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mitsueki Travels | 9D8N Taiwan February 2014 – Day 9

It’s been a long journey getting this travelogue up over the last few months but I’m glad to say that this has finally come to an end with this last installment!

You can read all my previous posts on my Taiwan trip here:

Before I start on the last post, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank my readers to have been following this particular travelogue over the months and I do hope that it has been somewhat useful to anybody who is planning a trip to Taiwan in the upcoming months / or has been interesting for you to read.


Pretty much re-wore the exact airport clothes that I wore back on Day 1. Heck, it’s okay to recycle clothes while you’re on holiday so yeah. Threw on my jacket over it as it was a pretty cold and rainy day on that particular morning. Was really blessed to have enjoyed sunshine throughout most of the days in Taiwan despite weather reports saying that it was going to be rainy during our stay here but luckily, it was all good. Except for the last day and the night before though 😛


Heading to Taoyuan Airport

Oh and again, we kinda overslept due to a night of spamming all the free HD movies and just quickly rushed out to do the checkout as our cab driver was picking us up from our hotel to bring us to the airport.

The cab driver whom I engaged was Mr Zhao (+886-936-994-558 / 趙先生, Mandarin speaking only) whose contact I got off the Tripadvisor forum as his 1 way airport transfer service fare was really reasonable at 750 TWD. According to the other users, his fees for a normal day tour of 8hrs is $3200NT to places such as Keelung, Yelan. For my Xinshe/Taichung drivers, you may refer HERE instead!

Mr Zhao was very punctual and was waiting outside our hotel (CityInn Branch II) at our stated timing of 11am with his big and comfy white car and proceeded to send us off to the airport then(:


Checking in at Taoyuan Airport

Ah, checking in at the airport of your destination means the end of the journey in the country and so I always find it very sad when I’m at the airport >_<


Anyway, our luggage for your reference, lol! Erms, most of the luggage is mine by the way HAHAHAHHAAHAHA! The bf’s luggage is all packed into his backpack so you can image what nonsense we had been buying all this while. But actually, not a lot lahhh!~ Most of it was food!

And ya, we were flying by Tiger Airways and if you were wondering – yes, we pre-bought luggage beforehand, 40kg for myself and 20kg for the bf. Lol, in the end though; everything weighed slightly less than 40kg but well – better to be safe than sorry right?!


Shopping & Eating at Taoyuan Airport

We still had time to spare before our flight back to Singapore so I headed into a duty free shop (昇恆昌免稅商店 Ever Rich Duty Free Shop) to check out the cosmetics and spend the rest of our Taiwan moolah. Never really tried the benefit makeup range before so I bought a couple as they were rather raved after.

Total bomb was 3566 TWD (S$160) but I think it was worth it considering the number of free stuff I got in the end XD

08-20140302_123958 09-20140302_124102

We were walking to our gate and then I realized how freaking far some of the gates were. Like wth???!! Gates D10 / C10 were 32 / 37 minutes walk away???!!! Oh and ours was A1 which was a 14 minutes walk =_= Didn’t have a choice so duh, had to walk!

10-20140302_124206 11-20140302_124309

Quite a number of shops that you can check out along the way but our rumbling tummies led us to a dining spot instead as we wanted to get a meal before we boarded the plane.


Hómee Kitchen 好饗廚房

The closest restaurant to our gate was this restaurant called Homee Kitchen and we stopped by to grab our brunch as we were pretty hungry!

A mixture of Taiwanese and Japanese selection awaits including yummy sandwiches!

14-20140302_124721 15-20140302_124725

The bf went ahead and ordered a random ramen off the menu.

16-20140302_125943 17-20140302_130003

I decided to order a bowl of my favourite Taiwanese dish, the beef noodles soup – extremely delicious, would recommend it. Surprised too as this was airport food, but the standard was pretty good(:


Also gave into impulse and bought sandwiches to eat onboard our 6 hour plane ride later.


Pretty small departure lounge area but well, it was for a budget flight ;x I was just glad that there were no delays!

19-20140302_131937 20-20140302_134007 21-20140302_134658

Good bye Taiwan!

On Board the Plane!

And on board the plane, this time we were armed with plenty of entertainment including a book for my reading pleasure – Don’t Just Speak Love by Chalie Teh (read my review HERE!)

The bf’s iPad for movie purposes!


And delicious sandwiches that we bought from Hómee Kitchen 好饗廚房 earlier on!

23-20140302_151106 24-20140302_151148 25-20140302_151159

Back to Singapore

The journey back was much faster than the journey there – mainly because we had plenty of entertainment this time round so the hours flew by.

27-20140302_183617 28-20140302_183734 29-20140302_183751

Welcome back to Changi Airport and home – where the bf’s mom whisked us off home and later I dropped off at my house to do something that I dread the most! ><


Post Holiday Nightmare – The Unpacking

It’s easy packing for a holiday but I think that the unpacking process the worst nightmare EVER! Roar, these were all that I had to unpack upon my return home T_T


Loots from Taiwan

Well, at least there is one good thing about unpacking – the fact that I can show you my loots that I brought back from Taiwan! Lol, literally everything here were souvenirs that I gave away to colleagues, family and friends alike!

32-20140302_224126 33-20140302_224133

Hehe and my beauty masks! Regretted not purchasing the My Beauty Diary strawberry yogurt mask but well, luckily it’s a brand easily found in Singapore; albeit at a more expensive price!


All these were bought for my mom; mainly assam black tea, dried mushrooms, lavender pouchesand a sky lantern.


All my LINE items that I got from the LINE exhibition!


Clothes I got from Wufenpu and Taipei Underground Shopping Mall! Not alot because it wasn’t summer season!


