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What the Shit? | Woman Poops in Public at Holland Village MRT

Oh my goodness, have you seen this photo making it’s rounds on Facebook and STOMP?

Look what this woman did in front of passers-by at Holland Village MRT Station

You can refer HERE for the uncensored version with the uhms..

A woman was spotted squatting down at Holland Village MRT Station to ‘answer nature’s call’ aka pooping. She had done it in full view of other commuters and passers-by.

Stompers PYshirinariannaSuhairi, Alfahd, Weisy, KVNurfarhana,Marcus and Alex had all contributed photos of her inappropriate act to Stomp.

The picture has also been making its rounds on websites such as facebook. According to a posting on All Singapore Stuff’s facebook page, the incident took place at Holland Village MRT Station.

Credits: STOMP

Just 1 comment: EW!!

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6 Comments on “What the Shit? | Woman Poops in Public at Holland Village MRT

  1. Haha!!! No need to cover her buttocks la. All of us have seen it liao. 😛
    Just wonder what the SMRT staffs are doing? Surely with all those CCTV over the place, they are sure to spot her on the act right?

    1. Hahahaha didn’t want to be so bad to the ones who haven’t seen it ma 😡

      Uhm probably got a photo of her la, fine her hopefully! But I don’t think she’s a Singaporean – do u? :p

      1. I dun think she is a Singaporean cos most of us no matter how urgent, will find a place that is more discrete (e.g. bushes, use umbrella at the longkang to cover during traffic jam in Malaysia, etc) to do our business. I have only one word for this lady – Please la, dun do all these stupid antics and bring shame to your own countrymen.

        1. Hahah I also don’t think she’s a Singaporean or Malaysian la if you know what I mean. But really buey paisay leh, showing ur whole butt to the world! My cousin was asking why people never stalk her and take photo of her face..lol

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