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mitsueki Travels | 9D8N Taiwan February 2014 – Day 7 (Part 2)

After visiting the LINE FRIENDS Interactive Amusement Park Exhibition, we were off to our next stop – XiMenDing 西門町!

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These are our adorable You You Ka by the way, really cute designs – not sure if I’ve mentioned it previously. But anyway, they act like the EZ link card that we have here in Singapore!

Took the MRT from Jiantan Station to XiMenDing Station. Pretty easy to navigate their MRT system as it’s like Singapore. But I think that it is going to be a huge horror for me to navigate Japan’s train system though when I’m there – but that will be a different travelogue all together XD


Welcome to XiMenDing 西門町!

Most people will head out to Exit 6 of XiMenDing 西門町 on arrival as they will head straight to Ah Zhong Mian Xian 阿宗麵線 – which is what we did too! This was the sight that greeted us when we got out of the station!(:

By the way, if you plan on visiting XimenDing, do drop by after 11am – that’s when most of the shops are open!


Looking for Ah Zhong Mian Xian 阿宗麵線

For your reference, I used the following map to get to Ah Zhong Mian Xian 阿宗麵線.

Credits: mykafkaesquelife

Sharing photos around XMD – for some reason I think that it looks like a less crowded Shibuya? It definitely has charm (plus many cafes!) and I think that I might choose to stay a couple of days at XiMenDing on my next Taiwan trip(:

293-20140228_153328 294-20140228_153332

In the background, you can see Red House Theater. If I’m not wrong – there’s a handicraft flea market held there every weekend and I wanted to go check it out. Unfortunately, it totally slipped my mind to do so, but that’s alright. There’s always next time!(:


More photos aorund XMD including plenty of street performers all around. Tons of stalls and hair salons too! It’s a good place to check out if you ever want to do your hair in Taipei!(:

296-20140228_153514 297-20140228_153619 298-20140228_153623 299-20140228_153837 300-20140228_153841 301-20140228_153855 302-20140228_153900

Stop #1: Ah Zhong Mian Xian 阿宗麵線

It wasn’t too long till we located Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle 阿宗麵線 that sells their famous meesuah / vermicelli (flour rice noodle) with pig intestines. I would prefer the oyster mee suah (vermicelli) instead but theirs only comes with the innards.

The queue for the Ah Zhong Mian Xian is pretty long but it moves extremely fast! If I remember right, it costs 50 TWD (S$2.10) for a big bowl and 45 TWD (S$1.80)for a smaller bowl.

There isn’t a seating area but it’s best eaten pipping hot on the streets in front of the stall for the best experience! There were mixed reviews about the meesua but to me, I thought it was damn fantastic! Regretted getting a smaller bowl that I shared with the bf, but that’s because we were trying to leave space in our tummies for more food later on! And yes, would recommend this – MUST EAT!

303-20140228_154037 304-20140228_154130 305-20140228_154424

Exploring XiMenDing 西門町!

There was much to see and do around XMD and we decided to devote the rest of the time to exploring the place. We didn’t exactly use the map after that and walked our own way instead. It’s pretty hard to get lost here in my opinion – but then again, I had a good navigator, the bf 😛

Again, sharing photos around XMD for your reference~

308-20140228_160330 309-20140228_160333 310-20140228_160336 311-20140228_160343 312-20140228_160510 313-20140228_160607 314-20140228_160721 315-20140228_162127 316-20140228_162219 317-20140228_162231 318-20140228_162339 319-20140228_162634 320-20140228_162648 321-20140228_162817

Spotted Cafe Wakuwaku 西門町!

322-20140228_162917 323-20140228_163031325-20140228_163224

Stop #2: 阿毛石鍋燉飯 Ah Mao Risotto

And the cafe that I was looking out for – 阿毛石鍋燉飯 Ah Mao Risotto!


And this is Ah Mao 阿毛, a huge golden retriever with his lunch. Ah Mao 阿毛 is very lazy and likes to sleep all the time. Oh and when he’s sleeping, don’t disturb him ya?~

Ah Mao 阿毛 has a son called 米嚕 Mi Lu and you can find him at the  2nd branch of 阿毛石鍋燉飯 Ah Mao Risotto further down.

阿毛 Ah Mao was too cute, so we decided to pop in for a quick bite!

326-20140228_163300 327-20140228_163329  329-20140228_164120 330-20140228_164356

For 250 TWD, you get a bowl of risotto (a few selections to choose from), a soup of the day and a drink. You can also get the bowl of risotto only at 160 TWD without the meal. We ordered 2 meal sets to try – a total of 500 TWD (S$21). But to be honest, I thought that the food wasn’t too fantastic so don’t place too high hopes on it. I was prepared for that though from reading reviews previously so it was okay ;x

331-20140228_164408 332-20140228_164417 333-20140228_164502 334-20140228_164955 335-20140228_165015 336-20140228_165022

And I think we were at 阿毛 Ah Mao’s favourite spot to sleep because the moment we stood up to leave, Ah Mao immediately plunked himself over at the table as if he was waiting for us to leave! I was waiting for him to wake up then to take a photo together >_<

337-20140228_170653 338-20140228_170742 339-20140228_170819

Headed to one of the various arcades there and wanted to try my luck at some of the toy catcher machines! Many many professional gamers were there with awesome high scores!

