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mitsueki Travels | 9D8N Taiwan February 2014 – Day 8

Well, sometimes things don’t go your way and that day was one of the days that didn’t. The initial plan was to head down to Wulai and spend the day there. The bf preferred the city since we spent quite a number of days in the mountainous area already so I had to change my plans to head to Leofoo Village Theme Park (六福村吉祥物哈比) instead to have a spot of fun.

You can read all my previous posts on my Taiwan trip here:

Obviously, plans changed again because we totally overslept after a super tiring day on Day 7! So in the end, I decided to have a more relaxing schedule on this day instead.

And what’s the general plan? Let’s see, to locate a few places that I wanted to visit and try out the food, spend the rest of the day doing souvenir shopping at the Taipei Underground Mall before ending off the day at Ningxia Night Market.


Let’s start off with my OOTD! Was thinking whether I wanted to wear my fur lined parka but in the end – I decided not to as we weren’t heading out of Taipei city. So yeah, it’s not very cold if you are in Taipei city in general but if you move out of it like towards the Pingxi line like in Day 6, I would recommend you wear something warmer in the month of February(:

070-20140301_115212 071-20140301_115331

Egg Tart Workshop 蛋塔工場

We headed downwards towards the first stop, the Egg Tart Workshop 蛋塔工場 to see if we could pick up some ice cream filled egg tarts and Portuguese egg tarts from the shop as I’ve heard a couple of great reviews about it. Plus it’s something new to try – so why not right? It’s about 5~10 minutes walk from CityInn Branch II and we knew our way because we spotted it during our walk towards頂好Wellcome 24 Hour supermarket last night/

Unfortunately, we were informed by the cashier that we couldn’t just buy 1 or 2 tarts to try but six at a go instead priced at 150 TWD. We knew we definitely couldn’t finish all the tarts at a go so we had to give it a pass. Bah, I think we should have just gone ahead and tried it right? 🙁

Anyway, quick update from jaysuneatstaipei’s blog: They now sell eight smaller egg tarts per box instead of six. This was probably done to cut cost, as less of the inside would need to be used, which isn’t as cheap as the crust. Therefore, there isn’t as much filling in each egg tart. It really makes their egg tarts not taste nearly as good as they used to. Also, they stopped selling the ice cream tarts. They now sell a box of six cheesecake pieces. They taste good, but the pieces are so small that it’s ridiculous.


Rilakkuma Character Shop

Just opposite the Egg Tart Workshop is a small shop selling Rilakkuma items. Went in to take a look but the items were really pretty expensive. They did say that they were authentic pieces imported from Japan but well, nay – though I was really, really, really tempted by the red Rilakkuma backpack ><


50 Lan (50嵐)

As a Singaporean, you must have heard of the bubble tea brand, KOI. If you haven’t then seriously, you must be living under a bubble =_= Anyway, long story short – this bubble tea brand 50嵐is the original KOI from Taiwan, just that they marketed themselves as KOI in Singapore.

Just so happened that there was one near our hotel about 5 minutes walk away (near to the McDonald’s and KFC side) and I made the bf get one to try because I don’t drink milk tea! Muhahahahas, he didn’t really like it though as he wasn’t a fan of KOI in the first place but well, nothing ventured – nothing gained ;x

075-20140301_122426 076-20140301_122454 077-20140301_122519 078-20140301_122528 079-20140301_122624

8 Way 八方雲集

While I was doing my research from breakfast joints around our hotel area, one of the names that kept popping out was this chain called 8 Way 八方雲集 which I hear serves decent cream corn soup, pot stickers and noodles at really affordable prices.

One of the outlets is just next to 50嵐 and it’s a tie in with another chain that serves loads of other food too. We walked pass this row of food stalls daily during our stay but unfortunately, never made time to try it out. And yes, I know we seem to have time today but it was almost noon by that time and I wanted to eat something else ;x


And that something else is an authentic bowl of Taiwanese beef noodles! I’ve only eaten beef noodles ONCE in Taiwan and that was at Shilin Night Market as mentioned HERE! But I wanted a more authentic experience and so we set out trying to find one near the vicinity.

