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Pixaroll Chop Blocks – Selfie Ink Stamps!

Have you ever heard of PixaRoll?

Well, you haven’t, here’s a short overview:

PixaRoll is a company that prints your phone or Instagram photos in 4R/6R prints and on magnets, which then gets delivered straight to your doorstep. They offer an option of printing square photographs in 4×4” or 6×6” sizes; and also 2×2” magnets (a set consists of 9 little magnets).

Their Iphone App has been ranked the #1 photo app on the IOS (*according to AppAnnie) thanks to many users who have started to appreciate the very much convenient service we provide of “having a printing kiosk in your palms”. Also available on Android too!

Well, recently the team behind PixaRoll launched a brand new webstore called PoppinPrints which is a platform for artists to sell their artworks! The site also features a number of nifty new customized products that are only available for purchase through the PoppinPrints site and not on the PixaRoll app..yet!

Chop Blocks – Portrait Ink Stamps for a Selfie Generation (A PixaRoll Product) – S$60

I was very privileged to try out one of their new products off the PoppinPrints site – the chop blocks, which is essentially a selfie ink stamp!

How to Order?

The first thing to do is to purchase the chop blocks off the PoppinPrints site HERE. Remember to leave your email for contacting purposes and attach the selfie photo that you would like to transform into the ink stamp! The maximum number of faces to be included in the picture is 2 if you were wondering!(:

Quote “MIT20” upon check out to enjoy 20% off your order till 10 October 2014


For my case, I just selected my favourite selfie of myself; one that is pretty easily recognizable since I use it as my profile picture for both my blog and Facebook pages and sent it to them! Oh yeah, I also requested for the name “mitsueki” to be included in the photo as well(:

InstaSize_2014_7 _ 141674

Their talented artists will hand draw the portrait stamps and send you a sample of how it will look via email within a week or so (subject to 1 revision only) before they start on the final product!


Since I added font as well, I had a selection of different fonts to pick from and I finally selected the following photo!

1172Lucida HandwritingInstaSize_2014_7 _ 141674

Looks pretty good huh? 😀

The Final Product

Was really excited when my PixaRoll Chop Blocks arrived in the mail recently enclosed in this box!(:

Here are the contents of the box as below:

A stack of 4 ink pads – black / blue / pink / orange.

4 5x5cm stickers of your selfie portrait

And.. of course, your very own customized selfie chop block!

Tested it out immediately using the 4 ink stamp pads that I was given. Really easy to use and the stamps came out pretty nicely! Hehe, can you tell that it’s me? XD

1172Lucida HandwritingInstaSize_2014_7 _ 141674

What can the Chop Blocks be used for?

If you were wondering, there are actually loads of ideas where these selfie ink stamps can be utilized – stamp them on letters, Christmas cards, scrapbooks and even on wedding invitations and anywhere else you can stamp on!

For my case, I’ll probably going to stamp them on the envelopes that I use to send winners of my blog giveaway prizes as well as purchases from my online store, mitsueki, by mitsueki!

Other than that, I have to say that they really do make a great customized gift for your loved ones and friends for birthdays and anniversaries as well – don’t you think so?(:

My Thanks!

Huge thanks to Ana and the PixaRoll Team for producing this really awesome selfie ink stamp for me, I really really like it!(:

Now if you’re interested to customize your own selfie ink stamp too, then head down to the PoppinPrints site HERE to get one!

Remember to quote “MIT20” upon check out to enjoy 20% off your order till 10 October 2014!

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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