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mitsueki Travels | 8D7N Japan June 2014 – Day 3 (Part 3)

The time just flew as we were at Akihabara and it wasn’t too long before it was time for us to leave and move on to our last destination before we could finally end off a pretty long Day 3 in Tokyo, Japan.

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8D7N Japan (7 – 15 June 2014)

Deciding to add in Tokyo Station was a last minute addition to my itinerary when I read up about it during my final research.. like a week before we flew to Japan. The reason for that is really simple as it involves Rilakkuma, Pokemon and Tokyo Banana. HAHAHA!

First Avenue Tokyo Station (Tokyo-eki Ichibangai 東京駅一番街) 

First Avenue Tokyo Station (Tokyo-eki Ichibangai) is a shopping area directly connected to the Yaesu Exit at JR Tokyo Station. You can find a variety of shops and restaurants as well as the popular four areas, such as Tokyo Okashi Land with confectionery shops, Tokyo Ramen Street with Ramen noodle shops, Tokyo Character Street with TV character goods stores, and Omiyage Plaza with souvenir shops. – hellojapan


To get to First Avenue Tokyo Station, we hopped on the JR Yamanote Line from Akihabara and dropped off at Tokyo Station below following the directions below:

  1. From Tokyo Station, follow the signs for Yaesu Underground Exit on the first basement level.
  2. Exit the station and enter into First Avenue Tokyo Station. If you exited at Yaesu Exit on the first floor, find the entrance to First Avenue Tokyo Station, and go down to B1F.

For the full map download of all the shops available at First Avenue Tokyo Station, click HERE(English map)! To read more about the 4 areas, click HERE (English).

Tokyo Character Street (東京キャラクターストリート)

Okay, the main point of heading to First Avenue Tokyo Station was to check out Tokyo Character Street located at the basement floor. There are many different character stores and each store sells plenty of official and authentic merchandise that you probably can’t get anywhere else, especially in Singapore! Some examples include Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, Pokemon & Miffy Rabbit!

Quick list of some of stores there, credits to TokyoExcess:

  • SHOP JUMP –  Goods from manga comics serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump such as One Piece and Naruto!
  • TOMICA SHOP – Toy cars and much more.
  • SHOP PLARAIL – Toy trains.
  • NHK Character Shop – with Domo! More Domo merchandise than you can shake a stick at.          
  • Snoopy Town Mini  – “Peanuts” goods with Snoopy and colleagues.
  • Donguri Garden (Garden acorn) – Has “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea” and “My Neighbor Totoro” with many other Studio Ghibli character goods.
  • Fuji TV Shop – With the Blue doggy mascot of Fuji TV and more.
  • Asahi shop – TV Ashahi characters such as Doraemon and Sweet Pretty and Crayon Shin-chan.
  • NTV shop – Array of popular shows and characters from NTV!
  • Ultraman World M78 – The only official shop in Tokyo for Ultra Man goods.
  • Lego brick click – Welcome to the world of LEGO!
  • Rilakkuma Store – The shop of the cute cuddly bear – a Sanrio character.
  • Pretty Cure Store – Full of the popular Pretty Cure goods! First official shop.
  • Hello Kitty shop – Large selection of official Sanrio Hello Kitty goods and more.        
  • Miffy Style – Miffy the bunny

The full list of character stores as of June 2014 that includes Snoopy, Domo, Lego, Kyurutto and Ultraman.


For your reference, here’s the walkway through Character Street with all the stores at the two sides.


And of course, now to share photos that I took at Tokyo Character Street that day!(:

First stop was at the Pokemon Store to check out the merchandise! Can’t help that the cute Pikachu images all around screamed at us to get in and buy stuff now! Pokeballs or even Masterballs for you?

159-20140609_184732 160-20140609_184836

Pikachu or Dedenne for you?


Pardon the blurry photo but if I remember right, had the bf quickly take a snapshot just in case photography was disallowed in the shop. Slight regret not purchasing this bag but the reason was because the strap was not adjustable 🙁

162-20140609_184954 163-20140609_184956

Pokemon cookies, I guess they are cute but I wouldn’t buy them! ;/


And YC bought like 10 of the mugs back for his friends. Insane! HAHAHA!


Tamagotchi fans should take note that there is an official Tamagotchi Store at the Character Street! As well as The Kyurutto shop!

166-20140609_185632  169-20140609_185844 170-20140609_185856

And my absolute favourite Rilakkuma Store! And when you’re there, please remember to take a photo with Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori for memory’s sake HAHA! XD

171-20140609_185901 172-20140609_185916 173-20140609_185926

Some of the merchandise available at the shop:

174-20140609_190044 175-20140609_190956

Including really pretty Rilakkuma jewellery! Was so tempted but they were really expensive starting at about 10,000 yen (S$120++) for the cheapest necklace! ;/

Don’t worry though, I didn’t leave empty handed and got myself an umbrella as well as a tote bag!(:


Hello Kitty shop for the fans there! A dedicated Miffy store for Miffy fans! TV Tokyo Shop!

177-20140609_191134 178-20140609_191147 179-20140609_191219

Donguri Garden selling loads of Studio Ghibli stuff. Many that we already purchased from Mamma Aiuto at Studio Ghibli Museum earlier that day so we skipped this!


Snoopy Town shop!


Shop Jump featuring anime merchandise from the weekly Shonen Jump such as One Piece and Naruto!

182-20140609_191501 183-20140609_191721

And a little side track, a couple of souvenir shops like these can be found along First Avenue. The bf’s mom made sure to stop to pick up a few pieces, lol.