340-20140228_170944 341-20140228_171147

And while walking, we spotted the 2nd branch of 阿毛石鍋燉飯 Ah Mao Risotto!


Remember 米嚕 Mi Lu? This is him here if I’m not wrong – all grown up and looking much younger and more active than his daddy, 阿毛 Ah Mao!


Back to Our Exploration!

Yeah, I wasn’t kidding when I said that there was much to do and explore at XiMenDing! We only had half a day so we just briskly walked around the whole area snapping photos and taking in the sights of XMD before our meet up with the bf’s friend later that night(: It’s also a great place to do some cafehopping too!

344-20140228_172022 345-20140228_172215 346-20140228_172219

One of the cafes I initially wanted to visit – WaWa Wow (Doll Forest) Soft Toy themed Cafe 娃娃叢林 but we were too stuffed to even go check it out!

347-20140228_172338   350-20140228_172533 351-20140228_172813 352-20140228_173125 353-20140228_173224 354-20140228_173227

Many other cafes at XMD such as Cafe Tamogoya 蛋蛋屋!


And this interesting cafe called PASTA BAR 義大利麵達人 which looked really good!

357-20140228_173757 358-20140228_173759

The lovely looking Starbucks building!


And on a random note – this dog and the mistress was very alike

360-20140228_174213 361-20140228_174230

During our exploration, we spotted this lovely cafe called 西門町 OYAMI CAFE / Oyami Coffee!

362-20140228_174243 363-20140228_174314

I saw pictures of the cafe online and it was so pretty! >< Go visit them if you have the chance ya?

Credits: walkerland

Ouhs and I was distracted by the mochi peanut sold by the street vendor – super yummy, MUST try next time ya?! Speaking of which, there are many street vendors there – look out for peanut ice cream (花生卷冰淇淋), 蛋饼 fried quail egg, duck noodles, jumbo ice cream, etc. Since they are considered illegal and the stalls are portable, it’s not easy to locate them at XMD but just keep an eye out from them(:


Stop #3: Somebody Cafe

Located beyond Oyami Cafe is Somebody Cafe – a cafe that wasn’t easy to locate but I’m glad I managed to do so as I heard excellent reviews of it online!(:


I really adore the whimsical decor of the place. This is level 2!

366-20140228_174735 367-20140228_174742 368-20140228_174744

And this is level 3 where the main dining area is at.

Somebody Cafe is usually frequented by the local Taiwanese rather than tourists as most people don’t know about this hidden find. But well, now you do 😛

It’s a really quaint cafe where you can relax and chillax after the hustle and bustle of the swarming crowd just downstairs.

369-20140228_174856 370-20140228_174920 371-20140228_174924

They do sell waffles, desserts and some mains. Was really stuffed by then and were going to a night market later, so we decided to make do with a dessert!

372-20140228_174938 373-20140228_175203

Compulsory to order at least a drink per person so the bf ordered an iced chocolate. Yums! And we shared the chocolate banana waffles!

374-20140228_180843 375-20140228_180912

I know it looks absolutely divine but unfortunately, the waffles tasted like microwaved waffles – really disappointing. On a brighter note, at least everything else was delicious! <_<

376-20140228_181108 377-20140228_181116 378-20140228_182542

Our receipt was placed into cute containers like these. Paid 319 TWD (S$13.00) for our dessert and drink which I thought was alright – though still disappointed with the waffles. The best waffle that we had was definitely from Ariel Le Cafe @ Q-Square!

At least the atmosphere and the cafe made up for it!(:

379-20140228_183622 380-20140228_183634 381-20140228_183947 382-20140228_184019 383-20140228_184136

Do be careful of the stairs though, quite scary to come down as they are quite high!


Last Bit of Exploration!

And on our way to the MRT, we finally spotted the toilet cafe, Modern Toilet – 便所主题餐厅! It would have been a great place for dinner if we didn’t already eat so much previously but ah well! At least I have pictures to prove that I was here XD

385-20140228_184429 386-20140228_184436 387-20140228_184515 388-20140228_184615 389-20140228_184627 390-20140228_184706

Many other cafes all around us as we walked back – here’s Fishnest Leisure Teahouse! And a few more here and there. Loads of cafes to choose from – you’ll go crazy thinking of a place to settle down for a meal 😛

391-20140228_185125 392-20140228_185204

And that’s it – we kinda finished exploring XiMenDing 西門町 but I know that we will definitely have to return here again because seriously, it was impossible to check out everything there within the half day that we had here. It was really fun though, albeit slightly crowded but I loved it here!(:

Meanwhile, stay tuned for Part 3 as we headed towards Shida Night Market and walked around Da’an district!(:

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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