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Pezzo Pizza | Newly Launched Singa Laksa & Chicken Rendang Pizza!

In celebration of our nation’s 49th birthday, Pezzo Pizza has launched two new fusion pizza flavours with a local twist on their menu : The Singa Laksa and Chicken Rendang Pizza!

Pezzo Pizza New Flavors!

Available at all the Pezzo Pizza kiosks islandwise!

Click HERE to see the full list of locations!(:

Pezzo Pizza Media Invite

Was amongst one of the invited to try out the new flavours last Friday alongside with the bf. Just to say, the invited tasting was at an unusual location because instead of the normal sit down dinner, it was held on board one of the Singapore River Explorer boats!

Headed down to Liang Court on Friday evening towards the boarding area located behind the place.

Can you see that the boat was decked out in Singapore flags and Pezzo Pizza’s colors of red and yellow?(:

So happened that I had this dress in our national colors and wore it for the occasion! Pardon the blurry photo of the bf and I below though ><~

As mentioned, we were here to try out Pezzo Pizza’s new pizza flavours: the Singa Laksa and Chicken Rendang Pizza!

Pezzo Pizza |  Singa Laksa

Let’s take a look at the first pizza we tried – the Singa Laksa. The pizza is topped with many fresh seafood items such as squid, tuna and crab meat. But what makes it unique is that it also has ingredients that you can commonly find in a dish of laksa such as prawn, tau pok and even laksa leaves!

They are really generous with the ingredients so each slice of the pizza will ensure that you will have plenty of ingredients on it. Caution though as it’s quite spicy but I have to say that Pezzo Pizza was able to successful ‘marry’ all the flavours together to give out a really authentic laksa taste!(:

Pezzo Pizza | Chicken Rendang Pizza

The second pizza we tried was the chicken rendang pizza and it easy became the bf’s and my favourite pizza of the night! The pizza is topped with red and green capsicums, white onions, oregano chicken, cheese and of course, the rendang paste!

This is definitely less spicy than the Singa Laksa, but it’s just as flavourful while the chicken is really nice and tender. Again, all the flavours really go well together especially with the Pezzo Pizza dough and crust – I’m a huge fan!

Well, if ever you want to try a fusion of pizza and a bit of our local delights such as the laksa / rendang chicken – then give the Singa Laksa and Chicken Rendang Pizza from Pezzo Pizza a go!(:

Cruising Along the Singapore River

And now before ending off the post; just sharing some of the photos that I took onboard the Singapore River Explorer boats as it cruised around the Singapore River as we tucked into the Singa Laksa and Chicken Rendang Pizza from Pezzo Pizza!(:

Thanks always to Jaslyn and Pris (and Li Qin) for your invite! 😀

And on that note – Happy 49th Birthday Singapore! ^^

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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