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mitsueki Travels | 8D7N Japan June 2014 – Day 4 (Part 2)

Continuing on from my previous post where we enjoyed a yummy barbeque lunch at Misaka Farm, we were off to the next stop!

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8D7N Japan (7 – 15 June 2014)

Minami-Alps City (pick-your-own cherries [30min]

It was a pretty short journey (under 1 hour) to reach Minami-Alps city and we stopped at one of the cherry farms located there.


Well, fruit picking is a really popular activity to do in Japan for both tourists and locals alike, and there are a number of seasonal fruits available for picking at different farms every few months. In our case, we went in early June which was the cherry season! Was a pity we missed out on the grapes/apple/strawberry/peach season – that would have been fun too!

Generally, you can participate in this activity only if you join a day tour like ours, or you have to make prior reservations at the farm on your own while some do accept walk-ins. You can referHERE for a list of tour operators offering fruit picking tours and farms with an English website!

Essentially it’s like a huge greenhouse with over 10 different varieties of cherry trees! We were each given a plastic cup and 30 minutes to pick and eat our cherries to our fill. Oh and a warning from our tour guide – don’t eat more than 30 cherries or you will LS (big business in the toilet if you know what I mean).

Just sharing more photos of the cherries! I was lucky that I managed to get sweet cherries for my ‘loot’ so yay! Heh, and if you were wondering – yes, we just plucked off the fruit from the tree and ate it on the spot. It’s clean and I didn’t get a tummyache at all after that, HAHAHA!


The best cherries are the ones that get the most sunlight and are red in color. These are usually located higher up on the trees that require a ladder to reach which most of us tried our hand at.

055-20140610_135009 056-20140610_135027 057-20140610_135100  059-20140610_135228 060-20140610_135502 061-20140610_135544  063-20140610_135711

One of my favourite shots taken in Japan is this one taken when I was atop the ladder picking my cherries and the sunlight streaming down.

067-20140610_140238   070-20140610_140538 071-20140610_141103 072-20140610_141112

It was really fun picking our cherries and the cherry farm, definitely a highlight of this tour. Hehe, look at all those happy faces!

075-IMG-20140610-WA0000   084-IMG-20140610-WA0014090-IMG-20140610-WA0022   093-IMG-20140610-WA0025 094-IMG-20140610-WA0026

Chateraise Belle-foret Winery シャトレーゼベルフォーレワイナリー 

The last stop before we were back on the road to Shinjuku was a visit to a winery called Chateraise Belle-foret Winery シャトレーゼベルフォーレワイナリー


I have to mention that it was really hot when we got off the bus – rather like Singapore’s temperature! Such a huge difference from the cold temperature Mt Fuji (10 degrees) and the cooling one at Shinjuku (20-25 degrees) @_@


Anyway, we were given a short tour around the winery but no grapes here unfortunately.

096-20140610_144400 097-20140610_144902

Headed into the cold wine cellar, ahhh I could stay in there forever as the temperature was awesome!


The process of how wine is made at the farm for your reference below if you are interested to find out.


Very dark photo but you can see rows and rows of the wine bottles and such below.

101-20140610_144955 102-20140610_145014 103-20140610_145313

Headed out after that and was treated to a beautiful view of the countryside – albeit with the sun shining into your face ><

104-20140610_145326 105-20140610_145345

And into the souvenir shop we go where we could sample some of the wine available. Our favourite was the grape fruit juice with some alcohol content though HAHAHA! And the bf’s mom bought one bottle which we finished on our last day ~_~


Plenty of grape and non-grape/peach related souvenirs were found here because it would be the peach/grape season soonish!

107-20140610_150057 108-20140610_150149 109-20140610_150321 110-20140610_150340 111-20140610_150534 112-20140610_150600

Hehe and I bought a peach/vanilla ice cream – 300 yen (S$3.60)!

113-20140610_151031 114-20140610_151042  116-20140610_151159 117-20140610_151639 118-20140610_151641

That was the last stop of the trip and our coach dropped us off nearest to Shinjuku Station!(:

Back at the Hotel!

Headed back to the hotel to rest for awhile and here’s a photo of the bf showing off his new dragon (long) wristband.


Just Shopping!

Here’s a map showing all the shopping centres around Shinjuku Station and we decided to continue exploring them as the first day, we didn’t get to explore it fully the last round. Plus we were going to look for a few souvenirs that friends asked us to buy.

Fancl – Keio Departmental Store

My colleague wanted to me to help her buy some Fancl items and after a quick search, I saw that there was one at Keio Departmental Store and we headed there after that.

120-20140610_182421 121-20140610_183210

Was heading to our next stop when we saw these talented performers and listened to them sing. They were pretty good! If you’re interested, you can find out more details about the group on Facebook –> ふらっと (

122-20140610_184503 123-20140610_184645 124-20140610_184703

Also spotted Laduree while walking too!


And this Green Peas pachinko parlour!

126-20140610_185239 127-20140610_185241

And this really cool ice cream vending machine! I didn’t try it but the bf’s sister did and she said it wasn’t nice. Luckily I didn’t try then 😛

128-20140610_185508 129-20140610_185546

EMODA at Lumine Est

The bf’s sister’s main aim was to head to EMODA and the nearest location was at Lumine Est to look for the checkered shirt as seen below.


Dinner at Lumine Est!

We were walking around the place to look for a place to have dinner and spotted quite a number of restaurants to choose from. Was thinking of The Station Grill but in the end, we went somewhere else because it was too full!

131-20140610_192655 132-20140610_192704

This is the restaurant we finally ended up in – called (る)ハレノヒ! Here’s the menu below for your reference, really cute ya? Hehe


This is what the bf ordered, I think it’s a curry dish if I recall right. The rest of us ordered the same dish that came with these 3 random side dishes.


And our mains arrived! Essentially a tomato rice with omelette and it comes with a serving of curry hamburg. It was really yummy!


Pachinko Parlour & Arcade!

As the bf’s sister and mom went to do more shopping at Lumine Est, the rest of the guys and myself headed over to the Green Peas pachinko parlour to check it out. It was such a loud and noisy place – we tried playing the machine for awhile but no matter what, we couldn’t really get the hang of it and left it later.


Proceeded back to our hotel area and went to Aladdin pachinko and slots for some cheaper pachinko games because it was more expensive over at Green Peas. Again, we left shortly and decided to head back to our favourite Club Sega nearby.


At least it’s more fun to play at Club Sega because we could actually win stuff!


It took the guys a few tries but yay!


Congrats to them! And yeah, they managed to get 1 of the figurines each!


This is quite lame, but we only discovered that the Club Sega had my favourite coin arcade game and suffice to say, we spent the whole time there playing till it closed at 1am! XD


Ending off this post with my daily nutritious intake – fruits from Lawsons and Yakault ^^


Stay tuned for Day 5!

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♥ mitsueki

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