Tokyo Okashi Land

Tokyo Okashi Land, Japan’s first confectionary-themed retail zone, comprises stores operated directly by three of Japan’s top confectionary makers. The three stores-Glico Ya Kitchen (operated by Ezaki Glico), Morinaga no Okashi na Okashiyasan (operated by Morinaga Seika), and Calbee Plus (operated by Calbee)-offer fresh-made products prepared in their in-store kitchens, regional products from all over Japan, and other products available only from these stores. – First Avenue Tokyo Station

Make a pit stop here to pick up some interesting snacks from Glico / Morinaga / Calbee as souvenirs! There are even some food items that you can’t get anywhere else in Japan except here!(:

188-20140609_193508185-20140609_193314 186-20140609_193439

Freshly prepared piping hot Calbee chips for you?


Collon lovers will love this place as there are so many unique flavors!


Omiyage Plaza

The Plaza features around 30 stores offering traditional Tokyo gourmet gifts, including kaminari-okoshi (millet and rice cakes), imo-yokan (sweet potato jelly), senbei (Japanese crackers) and tsukudani (seafood, meat, or vegetables simmered in soy sauce and mirin), and popular sweets like roll cakes and rusks. – First Avenue Tokyo Station

When I let known to my friends that I would be heading to Japan, there were 2 things that most of them asked me to buy.

  1. Tokyo Banana
  2. Bai Se Lian Ren (白い恋人) aka Shiroi Koibito

To save you the trouble, just buy all of them from the airport. I bought all of mine from Haneda Airport but I believe Narita Airport sells them as well(:

But of course, the flavors available at the airport is usually limited to the original Tokyo Banana and maybe if you’re lucky, the caramel flavored one.

For our case, as most of the bf’s family had never tried Tokyo Banana before, we randomly entered the Omiyage Plaza to search for the store selling Tokyo Banana to try it out. Spotted a number of unique ones that I had never seen before and we bought like a box of everything to try out, HAHAHAH!

190-20140609_194623 191-20140609_194625 192-20140609_194645 193-20140609_194748 194-20140609_194802

Everyone trying to be funny and make YC carry everything. If I remembered right, he gave up after like 10 minutes of lugging all the shopping loots because it was so heavy, HAHAHAHAHA!


Tokyo Ramen Street

Opened in April 2011, this area features ramen (Chinese noodle) stores operated by eight renowned names in Tokyo ramen: Rokurinsha Tokyo, a restaurant where there is always a line, known for tsukemen (noodles with dipping sauce); Hirugao, a branch of the very popular ramen restaurant Setagaya specializing in shio ramen (noodles in salt-based soup); Kani-senmon Keisuke Kita no Sho, created by a ramen innovator; Ramen Mutsumiya, renowned for its popular miso ramen (noodles in miso-based soup); Tokyo Station Ikaruga, one of Tokyo’s most famous ramen restaurants, whose First Avenue location represents its second restaurant after the flagship restaurant; Ramen Honda, a new and popular up-and-coming eatery that also consistently draws lines; Junk-Garage, which established the genre of maze soba (noodles topped with a dollop of thick, tasty sauce); and Menya Shichisai/Tokyo Miso Ramen Edoama, a famous soy sauce ramen restaurant that extracts delightful flavor from its noodles.  – First Avenue Tokyo Station

Headed down to Tokyo Ramen Street to see if we could get some dinner as I had heard rave reviews about most of the ramen stores here.

196-20140609_200326 197-20140609_200654

Unfortunately, there was only 1 big problem – our group was too large and most of the restaurants had very very limited seatings especially the ramen restaurants.

198-20140609_200855 199-20140609_200901 200-20140609_200918

This is sad but I never got the chance at all to experience using this ordering machine before 🙁

201-20140609_201031 202-20140609_202041

Decided to head back to Shinjuku to have dinner at one of the random restaurants around our hotel. And then along the way at Tokyo Station, we spotted the tiger striped Tokyo Banana and bought that too!(:


遊食三昧 NIJYU-MARU, Shinjuku

Not sure if you can recall but I posted a photo sometime in my travelogue during the first few days. It looked pretty good so we thought we could have dinner here(:

It’s called Nijyu-Maru if you were wondering. Unfortunately, it’s essentially a bar so practically everything on the menu was finger food.  Suffice to say, it wasn’t very filling at all. At least the food was decent – especially for the beef and fries!(:

209-20140609_220038205-20140609_213932 206-20140609_214201 207-20140609_214207 208-20140609_214304

Tokyo Banana Feast

Remember we bought those Tokyo Bananas? Luckily, these came in handy and we split them all up to share amongst 6 of us! Loads of varieties, from the original flavor, to the caramel cream, and the biscuit versions!

210-20140609_221952 211-20140609_222012 212-20140609_222031 213-20140609_222106 214-20140609_222128 215-20140609_222217

The stash ‘allocated’ to the bf and myself to share in the hotel room!


Had 2 of each and we shared everything! Huge huge fan of everything! My favourite is the first one and the tiger printed version! Kinda craving for it right now as we speak :<


Hehe and more horrible but delicious carbs from Family Mart. Yum yum!


Stuffed ourselves to oblivion that night while watching TV, hehe.

Loots for the night as we started doing our packing. Yeah, we were going to move to a different hotel in a couple of days and I don’t like last minute packing 😛


And well, that’s it for Day 3! Stay tuned to Day 4 as we join a full day tour to Mt Fuji!(:

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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