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BREAKING | Malaysia plane MH17 shot down and crashes in Ukraine near Russian border: Interfax

Was just checking my Facebook newsfeed and I saw this breaking news – to share if you haven’t seen it yet:

Malaysian passenger plane crashes in Ukraine near Russian border: Interfax

KIEV (AFP/Reuters) – A Malaysian airliner flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur has crashed in east Ukraine, where pro-Russian rebels are battling government forces, Russian and Ukrainian news agencies reported, citing aviation and security sources.

Photo of MH17 taken by passenger Cor Pan before the flight

The Boeing passenger liner came down close to town of Shaktarsk in the rebellion-wracked region of Donetsk after disappearing from the radar and teams from the emergency services were trying to reach the scene, an unnamed security source told Interfax-Ukraine news agency.

The plane had 295 people on board, Interfax cited an aviation industry source as saying on Thursday. All 295 people aboard the plane were killed, a Ukrainian interior ministry official said, blaming “terrorists” using a ground-to-air missile.


8.35AM SG/KL: Malaysian Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai to hold press conference at 11am local time.

8.11AM SG/KL:  Many of the passengers on MH17 were heading to the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne. The International AIDS Society says several colleagues, including its former president Professor Joep Lange, were on board.

7.40AM SG/KL: Latest passenger manifest details from Malaysia Airlines: 154 Dutch, 43 Malaysians (including 15 crew and 2 infants), 27 Australians, 12 Indonesians (including 1 infant), 9 Britons, 4 Germans, 4 Belgians, 3 Filipinos, 1 Canadian. 41 passengers remain unverified.

7.30AM SG/KL: Malaysia Airlines says that with immediate effect, all European flights operated by the airline will take alternative routes.

The airline also confirms MH17 did not make a distress call, and that the usual flight route was earlier declared safe by the International Civil Aviation Organisation. International Air Transportation Association has also stated that the airspace the aircraft was traversing was not subject to restrictions.

7.20AM SG/KL: US officials, speaking to AFP on condition of anonymity, have confirmed MH17 was shot down over Ukraine by a surface-to-air missile Thursday but it was unclear who fired the weapon.

16.34 Interfax are saying that the plane was shot down.

16.28 Initial reports suggested that the flight could have been Malaysia Airlines MH17, which left Amsterdam at 12.14. It was due to arrive in Kuala Lumpur at 06.09.

**CONFIRMED BY MAS that is is indeed MH17**

16.27 Unconfirmed reports on Twitter showed YouTube footage of a large pall of smoke in fields near Shaktersk. The footage could not be verified.

В Торезе сбили самолет

Credits: The Straits Times & Telegraph UK


RIP to all 298 victims on board the plane. Prayers and wishes go out to the families of the victims.

And here’s something really eerie.

One of passengers, Cor Pan, a Dutch had made a joke making a reference to the missing MH370 before boarding the doomed plane: ‘If it disappears, this is what it looks like’.

He died on board with his girlfriend..

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