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Yuan Soap Singapore (A-Yuan Soap / 阿原肥皂) | Handmade Organic Soap from Taiwan

mitsueki x Yuan Soap Singapore Giveaway!

I am collaborating with Yuan Soap Singapore to host a giveaway of 3 (THREE) of their handmade organic soaps to THREE (3) lucky blog readers! This means each winner can select 1 soap; any selection from their website to try(:

How to Win?

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Giveaway ends: 7 August 2014, 11.59PM

Good luck!(:


Have you heard of this famous handmade organic Taiwanese brand called Yuan Soap (A-yuan Soap/阿原肥皂)? 

The Story of Yuan Soap (A-Yuan Soap / 阿原肥皂 ) 

Just to share the story behind the brand below:

Chiang Jung Yuan, the founder of Yuan’s Soap started developing skin problems such as eczema and allergic rashes. He itched terribly whenever he used a skincare product containing preservatives. This led him to studying Chinese herbal medicines and learned to make his own soap. The handmade soaps that he made utilized basic ingredients such as oil, water, alkali salts and Chinese herbs such as with wild mugwort(艾草), Houttuynia Cordata(魚腥草), leguminosae(抹草)and camellia seed (苦茶籽) to name a few that are good for sensitive and dry skin.

The soaps are 100% natural, handmade, organic and free from artificial fragrance and colours. Hiring local villagers to help produce his soap, the current herb farm/workshop in Taiwan produces about 80,000 handmade soaps monthly that are distributed to agents in Singapore, Malaysia, Chinea, Japan, Korea and of course, Taiwan.

You can read more about the brand HERE (Taipei Times) & HERE (The Star Malaysia)

Where to Buy Yuan Soap in Singapore?

If you were wondering where to buy Yuan Soap in Singapore, there are various ways – both online and through the retail stores:

1. Yuan Soap Singapore Official Website
Website link:


2. Selected Unity Pharmacies and Retail Stores.
Refer here for the full list:

Yuan Soap (A-Yuan Soap / 阿原肥皂 ) Review

If you didn’t know, I suffer from eczema on certain parts of my body – namely my right arm, the back of my right knee and left calf. Other than that, I also have sensitive skin so I’m not able to use a number of soap brands as it may further irritate/aggravate my skin and eczema condition.

In general, I tend to prefer Westernized medicine and treatments over Chinese herbs, medications and treatments but recently, after realizing how effective the latter can be (especially for slimming purposes, refer to the TCM slimming journey HERE) – I have cultivated a healthy respect for Chinese medication and treatments.

That’s why I was really thankful to be introduced to Yuan Soap to try out their soaps for my skin to see if my skin condition could be improved!(:

In total, I was sponsored 3 different soaps of my selection from the Yuan Soap Singapore website and here’s my review below:

Delivery & Packaging

Delivery was speedy and came in a discreet looking package.

The soaps were nicely packaged in the box as below with bubble wrap as padding.

I was really spoilt for choice when I had to select only 3 soaps to try out of the large variety that Yuan Soap Singapore carries in their website.

It took me quite a while, reading through the descriptions of all soaps available on the site as each of the soap serves a different purpose and have different herbs infused in them for different properties so it really depends on what you are looking for. You can read up on all the descriptions of each soap on the website HERE!

Well, I finally managed to settle down on my 3 choices of soap – the Wild Mugwort Soap, Mandarin Orange Soap and the Mung Bean & Job’s Tears Soap!

Wild Mugwort Soap – S$13.90

The first soap that I selected is Yuan’s Soap bestseller – the Wild Mugwort Soap mainly because it is said to be able to relieve skin problems like eczema which was exactly what I was looking for! Other skin problems that it can help to relieve include itchiness from ringworm, body acne, atopic dermatitis and fungal infection. I also hear that it is good for reducing strong body odour too!

This soap is meant for a full body cleansing and it’s suitable for both oily and dry skin – and of course, sensitive skin.

The color of the soap is really interesting but I think that it might take a while to appreciate or get used to the smell of the soap as the herbal scent is very strong. Remember? This soap is 100% natural and doesn’t contain any artificial fragrances!

Mandarin Orange Soap – S$13.90

The second soap is this Mandarin Orange Soap because I realize that I have a personal liking for the mandarin orange fragrance. Other than that, the main reason for selecting this soap is because it is touted to help prevent the dreaded cellulite! It also has a gentle whitening effect with antibacterial properties because as you know, orange peel contains antibiotics  (okay, technically the antibiotics was discovered in a mould that is found in the orange peel so that’s kinda the same right? @_@)

Similar to the Wild Mugwort Soap, this soap is meant for a full body cleansing and it’s suitable for both oily and dry skin – and of course, sensitive skin.

In terms of the color and smell of the soap, I would say it definitely is most pleasing to the eye and nose because it’s quite fragrant from the natural mandarin orange scent!

Mung Bean & Job’s Tears Soap – S$13.90

The last soap I selected is the Mung Bean & Job’s Tears Soap, another popular choice for ladies. Yes, I’ve never heard of Job’s Tears (aka Coix Seeds) too till now but apparently the combination of both Mung Bean and Job’s Tears is excellent for deep cleansing, brightening and even-ing out skin tone. The soap also contains cinnamon essential oil that will help improve blood circulation giving rise to radiant glowing skin.

Unlike the first 2 soaps that are body soaps for full body cleansing, this is a facial soap that is meant to remove everyday makeup, prevent pigmentation from constant sun exposure to attain clean and clear skin! This soap is suitable for all skin types and its Yuan’s Soap most popular soap for Face!

The color and smell of the soap is again rather pleasing to both the eyes and nose and I really like it!

Overall Verdict

I’m very pleased with everything that I’ve received from Yuan Soap Singapore and I am quite excited to start using them in my whole makeup and bathing regime! It will take a while to get used to using a hard soap instead of the liquid soap that I’m used to; but I think that that’s just a slight inconvenience to enjoy the many benefits and properties of Yuan’s Soap!(:

Also with fingers crossed that the Wild Mugwort Soap is able to relieve my skin eczema ><!

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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    1. I think you mean soaps right? :p and yes, quite a number of my friends have raved over it because of its natural properties and all the goodness. Worth the price to use the products in my opinion -have you ever tried it? 😀

      1. Haha!!! SOUPS!!! I can’t stop laughing. 😛
        I tried the orange one, quite refreshing. The soap is quite lasting cos i used it for 2 months liao still got some balance. By the way, i am using it alone.

        1. lol ;p typos are normal! and ya i really like the orange one because of the smell eh! usually do you cut your soaps or just use it as a block like that? lol;x

    1. hey jayme! i have to say that it definitely helped to relieve the itching caused by the eczema in my case but curing wise, that’s really difficult to say as it depends on each individual. mine is a recurring one and i do hope that someday, it will be totally gone though – thats why im always open to trying out all the different types of products to see if they work ;p

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