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Siam Society @ 15 Jalan Riang

Mention Jalan Riang and popular cafes such as Rokeby and Wimbly Lu will come to mind. But did you know that other than the usual cafes, there is also a very nice Thai restaurant called Siam Society located at the same area too?

Siam Society

To start off, let me share a little more about the restaurant:

Siam Society is a new café-style Thai establishment located at 15 Jalan Riang situated within the Serangoon Park estates. It serves both traditional Thai cuisine with an emphasis on authenticity and spiciness as well as Thai food with a modern twist which is an interesting take.

Siam Society
15 Jalan Riang
Singapore 358987

The Place

A couple of weeks ago, I headed down with my group of ladies (and one guy) to the restaurant after work on a Friday night for a Thai food feast – thanks to the kind invitation from Siam Society. We met up at the nearest MRT, Lorong Chuan (CC) and made our way to Jalan Riang following Lloyd as our lead because it was our first time there.

It was probably about a 10~15 minute walk before we reached the area, and yes parking is available but I would suggest you walk in instead as it’s pretty limited. Also, the place is rather secluded as it is located within the Serangoon Park estates away from the hustle and bustle of the city making it a really chill place to be at.

Upon reaching, we immediately spotted the restaurant that was located right next to Wimbly Lu. On first sight, it looked like an interesting cafe – until you realize that it’s actually a Thai food restaurant.

That’s because the whole place is done up in a hipster café style décor with some Thai elements as seen from the pictures below. I really like the vibe that the restaurant gives me though; it feels very trendy and youthful 😛

Seats are aplenty for both small parties and big groups and we were seated at this area here.

Siam Society Menu

As always in my food reviews, here’s the Siam Society menu below. The menu is pretty large and varied with the usual Thai food suspects and the more interesting choices – read on for the food / drinks / dessert review below!(:

The Drinks

Let’s start off with the selection of drinks that we enjoyed first.

Thai Young Coconut – S$4.90

Lloyd had the coconut drink ubiquitous with many Thai establishments with plenty of coconut water and fleshy pulp.

Thai Ice Tea / Lemongrass / Fanta Orange – S$2.90 ~ 3.90 each

The rest of us had the Thai Ice Tea, Lemongrass and Fanta Orange respectively – the weird person ordering a non-Thai related drink being me (Fanta).

The Food

And of course, moving on to the food where in total, 6 of us shared 8 dishes that were kindly prepared by the chefs!

Mango Salad – S$9.90

The first dish that I tried was the appetizer dish, the mango salad (Som Tum Mamuang) which came with a medley of Thai green mango, roasted peanuts and crispy shrimps with Thai spices.

Unfortunately, it was a slight letdown as I didn’t like the burst of flavours (spicy, sweet, sour, etc) as a personal opinion. Most of us at the table didn’t enjoy it either with the exception of a few others so I guess it’s a matter of preference?

Green Curry Chicken – S$12.90

After the initial letdown, it was fortunate that the next dish, the green curry chicken (Gang Kiew Wan Gai) didn’t disappoint! In fact, it exceeded my expectations because the green curry gravy was superb and it wasn’t as spicy as I expected!

Slathered like a whole lot of it on top of my rice and paired it with the tender chicken – definitely one of my favourite dishes that I would recommend and it’s a dish that I would return to Siam Society for! The rest of the table agreed with me and in no time, the bowl was empty hehe.

Clear Tom Yum Seafood – S$10.90 (S) S$16.90 (L)

The tom yum seafood soup (Tom Yum Ruam Mit Ta Lay Nam Sai) is one of Siam Society’s signature soup flavored with lemongrass, fresh galangal root and kaffir lime leaf. As you can tell from the photos below, the soup came with plenty of fresh seafood ingredients ensuring that you will be able to get at least a whole prawn (and other ingredients) in your soup bowl even if you are sharing it with 6 people!

