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Movie Review | One Chance

Headed down to Golden Village at City Square Mall on Monday with the bf for the press screening of the upcoming movie, One Chance that will be in cinemas from tomorrow, 1 May 2014 onwards 🙂

Thanks Eunice for the invitation as always! ^^

One Chance


One Chance – Official Trailer – The Weinstein Company


The true story of Paul Potts, a shy, bullied shop assistant by day and an amateur opera singer by night who became a phenomenon after being chosen for — and ultimately winning — “Britain’s Got Talent”.

Director: David Frankel
Cast: James Corden, Alexandra Roach, Julie Walters
Running Time: 106 minutes

My Review  

As a fan of both AGT (America’s Got Talent) & BGT (Britian’s Got Talent), how can I not hear of Paul Potts, the first winner of the inaugral Britian’s Got Talent who won against my mom’s favourite, Connie Talbot back in 2007?

Paul Potts (BGT Finals)

Connie Talbot (BGT Finals)

Though I know vaguely about his story during the show, I never really did find out more about his life before BGT so I was really glad that I was able to catch this movie(:

In a nutshell, the movie follows his life from young till adulthood and recaps his struggle, all the ups and downs in his life laced with plenty of humour. Essentially, it’s a feel good movie about how an underdog in life can achieve success and fulfill his dreams despite his humble origins and it is truly inspiring to watch!

I thought James Corden was very convincing as Paul Potts but as always, I was humbled by Paul’s incredible voice (dubbed in for the movie) and tears came unbidden to my eyes at all his performances especially his initial BGT audition.

So please, prepare some tissues because you’ll need them >_<  

Overall, I enjoyed the movie though I only have 1 gripe – the ending felt a little rushed compared to the rest of the movie which moved along at a more leisurely pace. Other than that, it was all good 😀

Just Sharing  

The original BGT audition: Paul Potts sings Nessun Dorma

Photo of the original Paul Potts & his wife

One Chance will be showing at Golden Village from 1 May 2014 onwards.
Click HERE to book your tickets! (:

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