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Shop Online and EARN with BonusBay Singapore!

Online shopoholics like me will be glad to hear about this exciting new service that I am about to share with you called – BonusBay Singapore!

BonusBay Singapore

Just to share some quick details about BonusBay – it is actually a Finnish cashback company that has expanded to our Singapore shores with the aim of letting shoppers EARN back what they have SPENT!

Yes, so I recently just used BonusBay to earn a little bit of what I spent on Groupon for a Maki-San voucher! :X


Interested to learn further on how you can earn on your purchases too?
Hehe, read more to find out!

How BonusBay Works?

Essentially, how BonusBay works is very simple and all you actually have to do is sign up a FREE account first (and get S$5 credits on ME!), then choose the shop that you want to purchase from via the BonusBay site and start earning your free bonus on your purchase!

Best of all – it’s CASH, credited to your designated Paypal account(:


There are over 800 major online stores that BonusBay have available for your selection and these stores range from fashion, food, travel, beauty products and so many more! For specific shops in Singapore, there are about 200 and more! Such examples include Groupon, Redmart,, Shopbop, Luxola and Rakuten.


Alternatively, you can also browse the shops via Brands if you prefer too(:


Heh, with that said – you will definitely spot a shop that you actually purchase from frequently so this is a GREAT opportunity for you to shop and earn at the same time!

So for example – based on the page below, you can earn between 3 – 8% from your purchase on Zalora if you purchase through BonusBay! This is done with a simple click of the button [Get Bonus]!


No kidding at the amount that BonusBay has been paying out to all it’s users to date, and the amount keeps increasing every second! This is like a mutual benefit for both parties ((yourself and BonusBay) and the best part of it is that – IT’S so simple! @_@


My Experience with BonusBay!

Obviously I had to try out the service whether it’s true and after browsing through the stores available; I spotted one of my favourite place for deals: Groupon Singapore and BonusBay offers a 3.08% payout!(:


Just randomly bought a cheap deal off Groupon ($12.30 for a $22 voucher at Maki-San) just to test out the cashback and wow, it really does work! Do note that it takes about 2 – 4 days on average to show up on your profile. Mine took a day though(:

Lol, and judging from my shopaholic habits, it probably won’t take me too long to reach the minimum amount to cash out my $$ from BonusBay!


Sign up with BonusBay (and get a $5 welcome bonus!)

So if you’re interested to join me at BonusBay to earn your cash back, then do it today! Best of all, if you sign up using my link below — you get a S$5 welcome bonus!(:


What are you waiting for?

Sign up for FREE today:

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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