Do note that ours is the larger version but there’s a smaller version available for sharing depending on the number of diners. Meanwhile, I did enjoy the soup as it was a great balance between spicy and sour flavours! Yum! Would love to return again to try Siam Society’s Tom Kha Gai (my favourite Thai soup!) in the future to see it will measure up(:

Thai Morning Glory – S$8.90

Though the dish was slightly spicy, the vegetables (pad pak boong)were very fresh and crunchy – just the way I like it! It’s a good vegetable dish to order in a meal!(:

Yellow Curry Prawn – S$17.90

A table favorite for many was the yellow curry prawns which is essentially Padpong curry stir fried with eggs and onions. It was my first time trying out yellow curry and it’s surprisingly not too bad! Definitely complements with the fresh prawns though I think that it would be great with crab as well. Very tasty and all the prawns were gone within minutes!

Weeping Tiger (Grilled Sirloin Beef) – S$24.90

An interesting dish that we tried was called weeping tiger which was an interesting name. According to the menu, this Thai-style grilled sirloin steak with homemade side sauce is so good that tigers weep upon eating it. For us mere humans, we didn’t weep after trying it though I did tear up a little at the spiciness.

It was not too bad but nothing memorable other than the name. The portion is quite small for the price but it’s a beef dish so I guess this justifies for it. Would stick to ordering the savoury curries instead in my opinion though(:

Steamed Seabass – S$31.90

The whole steamed seabass was served in a large fish shaped serving dish as seen pictured below and again, this was an instant hit at the table! The seabass meat was really fresh and tender while the gravy was really flavourful and complemented the fish very well! Went for many rounds at the fish till nothing was left but the bare bones. Yums!

Deep Fried Pork Knuckle – S$34.90

I don’t think you’ve ever seen pork knuckles served in a Thai restaurant, have you? Don’t worry, we were all googly-eyed too when the dish was served as well! It was a huge portion perfect for sharing and had plenty of meat! Really found the meat very tasty and tender while the skin was nice and crispy.

This came as no surprise because we found out that the pork knuckle was marinated for 1 full day in Siam Society special marination sauce before being deep fried. Again, one of my favourite dishes! If I weren’t so full by then, I think that I would definitely have eaten more ><

The Desserts

If you thought this was over, sorry it’s not! There’s still dessert at the end of it all! Initially we had thought about heading over the Wimbly Lu for some chocolate desserts but we decided to try out the Thai desserts available at Siam Society instead because by then, we were just too stuffed to move from our seats actually. Heh

Red Ruby – S$4.90

Three of us at the table ordered the red ruby dessert (Tub Tim Krob) which is essentially crunchy red water chestnuts topped with shaved ice. My first time trying the dish (tried a bite from one of the bowls) and I didn’t like it though ><!!

On the other hand, the 3 of them who ordered this dish enjoyed the dessert though – so again it’s a personal dislike as I’m pretty picky!

Mango Sticky Rice – S$7.90

Meanwhile, I was one of the 3 who ordered the mango sticky rice (Khao Niaow Ma Muang) instead. The presentation looked so mouthwatering as you can see the savoury coconut milk liberally drizzled over the chunky, but sweet mango pieces accompanied by the sticky rice. A must order dessert in my opinion hehe!

The Verdict & My Thanks

On the whole, it was an extremely satisfying meal *burps* and I can tell you that all of us polished off almost everything (except the Mango Salad unfortunately) that was served to us. Each of us had our own favourite dishes but mine was the green curry chicken, steamed seabass, crispy pork knuckle and of course, the mango sticky rice!

The pricing of the food is relatively decent and all the portions are great for sharing amongst a group – best of all, there’s no GST! However, there’s still service charge though 😛

Here’s a group shot of us at Siam Society after the whole dinner and dessert at the end of the night!

Meanwhile, to end off, here’s giving my thanks to the lovely staff at Siam Society for their hospitality and service on that day and of course, for extending the invitation to sample all the Thai food that we tried too!

It was a great meal filled with delicious food, fun and laughter and I really enjoyed the Friday night spent with the wonderful group of girls (and the one guy!). Yes, good food and good company goes really well hand in handthanks for having us!(:

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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