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Food Bites | Pure Pandan @ Chinatown Point

During one of the days after my treatment sessions at Han Dian TCM, I was walking around Chinatown Point and I realized that there are so many interesting little stores around to grab a snack.

Yes, I know I’m not supposed to eat it but ehhh, occasionally it’s okay to indulge plus I do get one more to bring back to my mom to try(:

Pure Pandan @ Chinatown Point

One such shop is Pure Pandan located the basement of Chinatown Point. This is the second branch of Pure Pandan – the first located at Hong Lim Complex. It should be pretty popular considering that they branched out right?

Pure Pandan
133, New Bridge Road, #B2-05, Chinatown Point
Singapore 059413

Tel: +65 6538 2238 / 11am – 9.30pm daily

It’s a pretty small shop decked out in a calming hue of green but what really attracts one’s attention will definitely be the array of soft and fluffy looking chiffons cakes on display. And if you didn’t know – I absolutely cannot resist cakes so I went ahead to order one to try.

The Menu & Pricing

Prices range from $1.70 – $2.00 per slice of chiffon cake and the full cake list is as below. There’s a range of flavors to try: Pandan/Banana Walnut/Golden Citrus (Orange & Lemon)/Green Tea Honey/Durian D24 and chocolate cake. Whole cakes are also available as well!

The Review & Verdict

As mentioned, I bought one to try and one for my mom. Couldn’t resist the fluffy looking pandan cake and decided to try it on the spot after purchasing it.

The moment I opened the plastic, the strong pandan scent immediately wafted up to my nose and it really smelled heavenly! The cake was really as light, airy and soft  as I expected it to be with a strong pandan cake – I really like it!(:

The next round I’ll definitely be back to try the golden citrus which I hear is that bestseller (other than the Pandan) as well as the Durian D24 pandan cake! Yums!(:

Okay, I went ahead to get the Golden Citrus and the Durian D24 cake the next week instead. Bought 1 again for myself and my mom to try as usual.

This time the bf was with me and we shared the 2 slices together. The first one is the golden citrus one is super zesty and you can totally taste both the lemon and orange flavor. It’s very strong; but yet still airy and soft! Very nice citrus scent as well!

I would recommend durian lovers to try out the Durian D24 cake! As with all the cakes at Pure Pandan, the cake is very flavourful with a strong durian flavor and scent. Really love it!

So far, all the 3 cakes that I’ve tried from Pure Pandan have impressed me and I don’t hesitate to recommend that you try if you have the opportunity!(:

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