Eh, I can’t remember how I chanced upon the name of this shop – but if I am not wrong, I think it was a recommended shop listed in the CityInn Branch II list of eateries! But let me tell you, it was no easy feat trying to locate this famous Taiwanese beef noodles store though! We even had to head in to the CityInn Branch III and ask the staff there because we simply couldn’t locate it! But actually it’s in one of the alleys near Branch III, about a 15 ~ 20 minutes walk away from Branch II.

082-20140301_124231 083-20140301_124432


Regardless, we were finally here! The shop was completely full and we had to wait our turn but luckily it was just two of us so it wasn’t too long a wait.

You can tell that it’s pretty famous as seen from the numerous awards around the shop and it’s usually frequented by locals.

084-20140301_125726 085-20140301_125803087-20140301_130156

The pricing of the noodles is affordable and we could see everyone slurping and gulping down huge bowls of noodles with gusto!


Lol, and there’s even instructions telling you how to enjoy your beef noodles to the fullest!


These are preserved vegetables that I see all the locals add to their noodles. I later tried it too and it definitely added a different taste to my soup!

Also, don’t order the 牛肉湯麵 (60 TWD) that the bf ordered if you are looking for the proper beef noodles soup because you are only ordering beef noodles soup – literally without any beef. The poor guy was like..where’s my beef??

Instead, order what I did – 红烧牛肉麵 (120 TWD), this one comes with the meat and a better soup!(: In terms of taste, it was really good and I can see why the locals enjoy their meal to the last drop of soup because that was what we did too! Highly recommend you check it out if you are ever in the vicinity!

089-20140301_130259 090-20140301_130703 091-20140301_130709



And just sharing a random photo of the economical rice stall that we passed by on the way to the Underground Shopping Mall, the food looks good right?! Super large servings too ~_~


Shopping at Taipei Main Station Underground Mall

As mentioned in Day 5 (Part 2), there are 4 malls at Taipei Main Station Underground Mall, namely Station Front Metro Mall (Z), Taipei City Mall (Y), Taipei New World Mall (K) and Zhongshan Metro Mall (R). Previously we explored most of the 4 malls and we were back again to do our souvenir shopping and other shopping!

Le Cake / Li Yi Cake Shop (李儀餅店)

Since we were around Station Front Metro Mall (Z) in the first place, we headed first to Le Cake or Li Yi Cake Shop (李儀餅店), one of the more famous bakeries in Taiwan specializing in sun biscuits (太陽鉼) and pineapple tarts located near the Z3/Z6 exit.

The other famous one is Chia Te Bakery 佳德糕餅 but it was out of the way for us so we stocked up all our pineapple tarts from Le Cake instead. I still prefer Taichung’s sun biscuits and pineapple tarts from 阿明師老店太陽堂 (Ah Ming Shi Lao Dian Tai Yang Tang) though!


And just random photos around the malls, more photos and such can be seen from Day 5 (Part 2)(:

095-20140301_134658 096-20140301_135224 097-20140301_135234

I have to mention that Taipei Underground mall is seriously the best place to pick up all your shoes because practically every shop sells shoes for 200 TWD (S$8.50) for a pair / 350 ~ 400 TWD (S$15.00) for 2 pairs and that’s really, really cheap! Suffice to say, I went crazy shopping for shoes, hahahhaa!

098-20140301_141744 099-20140301_141752

Oh and clothes too are pretty affordable(: This brand called MIKI is pretty popular and they have quite a few outlets throughout all 4 malls. Bought a couple of items from the shop!

101-20140301_151234 102-20140301_151756

Otaku lovers look no further than Taipei City Mall (Y) because all that you are looking for will be at this particular end which is filled with otaku-related shops! The butler and maid cafes that we passed by previously as mentioned HERE are also located here(:


And where we stopped at will be no surprise for friends that know the bf – an anime bookstore!


