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mitsueki Travels | 9D8N Taiwan February 2014 – Day 6 (Part 2)

After a fantastic day spent at Jiufen and Houtong, we took the train from Houtong 侯硐車站to Songshan Railway Station 松山車站as our next destination was Wufenpu 五分埔 and Raohe Night Market 饒河街觀光夜市.

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If you are already journeying by the railway, it would be good to take it to Songshan because it is actually closer to both Wufenpu and Raohe Night Market. However, most people will take the MRT instead and stop at HouShanPi Station which is slightly further away as seen from the map below.


Yeah, but if I weren’t taking the railway, I would take the MRT instead too because it’s much faster to travel via MRT rather than the railway – this much we learnt from our earlier journey today on the Pingxi line!

Exploring Songshan Station 松山車站

Ah and spotted this really cool machine at Songshan Station. Lol, if you were wondering what it is – it is actually the FASTBOOK Automatic Book Stop (ABS) where you can borrow books from Taipei Public Library. There are quite a number of books for your selection to borrow and I guess for the locals – it is more convenient to borrow from the book stop rather than to go to the library.


Also walked around Songshan Railway Station for abit since I spotted this Gourmet Gallery area with loads of food and a cute café called Mr Papa Waffle & Café比利時鬆餅專賣店. Eh, but decided against buying anything there even though we were pretty hungry as we were going to feast at Raohe NM later!


Songshan Station 松山車站 to Wufenpu 五分埔

It’s pretty easy to get to Wufenpu from Songshan Station as it’s just a straight road down. Plenty of signage around to point you in the right direction as well – probably about a 5~10 minutes walk? You can recognize Wufenpu by the brightly lit shopping area as seen below.

Along your way to the main district of Wufenpu, you’ll pass by a couple of shops that you may want to check out if you’re interested.


Cross the final junction here and welcome to Wufenpu!


Shopping at Wufenpu 五分埔

The full name for Wufenpu is Wufenpu Garment Wholesale Area so if you can’t already tell – it’s supposed to be a shopping paradise (mainly for girls ;x)!

Wufenpu is Taipei’s largest wholesale market for clothes.  This is the place where street vendors come to purchase goods for reselling.  Low prices also attract many young customers. Over a hundred clothing stores are packed into this area selling the latest fashions at very reasonable prices.

You know, all this while during my stay in Taiwan, I only bought the following clothing articles: a scarf, winter coat, winter boots and socks (so cheap that we used them as disposables!) so I was really looking forward to shopping at Wufenpu to finally purchase some apparels. Hurhur, most of the time we spent all our money indulging in all the delicious yummy food Taiwan has to offer and grow fatter each day, lol.

If you enjoyed shopping at Chatuchak Market in BKK, then I think you will like Wufenpu mainly because of the awesome weather! Well, there are many lanes and alleys that you can choose to take and explore Wufenpu at your own leisure. For your reference, photos of the areas that we visited with additional comments in between as usual.

However to be honest, I don’t think that the apparels are cheap here mainly because I wasn’t buying a lot so I didn’t really get to enjoy much discounts. It is a wholesale area afterall remember? Generally, the regular prices are about the same as most blogshop prices in Singapore but the good thing here is that the quality is pretty decent.

Do check the prices as well because they can actually be even more expensive than even the night markets and the underground mall!

Anyway, if you are the only girl or person in your group like me, the best bet to look through the sales rack – usually found at the front of the store (100~300 TWD) and in these huge bags. I usually see many people digging through the bags but I was pretty lazy to do so and only browsed through the racks.


Some even as low as 2 pieces for 100 TWD! Ya, that’s like 2 apparels for S$4.00 <_< But the design..abit meh!


Things that I should have bought 

There are really some gems that you can find on the sales rack if you look carefully. If you see something you like, don’t think too much and buy it already because it wont be easy trying to get back to the shop again. Big regret for me because now looking back at the photos, I wished that I had bought them! ><

If I remember right, the following apparels were about 100~300 TWD each!! DAMN DAMN DAMN!



Ah well, BIG bummer right? 🙁

Getting to Raohe Night Market 饒河街觀光夜市

Head back to Songshan MRT and exit from the other side to head towards Raohe Night Market as seen from the map below.


It won’t be long till you reach the night market – just a couple of roads to cross(:


You know you are close when you spot the brightly lit lanterns around the area!


Just right outside the entrance of the night market is CiYou temple (慈佑宮) which is really impressive and gorgeous!


Welcome to Raohe Night Market 饒河街觀光夜市!

The main focus to us was the night market as our tummies were just growling in protest! So we headed straight in after a short prayer outside the temple to pay some respects(:

Raohe is actually the first night market in Taipei. Organized along one long street, this night market is mostly dedicated to food. Enter the night market on one end, stroll along the street of snack vendors and shops selling other items, then after stuffing yourself and picking up a few fun new things, you’ll emerge from the other end of the night market


I always emphasize that you don’t have to always look out for only stalls that are recommended but instead, you should just try out any stall that takes your fancy. As a general rule of thumb, 90% of the stalls there are pretty good.

But if you must, these are my MUST EATS as collated from a couple of blogs and other sites:

MUST EATS: 雞腿捲 Ji Tui Juan (original Ji Tui Juan stand, back entrance 
of Raohe right “lane” , Pork rib soup 藥燉排骨 from “陳董 Chen Dong” and “十全 Shi Quan”., pepper meat bun 胡椒餅, grilled scallop, iron eggs


As always, just sharing photos of our walk through Raohe Night Market with additional comments in between!(:

The first store we saw was the 福州世祖胡椒饼 Fu Zhou Shi Zu Pepper Buns selling the famous pepper meat bun 胡椒餅 which is very popular and recommended as denoted by the snaking long queue.


We later came back a couple of hours later just as the night market was winding down at around midnight and managed to snag a pepper meat bun to try. Didn’t get a photo of it then but here’s how it looks like:

Credits: My Inner Fatty

Suggested walking path – choose a side and head all the way down since it’s a straight road down anyway. At the end of it, just head back the other side and out from where you came from. The food stalls are usually in the middle while apparels and shoe shops are housed in the buildings.

There’s just plenty of food to choose from so just EAT! Plus it’s CHEAP! XD


Stopped by this stall selling quail egg balls with prawns. It looked so delicious and I decided to order to try 😀


Doesn’t it look so good?! Oh my gosh, I finished it by myself since the bf was allergic to prawns but it was so damn good!!

The bf on the other hand had a Taiwanese sausage that he grabbed off a random stall.




Other yummy looking food stalls.



Spotted this stall that looked rather famous and popular (see the queue to judge it’s popularity!). We didn’t even see what it was and just queued up – kiasu Singaporeans luhs?!

LOL, I think it’s either egg or corn but whatever it is, we completed it with gusto!




Spotted the Peanut Ice Cream Wrap – I regret not ordering one to try but ah well, plenty of chances in the future(:


And I spotted these grilled scallops too – unfortunately it wasn’t that fantastic 🙁



Oops, I know this post seems shorter than usual (I thought I took more photos too?!) but eh if I recall right, I think I wandered into one of the shoe shops close by and spent the rest of the time trying on shoes and bought a couple of pairs in the end XD

At the end of the day, took a cab home (cheap!) to our hotel to rest for an exciting day ahead in Day 7 where we were going for the LINE app Taipei Exhibition, XiMenDing and then Shida Night Market!(:

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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