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7 Ways to Watch the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Singapore for FREE!

Bah, face it – Singtel and Starhub’s charges (around S$112.35) to watch the World Cup in Singapore is insane considering the fact that most countries actually air it for free -_-


Anyway, I was just browsing around Facebook and spotted a couple of places that I can share with you on where you can watch the World Cup 2014 in Singapore for free (or kinda free)!

Where to Watch the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Singapore for FREE (or Kinda)?

1. SAFRA Singapore

Yeah no kidding – at specific SAFRAs. Both Mount Faber and Tampines offers free screening of all 64 matches for members (small fee applies for non-members) while free flow beer/snacks are even offered too.

More Details:

Mt Faber

Free screening of all 64 matches for members

Poolside screening and free flow beer and snacks for 5 matches (Spain v Netherlands, England v Italy, Germany v Portugal, Semi-finals and Finals)

*$10.70 fee (non-members) for these 5 matches, free for other matches


Free screening of all 64 matches for members
Each member can sign in up to 3 guests

Drinks and finger food available during all matches
Free beer for 1st 100 pax on Opening Match, 1st Round of 16 Match and Finals

Road to World Cup
Drop by SAFRA Tampines every Friday from 9 May to kick-off World Cup fever with fun activities

World Cup Loyalty Card – Watch and Win! (for SAFRA members only)
Attend 16 matches: receive goodie bag worth up to $50
Attend 48 matches: receive goodie bag worth up to $100
Attend 64 matches: receive goodie bag worth up to $150
All goodie bags include a World Cup 2014 replica soccer ball and more

Predict and Win
Half time and full time scores
Total goals scored
Man of the Match
Champion team

Toa Payoh

Free screening of Final match on 14 Jul for members and public
Members get to enjoy free McDonald’s breakfast after screening

Table Football Championship 28-29 Jun
Get a chance to play with international Foosball pros


Free screening of all matches for members (except final match)
Each member can sign in up to 4 guests

Guess number of soccer balls on display in lobby to win prizes 

Predict and Win
From Quarter-finals onwards, predict the score and winning team of each match to win attractive prizes

Special Finals Match screening
Fees: $5 (SAFRA member) | $10 (Guest)
Fringe activities
Free food and drinks during screening
Receive a soccer fanatic pack

Credits: SAFRA Singapore

2. Your Nearest Community Center

Follow your favourite World Cup Team’s progress in Brazil at one of the 30 People’s Association Community Clubs/Centres (CCs). To avoid disappointment, contact the respective CCs before you attend the screenings.

Click here for the bigger details of the match screening schedules at the CCs

WC Screening Schedule - Final-page-001

3. The Big Screen at Hong Lim Park!

foodpanda partners with the Telok Ayer Hong Lim Green Community Centre to promote racial harmony and social cohesion in Singapore, to broadcast the month-long tournament at Hong Lim Park. Public can look forward to enjoy ‘live’ at least 50 of the 64 soccer matches on big screens, including the opening match on 13th from 12 am to 6 am.

Expecting to host more than 100 persons per live-screening, foodpanda and Telok Ayer Hong Lim Green Community Centre hope to bring the whole of Singapore together to support an international great sporting event with a wonderful screening experience. Throughout the period of the live World Cup tournament screenings, foodpanda will also be gifting $10 discount vouchers to all first-time users which would allow audiences to order an array of late night delights to accompany them through all their important soccer matches.

More details on the screening schedules at Hong Lim Park will be available on foodpanda’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/FoodpandaSingapore by 13th June.

4. One of the Many Many Many Bars in Singapore

Photo for Illustration Purposes only

There are LOADS of bars in Singapore and many of them will screen the World Cup in the bar for free. Some of these bars (but not exclusive) include: Brewerkz, Harry’s Bar, Prince of Wales, The Penny Black, Muddy Murphy’s & Hollandse Club

5. Try Your Luck at a Neighbourhood Kopitiam

Credits: mrbrown

I’m pretty sure that many of the neighbourhood kopitiams around you will air the matches where you can watch it for free!

6. Pray that you can watch it at a 24 Hour McDonald’s

Promo Poster in 2010, not 2014

Back in 2010, McDonald’s Singapore screened the live matches of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa at all it’s 24-hour restaurants. Perhaps this year in 2014 it will do the same too? I think that’s what the bf did the last time.

7. Share a Subscription with Friends

Yeah you and a friend (or friends) could always make a pact and sign up for a package together at someone’s designated house. That lucky person will have to be in charge of providing free flow beer, drinks, food and snacks as well as clearing up the mess after each event since the guys (and girls) will be there.

But seriously…

Credits: allsingaporestuff

[BONUS!] VPN Subscription

Apparently a *legal* way to watch the FIFA World Cup on your laptop is by using VPN providers such as HideMyAss or IPVanish. Then you can have access to the online channels that air the FIFA World Cup 2014 for free.

  • ITV in the UK
  • BBC in the UK
  • NRK in Norway
  • DR in Denmark
  • ORF in Austria
  • Ceska Televizie in Czech Republic

All these channels have free online live streams, so it is just to connect to one of the VPN servers in any of these nations, and afterwards you can watch the live streams from the World Cup and watch the matches online, for a very good price.

Read HERE for more details

If You Were Wondering…

I support Team Japan!


Pikachu is Japan’s official mascot for the FIFA 2014 World Cup Brazil 😀

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