Hehe, and I even spotted fukubukuros (fortune bags) filled with random gachapon items! And rows of gachapon machines too~

105-20140301_153532 106-20140301_153547

But seriously, the bf was in heaven! Plus Chuang Yi had already closed down then so he had to make do with Tong Li (東立), a Taiwanese publishing company and it’s much cheaper to buy them in Taiwan naturally!(:

107-20140301_153705 108-20140301_153708 109-20140301_153807 110-20140301_154842

After all that shopping, we headed back to our hotel first to drop off our loots so far as it was so heavy!

清玉好茶 King Tea

As we headed back to the Underground Shopping Mall from the hotel, we passed by this tea shop called 清玉好茶 King Tea, a few shops down 50 Lan (50嵐) and decided to get a drink here.

The good thing here is that they have an English menu so it was so much easier to order for me instead of having the bf translate for me. Hehe!

If I remember right, the bf had the normal bubble tea while I had a honey iced tea(: Came in a HUGE cup, think it’s really worth it!(:

111-20140301_180249 112-20140301_180436 113-20140301_180443 114-20140301_180716

Back for more Shopping!

And then we were back to the Underground Shopping Mall for more shopping!

Momi & Toy’s Creperie

Oh and spotted Momi & Toy’s Creperie along the way – it’s originally from Japan by the way and it’s pretty popular in Taipei(:

117-20140301_182242 118-20140301_182249 119-20140301_182306

We even spotted some lolitas dining there too!


Was slightly hungry so we headed to mister donut to get a couple of donuts! I still think that the original glazed pon de ring is the best as mentioned HERE!


Passed by a random shop in the mall and spotted these adorable bags and I got a couple – 1 for myself and the other for the bf’s sister as a souvenir(:

122-20140301_191010 123-20140301_191028

I also saw these adorable Studio Ghibli / Totoro watches for sale at the shop too! Was really tempted to get one but I didn’t because I don’t wear one in the first place, but they were really nice right?


Stopped by an arcade as we spotted these cute locks and tried to get a couple for our new luggage bags! Just nice – 1 each for our bags!(:

125-20140301_191253 126-20140301_201511

Oops and yeah, I also picked up some new luggage tags and My Beauty Diary masks from the nearby Cosmed opposite the hotel to end off the shopping trip~


Heading to Ningxia Night Market 寧夏夜市

Our last stop for the night was Ningxia Night Market 寧夏夜市 and according to directions on the CityInn Branch II map and receptionist, it was pretty much a straight route downwards from the hotel (towards the Egg Tart Workshop 蛋塔工場) making it about a 15~25 minutes walk to reach the night market.


Ningxia Night Market 寧夏夜市

And we were finally here!


Now if you were wondering about Ningxia Night Market, here are more details: 

Ningxia Night Market 寧夏夜市 is a small and traditional night market in western Taipei proper. It’s located in one of the oldest parts of the city, in a small district called Datong 大同. Stretched along the Ningxia Road, it’s very close to Taipei Circle (台北圓環), a famous day market, that was located inside a big roundabout and dated back to 1910, when Taiwan was under Japan.

The whole area used to be one of Taipei’s most vibrant parts in the 20th century. Some of it is preserved, but a lot of it was transformed and modernized. If you visit Ningxia Road and the surrounding parts, you might feel the atmosphere of how Taipei once was.

– mykafkeasquelife

Ningxia Night Market is a pretty small night market usually frequented by mostly locals and it has both food and game stalls alike – and it reminds me of a smaller version of Shilin Night Market but with a more local flavour.

