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JB Getaway – Part 2 | Dining at City Square, Johor

After a wonderful time spent at the 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo at City Square Mall, it was finally time for an early dinner! We didn’t really have a heavy lunch prior to the trip but we snacked quite a bit so by then, we were pretty hungry!

Dontaku どんたく

Based on a quick search on the web and recommendations from my friends, I already knew where I wanted to have dinner at City Square Mall – Dontaku どんたく, which is a popular Japanese restaurant there. It wasn’t very easy to locate as it was hidden at 1 corner of the mall but I was so glad I was able to find it after walking through the level – essentially, just look out for the Sakae Sushi outlet and it’s somewhere nearby!

Dontaku どんたく
Level 3, Johor Bahru City Square


For your reference, here’s a quick overview of the menu and what we ordered off it – the Dontaku Bento and Chasu Tonkatsu

The Food

Forgot to take photos of the place but it’s a pretty big place with plenty of seating but let’s just focus on the food! Mm, on weekdays I believe that they have a free mini salad bar with 2 different types of salad selections.

Choose between romaine lettuce vs Japanese white cabbage and it’s free flow! Was about to take a serving when our food arrived ><

Dontaku Bento – RM22 (S$8.60)

I think this is the best value combo set to order and I knew I had to order it after reading johorkaki’s review here. As you can tell, the bento set is made up of many miniature servings of everything – 3 pieces of califonia maki, buckwheat cold soba with dipping sauce, 3 pieces of tempura, a soft shell crab roll, side salad, miso soup and chanwanmushi. Best of all, I think they were all pretty delicious!(: Can’t believe this only cost S$8.60!!

Chasu Tonkatsu Ramen – RM23 (S$9.00)

Hehe, the bf had the more expensive chau tontaksu ramen which came with generous portions of chasu, noodles in a yummy soup broth.

Quick Comments

In total, we paid about RM60.30 (S$24.00) for our meal including drinks and I thought that it was really really affordable for the quality of food that we tried at Dontaku. Will recommend dining here again – just too bad JB is a tad too far to drop by more often just to have it again XD

Oh and here’s a random toilet selfie before heading off to my next stop!

Hui Lau Shan 許留山

Another recommended places for dessert that I’ve read online is Hui Lai Shan which originated from Hong Kong and they have an outlet at City Square as well! Also located at Level 3 pretty close to Dontaku so you head over here for dessert after your meal 🙂

Here’s a look at Hui Lai Shan top 10 dessert recommendations!

Plenty of choices on the menu and I was eyeing the Mango Romance! But the bf didn’t want to share T_T

In the end, I ordered their recommended sago duet while the bf had the mango sago.

Sago Duet – RM11.90 (S$4.60)

When it arrived to my table, I immediately switched dishes with the bf because I didn’t expect so much coconut milk in my dessert D: It was not bad actually but I just didn’t like the coconut milk ;x

Mango Sago – RM10.90 (S$4.25)

He could only watch as I slowly finished every bite of his mango sago. Very generous servings of mango slices and sago in a huge bowl! Recommend!(:

Quick Comments 

In total, we spent RM25.10 (S$9.80) for our desserts there. It’s about the same price as Singapore but I have to say that the portions are definitely more generous here and they don’t save costs, if you know what I mean -_-

Souvenir Shopping 

Still had time to kill so we walked around the mall to see if we could buy anything back. Was at this typical souvenir shop at Level 3 and spotted the famous Mykuali Penang White Curry Noodles for sale. Was tempted to get it but in the end I didn’t cos we bought a lot of other nonsense instead.

Just before we went back, we made a stop at Yong Sheng Gift Shop to pick up some goodies we spotted on the way there earlier.

This includes their signature egg yolk pies for my mom and the bf’s family.

The row of adorable and cute swiss rolls also tempted me (all food tempts me!) but in the end, I decided not to get it. Bah, every time when I read back on my travelogues – you will notice that I tend to regret not getting stuff right? HAHAHA!

Walking back to the checkpoint will have you heading through the basement where there are loads of food for sale as well. I was keeping an eye out for a MUST BUY souvenir whenever I’m in Malaysia and found something else instead – fresh Kueh Bolu/ Kuih Bahulu/ji dan gao from one of the little shops there.

I got the original hot bahulu baked freshly from the oven, RM3.00 (S$1.20) for 10 pieces if I recall correctly. Pretty yummy though it took quite awhile before it cooled down for eating.

Was an even happier girl when I spied the shop selling what I was looking for – the siew bao (baked buns)! I will always look for shops selling it in Malaysia because I think theirs in general taste so so good. Have tried a couple of shops before and I usually don’t have a favourite because they all kinda have the same taste. Unfortunately, the more authentic version of the siew bao is with pork but there was only a halal shop selling it at the basement so I opted for the chicken version instead. It was good though! Boo..somebody buy me the Seremban Siew Pau 芙蓉烧包 to try already! For now..can only drool over photos from JohorKaki’s blog ><

Going Home!

Anyway, that’s the end of this pretty short half day trip to JB and City Square Mall! We headed back the same way we came (refer HERE for my directions to getting to JB from Singapore) and took the bus back to Woodlands MRT instead as we had a straight bus to Tampines from there!

Overall, I enjoyed my trip there with the bf to check out the 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo and had great food there to boot! Thanks Alvin for sending me an invite to the event(:

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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