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Food Review | Clover Garden at Hotel Clover @ 33 Jalan Sultan

The Christmas period is round the corner and it’s no surprise that many restaurants have started rolling out their festive menus available for booking starting from next month onwards!

Hotel Clover @ 33 Jalan Sultan

My first Christmas food tasting for this year was at the newly opened Clover Garden located at Hotel Clover over at 33 Jalan Sultan a couple of weeks ago. This particular Hotel Clover (yes, there are a number of them in Singapore) is located at a row of restored shophouses as seen below and it’s pretty accessible via public transportation.

Have always wanted to do a staycation here because of the beautiful heritage vibes it gives out – well, I think I’ll probably do one next year(:

Clover Garden at Hotel Clover, 33 Jalan Sultan

Clover Garden is a newly opened restaurant located at the hotel lobby of Hotel Clover 33 Jalan Sultan. Helmed by Head Chef, Shawn Yan, Clover Garden is a restaurant that serves European cuisine with Asian influences.

Clover Garden
33 Jalan Sultan #01-02 Singapore 198965

It is  a small and cosy restaurant that can seat up to 44 people, perfect for an intimate gathering for couples and friends!

The Plus One & I

Here’s Crystal looking very pretty that day with her new hairstyle. She’s single and available if you were wondering, HEHEHE.

I only just realized how twirly my favourite dress is, so here you go – a feeble attempt at twirling taken at the hotel lobby during our toilet break. So in case the rest of the party were wondering why we were taking so long, it was because of this shot. HAHAHA!

The Menu

As always, here is the full menu for your reference. The choices are relatively limited but varied so you will still be spoilt for choice as you can select a starter to share, an entree each and perhaps a dessert to end off the meal(:

The drinks list for your reference.

The Drinks

Most of us opted for the specialty soda and Crystal & myself had the lime and plum soda respectively. Her plum soda was pretty strong but if you like the taste then I guess it’s quite nice; for myself, I still prefer my refreshing lime soda though(:

Clover Garden Festive Menu 2015

For this tasting, we had the opportunity to try out the food items available on The Clover Garden Festive Menu. Priced at $42/person, this 4 course menu is available from 1 December 2014 – 10 January 2015.

Festive Salad

We started off with the festive salad presented in an unusual way. What you see here are compressed cubes of sweet watermelon, beetroot and yellow fin tuna sashimi served with a small side salad and a generous serving of black caviar.

You can eat it any way but my personal favourite is to start off with the sweet watermelon first, before having the beetroot and the beautiful slab of fresh yellow fin tuna sashimi paired with the black caviar for a variety of flavors that go surprisingly well together!


This is a bowl of Cream of Cauliflower served with prosciutto crisp, croutons and a lovely poached egg.

I think the poached egg is a nice touch and it adds a beautiful flavor to the soup. Both Crystal and I really enjoyed the soup and given the opportunity, we would have gone for seconds. Pity we couldn’t because of the massive line-up of food items coming up next!


For your entree, you can choose between a Beer Brined Turkey Breast, triple-textured Tasmanian Salmon and a 48 Hour Sous Vide Beef Short Ribs. For this tasting, we tried the last two items only(:

We started off the with Tasmanian Salmon served with king oyster mushrooms, Nashi pear puree and a side of cold soba noodles.

In case you were wondering why it was called the triple textured salmon, you can see why from the photo below. The salmon skin is crispy while the salmon flesh is fully cooked on the outside and slightly raw on the inside. Great technique!

The 48 Hour Sous Vide Beef Short Ribs was the second entree we tried off the festive menu. The beef short ribs, resting on a big pile of truffle mashed potato was served with lardons, pearl onions and topped with baby carrots over a red wine reduction sauce.

In my opinion, this would be the dish to order because the beef was wonderfully tender and it goes so well with the red wine reduction sauce and of course, the truffle mashed potato. Each bite will be full of flavourful goodness and don’t forget to enjoy the lardons and pearl onions at the side too!


The dessert is a familiar Christmas sweet treat, a traditional Christmas pudding freshly baked with a selection of dried fruits, cranberries and nuts accompanied with whiskey sauce, homemade vanilla ice cream and topped with fresh strawberries.

