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LTA’s Graciousness Campaign 2014 | Bring out the thoughtfulness in you!

It’s a fact that everyone(or should I say that most people?) knows that there is a need to be gracious when taking the public transportation – be it in Singapore or anywhere in the world.

Here’s the problem – most people know it, but don’t display it mainly because most of us get caught up in what we’re doing – like watching TV dramas on our mobile devices, or listening to music during our daily commute. Admit it – most of us do that <_<

As such, we sometimes tend to miss out on what’s going on around us, and it’s hard to be thoughtful for someone if we aren’t paying attention. So sometimes, all we need is a gentle reminder to be more aware of our surroundings, thus the theme for this year’s LTA Graciousness programme is ‘Bring out the thoughtfulness in you’.

Bring out the thoughtfulness in you!

LTA Graciousness campaign, ‘Bring out the thoughtfulness in you’ features cute cartoon characters that represent the everyday commuter to help deliver the message of being thoughtful aka gracious to fellow passengers!


I’m sure you must have spotted these 3 characters on the LTA SG’s Facebook page and Youtube as well as various locations like MRT Stations, facades and on buses as hangers.

So let’s meet the gang!(:

There’s Stand-up Stacey, Move-in Martin and Give-way Glenda. They’re like you and me, the “everyman” commuter who’s just trying to do the right thing, inviting commuters to deliver the positive in all of us.

Meet Move-In Martin!

Move-in Martin moves in so that others can board the bus and train

Move-in Martin

Meet Give-Way Glenda!

Give-Way Glenda gives way to alighting passengers by queuing up and letting them alight first.

Give-way Glenda

Meet Stand-Up Stacey!

Stand-up Stacey is the thoughtful you who gives up the seat to those who need it more


Stand-up Stacey

Create your own character on the Thoughtful-Me Creator & Win Prizes!

Here’s whats even better! An opportunity to win some prizes including a lovely Casio Exilim EX-TR35, a 2D1N staycation at Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa and shopping vouchers! 

Oh here’s a BONUS extra – you might have the chance to see the character that you’ve created published on the publicity posters as well!

How to Win/Join?

LTA has created a Facebook application, Thoughtful Me Creator, to engage the public in creating their own characters depicting other positive commuter behaviours. Users will be able to customise his/her character’s appearance, as well as his/her name and character traits. Winning entries will also be featured in the second part of LTA’s campaign, where they introduce more characters!

lta lta2

I also tried my hand at creating my own characters and I thought of 2! XD

Meet Litter-Free Lily!


Meet Smiley Sally!


Looks fun? Go create your own Thoughtful Me Character now! Multiple entries allowed 😉

Vote for your favorite submissions and win prizes!

At the same time, don’t forget to vote for your favourite submissions and you will stand to win prizes! Yepp, 20 lucky voters stand to walk away with shopping vouchers worth $20!(:


Let’s all be Gracious!

Being gracious isn’t very difficult – they are all small actions such as giving way to alighting passengers, moving in instead of hogging the front of the train/bus, standing up to give your seats to those you know need it more than you.

But of course, being gracious is also not limited to these 3 areas but hey, that’s a good start right? 🙂

It's the little things that can put a smile on someone's face. 
So let's all try to be just be a little gracious!(:

*Commuters were polled in a post-campaign survey by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) following its Graciousness Programme last year

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