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VIDEO | Female Recruits complete BMT (Basic Military Training)

Indeed, there are a small handful of female recruits in NS who go through BMT just what all Singaporean men have to go through(:

Sisters in arms complete BMT (Basic Military Training)

Girls are just as capable of completing military training and they are highlighted in a recent video entitled ‘Soldiers, Sisters, Daughters: The last leg’.


It was posted on the “cyberpioneer” Facebook page, the communications arm of the Defence Ministry, on 15 May and has since been “liked” more than 1,100 times and shared more than 900 times.

Soldiers, Sisters, Daughters: The last leg

The video featured several female recruits graduating from Basic Military Training (BMT) at a ceremony held on The Float at Marina Bay, along with their male counterparts. Their families and friends were there for the event.

A family member of recruit Joelle Chong, who is 19, said in the video: “She has grown a lot from this timid little girl who cries after she was bullied. Now, she’s so strong.”


It was also a moment of pride for recruit Samantha Wun, 26, and her loved ones. A family member said: “Our family’s very proud of her, and very excited about this. She’s going to embark on a new journey, so we hope that she’ll also do well in OCS (Officer Cadet School), like what she did in BMT.”


Their training experiences during BMT were featured in the ministry’s Pioneer magazine as well.

Credits: inSing

There may be negativity shed by some Facebook users who are critical / sceptical about female recruits but seriously, it’s really tough to endure everything and I salute them for getting through it! So here’s a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the girls on making it through BMT!

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