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My Slimming Journey with Han Dian TCM (汉典中医) – Part 2

Time sure flies and I just realized that it’s been a month since I’ve embarked on my weight loss journey with Han Dian TCM. Not surprisingly, everything is becoming rather routine and I love my new lifestyle and dietary changes as I feel happier and healthier(:

My Slimming Journey with Han Dian TCM (汉典中医)

Han Dian TCM’s Slimming Treatments

As mentioned in Part 1, there are 2 types of TCM slimming treatments – cupping (ba guan) and acupuncture offered by Han Dian TCM. I know a number of readers have been curious about how the treatments are like, and I’m here to share my experience with you!

Ah first of all, for your reference if you didn’t read about Part 1, I’m sponsored 10 sessions of cupping (ba guan) by Han Dian TCM as below:

Cupping for Slimming + Slim Body Wrap + Negative Ion Treatment

Han Dian TCM (汉典中医)
930 Yishun Ave 2, Northpoint City #03-15
Singapore 769098

Consultation Hours: 10.30am - 9.30pm daily

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Make an Appointment with Dr Huang: 67528098 / 96249486

The Treatment Rooms

There are 4 treatment rooms at Han Dian TCM similar to the photo below while one of the rooms has 2 beds on it instead. The beds are pretty comfy and you don’t have to worry about getting chilled in the room as you’ll be covered with a blanket for modesty and comfort during the treatments(:


Also, your companion (if any) can choose to sit at the comfy couch at the reception area or the stool in the room. Heh, if you were wondering – usually the bf will sit with me so that we can chat.



I haven’t tried acupuncture yet (I might at a later date, TBC) but for your reference below, these are the items used during the acupuncture slimming sessions. The needles are sterilized and only removed from the packet during the treatment – so once used they will be thrown away.

Anyway, I’ll definitely share my experience in another post if I do go for it!


Cupping (Ba Guan)

Meanwhile, these are the items used in the cupping / baguan treatment. Not too scary right? But yes, it does “slightly* involves the use of fire as they practice fire cupping methods here at Han Dian(:! Scroll down to see how the treatment is done!(:


My Cupping (Ba Guan) Treatment

Before starting off the slimming session, you’ll have to face your biggest fear – the weighing scale and Dr Huang will record your weight on a card and you have to sign off.

Do note that the first three sessions of cupping has to be a consecutive so I went for my sessions on 25 / 26 / 27th March initially. After that, I went for 1 – 2 sessions a week depending on my schedule(:


I always get worried before my next session and weigh-in because I’m scared I put on weight!

gives stressed and guilty face because I do cheat :X

Hehe, luckily it usually drops and both Dr Huang and I are pretty pleased with the progress so far.
(My “weight card” is revealed at the end of this post)

After that, I’ll lay on the comfy bed and Dr Huang will apply this pleasant smelling cream on various parts of my body where the cups will be strategically placed – namely on my arms, a couple on my stomach and the rest on my thighs and shin area.


Then, she will introduce heat into the glass cups using fire lighted by a cotton ball soaked in alcohol as below, and place them firmly onto the areas where the ointment was spread.


After that, here’s the end result – a photo of my tummy where most of the glass cups are positioned. On my initial few cupping treatments, I was still wincing  in slight discomfort when the cups were placed as you can feel your fats literally and happily being sucked into the cups. BUT don’t worry – this only lasts for like 2 minutes or less, and you get used to the feeling after that(:


If you were wondering, the attire for my treatments are a pair of shorts and a t-shirt / tank top. I usually change into them in the room before my treatment as my sessions are usually held after work.

Dr Huang will then place this special Negative Ion Detoxification pad over the cups – usually on the tummy area which will enhance the whole slimming process. In fact, the results of 25 minutes of putting on this pad is equivalent to 2 hours of intensive workout! Amazing right? @_@


Note: Once the pad is switched on, you cannot touch anything or anyone or else as both parties or yourself will get a small electric shock. In fact, if you touch the pad while it’s on, you can feel the currents running through it to your body! So if you want to use your phone or listen to songs on your iPod/iPad, make sure you prepare it on the bed with you before that(:

From here on, you can take a nice rest on the bed and Dr Huang will usually switch off the lights for you to relax. I usually listen to songs on my iPod, check out Facebook or update my status if I’m alone and chat with Dr Huang / Kai Lun or the bf if they’re around.