The Game Stalls

And just sharing photos around the place starting off with the game stalls. Lol, the bf and I really love these Taiwanese game stalls at the night markets – most of them differ from one night market to another(:


The Food Stalls

As always for your reference if you were wondering about the recommendations to eat at Ningxia Night Market:

MUST EATS: 蓮飲料吧 Lian’s Sugarcane Juice, 圓環邊蚵仔煎 Roundabout Oyster 
Omelette, 米糕 Tainan Savory Rice Pudding (NT30), 蚵仔煎 Oyster Omelette 
(NT 60) - better than shilin, 方家雞肉飯 Fang’s Chicken Rice, 
劉芋仔 Liu’s Yam Ball, BBQ shell fish, 旺来蛋糕 Wang Lai Cakes

It was starting to drizzle at that time so we just rushed through the night market food stalls first!


P.s this long queue here is for the oyster omelette which is both famous and popular. But don’t worry, there are plenty of oyster omelette stalls around!


Formosa Chang (鬍鬚張 )

As mentioned, it was drizzling right? We were hungry so we seeked shelter and food at Formosa Chang (鬍鬚張 ) that had an outlet here at Ningxia Night Market! Was really happy about it because we didn’t get to try it previously so yay!

Menu below for your reference – really affordable ya?


Ordered a couple of dishes including the MUST ORDER Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice (滷肉飯)! I really enjoyed this alot and would highly recommend you try it too from Formosa Chang given the opportunity!

The bf on the other hand, enjoyed the Taiwanese braised chicken rice 雞肉飯 better though ~_~ We also ordered a few other dishes – a stewed pork belly and fresh Taiwanese vegetables.

Definitely one of the best dinner that we enjoyed in Taiwan and we enjoyed every bite!(:


And despite our tummies being filled up, we continued on in our quest for good food – this time for the oyster omelette we heard rave reviews about at Ningxia Night Market. Went to this shop called 圓環邊蚵仔煎 Roundabout Oyster Omelette for 蚵仔煎 Oyster Omelette and 米糕 Tainan Savory Rice Pudding.

The process of making the oyster omelette is downright fascinating and we were watching them prepare while queuing up for our turn to enter the shop(:


And here’s what we ordered – the 米糕 Tainan Savory Rice Pudding (NT30). Yeah it looks like the braised chicken rice that the bf had earlier right? But this is different because it’s glutinous rice and it tastes really different. A good experience to try if you have the opportunity(;


And of course, the much touted about 蚵仔煎 Oyster Omelette! Unfortunately, I was the only person who could eat it as the bf was allergic to shellfish.

It was definitely different from our oyster omelette here in Singapore as it was much, much more starchy with less egg, more veggies and many more oysters though I do have to say that the oysters were really fresh. It was also liberally spread with this sweet sauce and I think I much prefer our Singapore version though >_<~


After that, we went to a nearby arcade as it was still raining to try our luck at the games there.


And then we tried playing all the games at the game stalls we saw earlier hehehe.


And finally, the rain stopped and we could continue back our exploration of Ningxia Night Market and actually eating at some of the stalls there. Lol, yeah, we did eat quite abit that night – starting off with this peanut mochi.

Super huge mochi yeah?! Unfortunately I thought that it wasn’t too fantastic :<


We also spotted 劉芋仔 Liu’s Yam Ball but the queue was really too long so we opted to skip it instead ~_~


Instead, we went for something sweet from Arnor crepes 阿諾法式可麗餅. They even had this super comprehensive menu in English/Chinese to choose from and we went ahead with the Banana with Chocolate crepes!


Super huge, crispy and yummy!(:


And lastly, we spend the rest of the night playing this game till late. It’s a pretty simple game really – somewhat like pachinko but easier and more fun!


And we won all these from the game ^^ Super happy because I got a few Rilakkuma related items~


Well, that’s it for Day 8 and I was really happy that we had such a fun filled day to end off the last full day we had left in Taipei as we were flying back to Singapore the next day.

The travelogue is finally coming to an end and I have to thank you for reading it/following this travelogue so far! I can’t wait to finish this up to start on the new one – my Japan travelogue coming up soon(:

Stay tuned!

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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