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mitsueki Travels | 8D7N Japan June 2014 – Day 1 (Part 2)

Continuing on from my previous post, we had just been dropped off at our hotel by our hired driver as mentioned previously!(:

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8D7N Japan (7 – 15 June 2014)

Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku

Shinjuku is one of the most popular and highly recommended location to stay in Tokyo but I have to say that the prices of all the hotels are pretty expensive especially if you want a hotel that is located close to Shinjuku Station. That’s why after doing all my price comparisons and research based on Tripadvisor reviews, blog recommendations and others, the main hotel that I selected to stay for the majority of our trip was Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku.


Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku
〒151-0053 東京都渋谷区代々木2−3−1

And..I just realized that I totally forgot to take photos of the lobby area so here are some photos that I grabbed off the net to give you an idea of how it looks like. Also, you don’t have to worry too much about communication issues here because the hotel staff, especially the front desk staff are very well versed in English making it a breeze to check in.

There was only 1 major hitch during the check in that was my fault because apparently, I had accidentally selected a double smoking room for the bf and I instead of the non-smoking room. Ughhhh and the hotel was fully booked hence, they couldn’t accommodate to my request for a non-smoking one ><

The family was split between 2 levels with us on the 10th floor and the rest on the 7th floor. As mentioned earlier, ours was located on the smoking floor and the smell was really strong because as you know, the Japanese do smoke quite abit. For me, I was able tolerate it but the bf loathed the smell. Luckily the smell was less strong once we were in the room.


Room Tour

Ours was the smallest room category, Economy Double Room (74,528 YEN, about S$155 per room / night inclusive of breakfast). I would also highly recommend that you select the DOUBLE room rather than the TWIN room because the space difference between the 2 rooms (same price) isHUGE. You’ll see why later but first, a quick room tour.

As you can tell, it’s a small and basic hotel room for this category and price. I had already read the reviews online so I was quite prepared for a small room like the one we had at CityInn Branch II in Taiwan and well, it was JUST slightly bigger than I expected (but the toilet is much smaller because they included a bathtub!). The entrance has a closet area and full length mirror at the side. More importantly, there is sufficient space in the room to roll your luggage in and keep it without blocking anything.

080-20140607_143100 081-20140607_143105 082-20140607_143109 083-20140607_143114085-20140607_143305

It’s a queen bed if you were wondering with free pajamas provided by the hotel that are changed daily. Bed was super comfy though and I had many nights of wonderful sleep on it(:

084-20140607_143128  089-20140607_143338086-20140607_143310 087-20140607_143318 088-20140607_143325

Also, don’t forget to sign up for the free Eddy loyalty card upon check in as it comes with some perks such as late check out(:


Basic amenities such as a television (limited channels), fridge, kettle and a tray of complimentary coffee and tea.


The toilet is also rather small as you can tell but again, it has everything you need such as the bathroom amenities (toothbrush, comb etc), hair dryer and soap, shampoo and conditioner. We never used the bathtub during our stay here as we weren’t a fan but I have to say that the shower’s water pressure is fantastic and so are the hotel provided soap and shampoo! I don’t know what brand they used but my hair was so soft and shiny after using it – should have asked before I left XD


Hehe, and if you were reading this and you thought our room was small..wait till you see the Economy TWIN rooms that the rest of them had. Yes, I mentioned I read many reviews online and I warned them about the small hotel room but we didn’t expect was how TINY it was! Essentially, the room sizes were the same, but because they had to separate the beds and change the configuration, the space, it ate up quite a lot of space.

All our jaws literally dropped because to get into the room especially for the other side of the bed, you have to squeeze through this narrow area. Also, only 1 person can get through at a time, though an alternative measure is to climb over the bed. The free space for luggage was extremely limited and they had to carry the luggage over the other side painstakingly. Really, really cramped room so if you had a lot of luggage like the sister and mom, just take the DOUBLE room, share the bed and enjoy the space.