And yes, by now I get really comfortable and used to doing this that I can take plenty of selcas and fiddle with my phone during the treatments, lol.


The machine will beep after 25 minutes and Dr Huang will enter the room to assist in removing the cups from your body. No pain involved when the cups are removed from your body here by the way!(:

Body sculpturing cream will be applied onto the same areas – on the arms, tummy and thighs before being cling wrapped. This time, it will be a 35 minutes session with the Negative Ion Detoxification pad on top of your tummy again for maximum benefit.


I won’t be surprised if you drift off the sleep here as it’s really comfortable!

After 35 minutes, the machine will beep once again and Dr Huang will enter the room to remove the cling wrap. You’ll notice that the cling wrapped areas will be perspiring as seen below, so just wipe off with the towel provided and you’re pretty much done!


**25 minutes of putting on this pad is equivalent to 2 hours of intensive workout!

After the Ba Guan (Cupping) Treatment

One side effect after the cupping (ba guan) treatment is that dark circles may appear at the spots where the cups were placed. But these are not bruises and are not painful to the touch and they tend to fade after a few days.

Photo of my legs after the 1st Ba Guan (Cupping) Treatment


Fortunately, most of these marks can be covered up by wearing a dress and a long sleeve cardigan at work.


Do note that the darker the circles are, the more toxins are there in your body. However, if you follow the diet, and go for regular sessions, you will realize that the toxins in your body will be decreased significantly and when that happens, the marks will barely appear after your treatment!(:

Photo of my legs after the 7th Ba Guan (Cupping) Treatment


The Results of Cupping (Ba Guan)

After going through the cupping treatments and controlling my diet, the most important thing that you must be wondering is – DID CUPPING (BAGUAN) WORK?!

  • Original Weight (25 March 2014): 57.1KG
  • 1st Weigh-In after 1st session (26 March 2014): 56.4KG
  • 2nd Weigh-In after 2nd session (27 March 2014): 55.9KG
  • 3rd Weigh-In after 3rd session (7 April 2014): 54.1KG
    *Weigh-in delayed due to period week

In total, I lost  3KG within my first 3 sessions!


Do note that the results of your treatment will be due to a combination of the following –

  • TCM Treatment: 50%
  • YOU: 50%

What this means is that even though the TCM slimming treatments in general will help you lose weight, but if you don’t control your diet and continue to happily indulge as usual then it probably won’t be as successful.  It takes determination and will but the results so far have been great! Plus here’s the best part – you DON’T HAVE to exercise at all! But if you do, I think it would be better(:

If you were wondering – no, I didn’t do any exercise, I just controlled my diet and went for my treatments.

At this moment, I’m still continuing on my slimming treatments at Han Dian TCM and I will share more about my journey with you on my blog in the next few weeks including my diet, and more photos (yes, before-and-after photos after my sessions are completed).

Stay tuned!(:

Han Dian TCM (汉典中医)
930 Yishun Ave 2, Northpoint City #03-15
Singapore 769098

Consultation Hours: 10.30am - 9.30pm daily

Reader Promotion!
Enjoy 3 sessions of either cupping or acupuncture @ $120! Mention that you are mitsueki's blog reader and book an appointment in advance in order to enjoy this exclusive promotion! (:

Make an Appointment with Dr Huang: 67528098 / 96249486

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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  1. Hello jus a enquiry. U mention the first 3 secession due to promo is $120 … then secession 4-6 also $120? Or section 4 onwards is$120 per secission.

    My sister is getting married in jul i hope i can lose weight by then. Appreciate that yoy can help on the enquiry.

    1. hi serene! sorry for the late response – 3 sessions at $120, thats the promotion/trial to see if you are able to adapt to the treatments. after that its $120 per session if you are interested to continue on.
      if you sign up for more sessions, it will be slightly cheaper (you might have to call and enquire on their exact rates)

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