gili Air to Lombok, to Komodo Islands, Sumba, Sumbawa, Sayu, Timor, RInca and so many more!

Credits: Telegraph
Credits: symbiosis-travel

It’s possible to spend a whole day just island-hopping or even a few weeks via boat! A more luxurious option is to opt for a cruise day trip by a tour operator / glass bottom boat(:

Credits: Swide

5. Immerse yourself in the Balinese culture and do plenty of sightseeing

If water activities aren’t your thing, then do some sightseeing in Bali! You can visit museums, temples and various cultural sites all around Bali.

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An interesting experience would be going for a village tour / volanco tour(:

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And later at night – be entertained by cultural performances and shows. For example, the Devdan Show / Kecak Fire & Trance Dance!

Credits: Baliaround

6. Animal Encounters

For many Singaporeans like myself, we don’t really get the opportunity to get upclose with animals or nature in general (other than our Singapore Zoo..boo) but not to worry; there are loads of animal encounters that you can go for if this is an area of interest(:

For example, you can ride a camel, go dolphin watching, horse-riding by the beach or what about checking out the Elephant Safari Park?

Credits: Wisatabaliaga
Credits: UltimateBali

7. Learn a Skill! 

It’s always interesting to learn a new skill, especially while you’re overseas! So why not join a workshop in Bali? Hehe, interesting workshops include batik making, cooking of balinese cuisine, herbal cosmetics and massage lessons! Of course, there are more than what I stated above – but that’s for you to explore and learn!(:

Credits: pacificislandadventures
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8. Relax in a luxurious resort or villa

And there are those who prefer to just spend their days relaxing in one of the many luxurious and beautiful resorts and villas located in Bali. Many of these resorts and villas are world class coupled with great hospitality and service so it’s like a destination itself! Best of all – you can book many of them at a discounted price via The Luxe Nomad!

Credits: The Luxe Nomad
Credits: The Luxe Nomad
Credits: The Luxe Nomad
Credits: The Luxe Nomad
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Credits: The Luxe Nomad
Credits: The Luxe Nomad
Credits: The Luxe Nomad
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Credits: The Luxe Nomad

Plus this doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to do there! Many of these villas/resorts offer plenty of in-house activities such as yoga, workshops and more! Plus the biggest bonus here is that most of the villas on The Luxe Nomad usually come with your own pool while some even come with 24hr butler service (omg~)!

Credits: The Luxe Nomad
Credits: The Luxe Nomad
Credits: The Luxe Nomad
Credits: The Luxe Nomad

Romantic dinner by the beach as organized by the hotel? No problemo! 😛

Credits: The Luxe Nomad
Credits: The Luxe Nomad

Goodness, would love to experience a stay at one of these resorts huh? XD

9. Enjoy a massage or spa

Everyone knows how ‘shiok’ a traditional authentic Balinese massage is so be sure to add this to your list if you ever visit Bali! Either visit one of the numerous massage parlors or just enjoy one in the comforts of your resort!

Credits: Matahari Resort

10. Indulge in Balinese cuisine

And how can I not include FOOD as a reason to visit Bali?! So yes, I would really love to try the food in Bali as I hear that it is really good!

You can choose to find a local eatery on your own OR join a food safari if you like. Personally, I like to walk into restaurants to give a try! Recommendations to try include the suckling pig (babi guling) and black rice pudding (Bubuh Injin)

credits: southeastasiawanders
credits: vivalog

And of course, the more recognized and known Indonesia food such as martabak, nasi campur, opor ayam, nasi goreng, satay, gado gado and many more which can also be found in Singapore – but of course, you should try it in Bali to see if there’s any difference 😛

credits: klumpu
credits: kura2guide

Wow, and having drawn up this post – it makes me want to visit Bali even more!

Hehe, what about you?(:

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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