And all my cheap shoes from Taipei Underground Shopping Mall! Super super soft and comfy!(:

38-20140303_000529 43-20140303_004717

 And guess what? That’s the end of the last post!(:

Once again, thank you very much for reading my travelogue – I really appreciate it! ><

Coming up next: 8D7N Tokyo Travelogue / 3D2N W Hotel Sentosa Cove Staycation – stay tuned!

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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  1. Dear Mitsueki, Thank you so much for the information that you are sharing here, indeed great effort in your Taiwan Blog. They are very detailed, interesting and informative. Really a lot of hard work and being a reader trying to find out some info about Taichung. I ended up reading all your posts about your Taiwan trip. I do plan my own trips & usually do a lot of “homework” – still your blog is still the best I have ever come across. It’s not easy taking notes, photos & still enjoying your holidays at the same time. Good Job!!

    1. Hi there!

      Thanks so much too for dropping by and taking the time to leave this lovely comment and feedback!(: Really enjoyed putting this travelogue up as well for people to read about my experience in Taiwan (though this is quite tiring to do up!) but comments like yours really make my day!

      Am also working on my Japan travelogue, so if ever you plan to head there – drop by to read too 🙂

      Have a great day!

      1. Dear Mitsueki,
        We are back from our short Taipei/Taichung trip:) Did some sight-seeing; “copying” yours but not so much packed in a day though. We are too lazy to chiong for many places, hahaha!
        btw could you kindly share your itinerary with me so I could keep them and go Taiwan again!
        Thank You so much:) Email:

  2. Hello!

    It was a pleasure reading about your trip as I was planning mine, very informative and detailed!
    Can you kindly send me your itinerary for this trip as well as a rough amount you had spent in total for this trip? Really appreciate it a lot! Thanks! Looking forward to your Japan post in June!

  3. Hello!

    It was a pleasure reading about your trip as I was planning mine, very informative and detailed!
    Can you kindly send me your itinerary for this trip as well as a rough amount you had spent in total for this trip? Really appreciate it a lot! Thanks! Looking forward to your Japan post in June!

    Commenting again as I forgot to include my email address haha!

    1. hi joash, actually i can see your email hehe(:

      meanwhile, have sent you my itinerary – and uhmmm i don’t really remember how much i spent though, probably 4-5k for the whole trip?! ><

      btw, my japan travelogue is completed!
      do refer here: //

  4. Hi mitsueki,
    ii having a very time reading ur blog for sometimes really love it.
    am planning to go taiwan for 1wk plus .
    can u send me ur itinerary for taiwan as reference ?
    Thx u 🙂

  5. Hi mitsueki, thank you for sharing all the essential taiwan information here! I will be doing a trip like yours in late apr i was wondering if i could request a copy of your itinerary too? my email address is

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

  6. hello!
    Gotta say that i really enjoyed reading your travelogue. really informative and interesting. thumbs up! thank you for the effort in putting together this travelogue so that a lot of us get to benefit from it. i know a lot of people have requested for the itinerary but… i kinda need it too :X planning for a trip soon and really getting a big headache as to where to go and how to go. Would really appreciate if you could send a copy of it to me too @ . thank you in advance! (:

    1. Hi Rena, thank you for your lovely comments and it makes me feel appreciated when you guys found my travelogue useful for your trip planning!(: And of course, have sent it yo your email as well! Cheers!

  7. Hi mitsueki,
    its been fun reading your travel experience to Taiwan and it gives me a lot of ideas on how to plan my trip which is also 9days 8nights! I hope it wouldn’t be too troublesome for you, can you send a copy of your itinerary to Thanks alot~! Ohhh and also, how much did you spent in total for your trip? (including the expense for both of you two).
    Much appreciated!! 🙂

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    From all the blog that I read as referal, yours is the most detailed of all.
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    I enjoyed so much reading your travelogue to Taiwan, you wrote it in the form of so informative and fun, would you mind share the itinerary to me?

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    I really enjoyed reading your Taiwan travelogue. They are detailed, interesting and really informative! Your blog is the best from all the blogs I read. Good effort! =) I’m planning my Taiwan trip and doing research on where and what to do now. It would really appreciate if you could send me a copy of your itinerary if it’s not too much of a hassle.
    My email address:

    1. Hi kiki, thanks for your lovely words! glad my effort in writing down my experience to share with my readers isnt going to waste!(: and yepp, have sent you my itinerary!(:

  12. Hi Mitsueki,
    I really enjoyed reading your Taiwan travelogue. They are detailed, interesting and really informative! Your blog is the best from all the blogs I read. Good effort! =) I’m planning my Taiwan trip and doing research on where and what to do now. It would really appreciate if you could send me a copy of your itinerary if it’s not too much of a hassle.
    My email address:

    Thanks in advance

  13. Hi Mitsueki,

    I will be going on a free and easy trip to Taiwan in Sep and I have not started anything except booked the flights. I was in a slight panic mode until I stumbled on your blog. Love it!!!! Do you mind give me a hand and send me an estimation of how much you spent and your travel itinerary at

    Tyvm!! 

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  17. Hi Mitsueki, this is one of the most detailed blogs I’ve ever read for a holiday! Coincidentally, my friend and I are planning to go to Taiwan for 9 days as well! 🙂 We had some trouble planning for our days, hence may I humbly request for your itinerary? ^^ I understand you may be busy and all so do take your time with this, thank you so much!

  18. Hi Mitsueki, your Taiwan travleogue is really detailed and useful for my upcoming trip in November. I see you have put in much effort into this. Enjoy reading your posts!

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