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What can you do with Häagen-Dazs New Classic Milk Ice Cream?

Last week, I introduced the new arrival of Häagen-Dazs New and Limited Edition Classic Milk Flavour HERE!

Now if you were just thinking of tucking it into as a normal ice cream – DON’T!

Do something different instead because there are soooo many things you can pair this yummy ice cream with!

Transform a classic flavour into a timeless favourite by trying out these quick and easy recipes found in the attached and appended infographic! Bring your taste buds to a whole new level by creating your very own deconstructed dessert delights. From Tiramisu to Cendol, or Banoffee Pie to Milk and Cookies – There’s definitely a little something for everyone!

Now GO and start your journey as as a gourmet ice cream chef! 😛
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