It’s mainly like eating a fruit cake that you usually eat at Chinese weddings but sweeter and it goes really well with the vanilla ice cream(:

As mentioned, this 4 course menu is priced at $42/person and available from 1 December 2014 – 10 January 2015. You can start making your reservations today at Hotel Clover at 33 Jalan Sultan by calling them at 62970377 or emailing them at

Other Ala-Carte Food Items

If the Christmas menu items are not to your liking, not to worry because we also had the opportunity to try out some of their ala-carte food items off the menu. Read on for more details(:

Pan Fried Crab Cake – S$11

The pan fried crab cake is one of Clover Garden’s signature dish. Hand-picked by the chef and finely shredded, the sweetness of crab meat matches perfectly with the bits of water chestnut. Seasoned with only black pepper and fresh red chillies, each golden brown crab patty is paired with the chef’s special peanut sauce.

The presentation and taste is slightly similar to a Thai style crab cake and I did enjoy the taste especially when dipped with the peanut sauce!

Also came served with a side of cucumber relish that adds a cooling taste for your tastebuds after having some spicy food(:

Tuna Tempura – S$12

Fans of tuna will definitely have to order the tuna tempura. This is definitely Japanese inspired as the tuna is fried tempura-style wrapped in seaweed served with wasabi mayo for that slight kick to your tastebuds and again, a delicious mango salsa to take that sting off the wasbai mayo.

Braised Lamb Shank – S$22

If you order the lamb shank, you probably have a big appetite or plan on sharing with at least one other person because it is a huge portion! The most value for the price especially if you enjoy the taste of lamb. The lamb shank served in it’s natural jus, rests on a bed of truffle mashed potato and is topped with crispy fried vegetable fritters. Meat falls off the bone easily so it is pretty tender and soft(:

Baby Back Pork Ribs – S$22

The baby back pork ribs is also another dish that can be shared with 2 persons or for a person with a large appetite because the portion is also pretty big. If I were at home, I would probably grab a rib and have at it with my hands but since it is a food tasting, that would probably be rude of me to do so HAHA! Anyway, this is served with bbq sauce that can be slightly spicy, a side of truffle fries and a garden salad. A very American dish I would say(:

Duck Confit – S$22

The duck confit is my personal favourite of all the entrees that I tried. It is marinated overnight with Chinese 5 spice, which accounts for the intense flavors and tenderness of the duck meat that falls off the bone easily. It is served on top of my favourite truffle mashed, served with red cabbage and paired with a sweet lychee gastrique for a unique twist to a familiar French favourite(:

Mocha Pot De Creme – S$10

Even after consuming so much food, all of us at the table still had sufficient room for desserts and oh boy did we order plenty!

This is an espresso infused chocolate mousse that is really thick and flavourful. Surprisingly, the espresso flavor is not that strong so I was still able to take the taste as I am not a fan of coffee. All I can say is that Crystal is a huge fan and she finished it within minutes!

Coconut Pannacotta – S$10

The coconut pannacotta is a recommended dessert here at Clover Garden and fans of gula melaka will be delighted to hear that this silk smooth pannacotta made from fresh coconut juice is laced with gula melaka that is both light and sweet for the palate.

Oh yeah, and as you can tell, all desserts are served with vanilla bean ice cream and a side of strawberries and blueberries.

Chocolate Lava Cake – S$11

For myself, I went with a classic favourite, a homemade chocolate lava cake that was baked to perfection. As you can tell from the later photo, the lava was thick and flowy, perfect to eat together with the moist chocolate cake and pair with the homemade vanilla bean ice cream and fresh fruits(:

On the whole, it was an enjoyable experience dining at Clover Garden and I won’t hesitate to recommend the place for a small and intimate gathering for couples and friends – be it for a dinner or a special occasion like Christmas. Just be prepared for a medley of fusion food items that will definitely excite your tastebuds and bring you on a gastronomy journey(;

Huge thanks to Wanzhen, Sherill and Clover Garden for the invite!

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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