281-20140607_223943 282-20140607_223953 283-20140607_224006

Exploring Shinjuku

After taking a short rest in our rooms, it was time to finally venture out into the surrounding area to explore. We started off by making a quick stop at Family Mart just opposite our hotel to purchase an umbrella as it was raining. Oh, and it rained by the way – a light drizzle that can last the WHOLE DAY AND NIGHT.

Sharing photos of the awesome items sold at Family Mart before the staff told me that no photos were allowed L Bahawahahaha, luckily I’ve already taken many already. Anyway, this was one of our favourite Family Marts during our trip because it carried loads of stuff!

There’s an area full of MUJI items, stationary, books, comics and in general – FOOD AND SNACKS GALORE (spot the melon pan bread!)!

041-20140607_122248 042-20140607_122253 043-20140607_122304 044-20140607_122427 045-20140607_122441

P.s, we picked up the most popular type of umbrellas in Japan, the clear types!

Next on, we were getting hungry. Unlike in Taiwan, I didn’t plan too much for our meals here so we basically just walked around the streets of Shinjuku till we found a restaurant that looked interesting and appetizing. But seriously, food is not an issue here in Tokyo but prices-wise, it can be rather expensive especially in a big group.

046-20140607_122821047-20140607_123120 048-20140607_123129 049-20140607_123428

First Meal in Tokyo: Negishi ねぎし

While walking, we stumbled upon this restaurant and headed in.


We were completely at a loss initially after stepping in but luckily there was a Taiwanese waitress who helped us with our seats and menu (no English menu available).

Negishi ねぎし

The restaurant is actually called Negishi which is a Gyutan (beef tongue) chain casual restaurant which is really popular amongst the Japanese because it is quite affordable. The menu is very limited offering 3 options between chicken, beef or pork. Of course, if you are up for it – try their specialty which is the beef tongue!

051-20140607_123915 052-20140607_124144

Both the bf and I ordered their grilled pork loin lunch set (800 yen, S$10) each which came in ameal set (Teishoku 定食)as below. Each set comes a small plate of pork loin with a bowl of mugi-meshi (barley rice), oxtail soup, pickled vegetables and tororo (grated mountain yam flavoured with soy sauce).

P.s pour the tororo over the rice – it’s yummy!

If I am not wrong, the rice is free flow along with the green tea so it will definitely keep you full! Overall, it was a great first meal and the smoky barbequed pork loin was just super delicious!


As we sat at a different table from the rest due to us being a big group, I only knew that some of them tried the beef tongue set and they were raving over it. Guess it was good too? D:


Next up, we headed into Lumine located next to Shinjuku Station to have a look-see. Do note that there are a couple of Lumines in the area (Lumine 1, Lumine 2 and Lumine Est).


Well, the lift was so pretty so we randomly went in to check out the stores inside the building.

058-20140607_131907 059-20140607_131914 060-20140607_132000 061-20140607_132003

Have to say that the prices were really expensive and it houses mostly big name and Japanese brands.

062-20140607_132135 063-20140607_132149 064-20140607_132523

Decided to skip it and headed down to the Food Hall at the basement where it was literally a food paradise! It was exactly like the food hall at Takashimaya we have in Singapore but on a much much larger scale and filled with so many yummy and tempting snacks! This is a great place to buy souvenirs back home as well or as a snack back at the hotel room!

065-20140607_133849 066-20140607_133857 067-20140607_133931 068-20140607_133941 069-20140607_134015 070-20140607_134134 071-20140607_134240

UGHHH the pastries looked so good right?! All of us couldn’t resist and bought something – how to not TRY?!?! drools

072-20140607_134249 073-20140607_134255 074-20140607_134513 075-20140607_134557 076-20140607_135020 077-20140607_135218 078-20140607_140251094-20140607_151436

And now ending off with a kawaii female panda bus we spotted in the streets as we were heading back to the hotel to dump our loots!

Stay tuned for Day 1 (Part 3) as we head on to explore Ikebukuro (NEKO CAFÉ!) after that!(:

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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