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mitsueki Travels | 9D8N Taiwan February 2014 – Day 3 (Part 1)

On day 3, we were moving from Taichung and off to Sun Moon Lake as our next stop for 1 night!

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My OOTD for the day – on hindsight, didn’t really like it but luggage was all packed by then 🙁Anyway, check out from Eiffel Tower Hostel was really prompt, we just had to give them the key and that was done! To get a cab to Taichung HSR, we asked the hostel staff to help us call for one – and yay, no charges for that if you were wondering(:


From Taichung HSR, we proceeded downstairs to the Nantou bus station. Before that, we had already planned in advance which bus we were going to take, and the departure time from here:

The fastest bus is the straight bus from Taichung HSR to Sun Moon Lake and we took the 9.50am one. There’s also another bus that goes to Puli and then Sun Moon Lake but that will take longer as there’s an additional stop(:

Note that if the bus is full, you’ll have to wait to board the next one so do try to get the earlier bus in case.

Pretty comfy seats and both of us fell asleep within 10 minutes on our 1.5 hour journey. Definitely more comfy than the seats on Tiger Air – that’s for sure, lol.


By the time we woke up, we were in Sun Moon Lake! Our bus dropped us off at the Shueishe Visitor Centre (水社旅客服務中心). Ugh, and it was definitely much colder here as compared to Taichung!


We headed this way to find our minsu – Doris Home (朵麗絲的家)We headed this way to find our minsu – Doris Home (朵麗絲的家)

According to the directions given to me by the minsu’s owner son, 小游 (Greg) we had to look out for a pharmacy named 游藥局 which was a 2 minute walk from the Tourist Centre.

DORIS HOME Bed & Breakfast (朵麗絲的家)
No.123, Jhongshan Road,
Sun Moon Lake, Yuchi Township, Nantou County

It was pretty easy to locate the pharmacy which one of the 2 entrances to the minsu. There, we met up with 小游 and his parents, 朵妈 and 朵爸 who brought us around their home.


Then, we headed down to the common dining room where 小游 proceeded to share more about Sun Moon Lake, the different attractions to visit and the various walking trails to enjoy the scenery. It was really useful and he was always around for us to ask him questions about anything! This was also a reason that prompted me to book Doris’s Home in the first place as I’ve heard much about their hospitality from other bloggers’ travelogues!(:

At the same time, we also made the rest of the 1400 TWD payment to 小游 adding on to the deposit of 1400 TWD that we paid previously to secure our room a few months back. We also bought our ferry tickets from 小游 at a cheaper price of 100 TWD as opposed to the original price of 300 TWD each. Actually we could have bought cheaper tickets to Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village (九族文化村) and the cable car from him as well, but they were having a special Cherry Blossom event at that period of time.


And now to take you on a quick tour of our minsu, Doris Home (朵麗絲的家). By the way, if you were wondering who is Doris – she is their pet persian cat but she passed away 🙁

Still, if you’re lucky – you can spot their 2 other cats, Guo Jiang and Nunu in their house. They are usually in the kitchen and will not go to the residence area(: If you really want to meet them in-person, just ask 小游, 朵妈 or 朵爸 who will be too happy to call them out for you. They are really shy though so don’t keep your hopes up 😛

Level 3

Let’s start off with Level 3. You can enter through the pharmacy, into the kitchen and out to the staiway. The pharmacy usually closes at about 10pm or so if I remember right and it will be locked then. So if you return late, you’ll have to go by the other entrance instead. Generally, we didn’t really use this entrance much but I guess it really depends(:


Oh and headsup, there are no lifts at their home – just staircases. Lucky for me, I had 2 nice men, 小游, and the bf who had to lug the luggage for me to Level 2, hehe.

Level 2

The residence area for guests are all located at Level 2. If you can’t already tell, Doris Home is somewhat of a cat-themed minsu and you’ll be cheerfully greeted with a cute cat doormat at the entrance. Remember to ALWAYS close the mosquito door net to prevent those mozzies from entering the home(: We were also provided disposable slippers for usage so feel free to use them!

016-DSC01642 018-DSC01644020-DSC01646

There are only 3 rooms available for booking at Doris Home – Garfield, Kitty and Doris Room, so that is why I would highly recommend you book at least 2 months in advance to get the room you prefer. The first door on the right is Doris Room, the second is Kitty and the one right at the end is the Garfield Room.


Doris Room

This was the only view I had of Doris Room – the balcony which can be seen from the entrance. Someone was staying there, so I wasn’t able to enter the room to take a look.


Kitty Room

It so happened that 小游 was inspecting the Kitty Room for their next arrival and I asked him if I could take a look. I was torn between booking the Kitty Room and Garfield but on hindsight, I think I would have preferred Kitty Room because of the gorgeous overhead drapes – super pretty and romantic(:

The reason why I didn’t go for this room is because previously, the glass door to the toilet was see through but as of now, they have all been patched up with these non-see-thru panels instead. Ah, well 🙁

001-DSC01627 002-DSC01628

Garfield Room

And of course, we had opted for Garfield Room in the end. This is our key, really big right HAHA! There are a couple of other keys to the common dining room, entrance of the pharmacy and the room key along with it.

And here’s a couple of shots around our Garfield Room. It was really clean and nice – but my only issue with it is that WIFI and 3G signal is extremely weak in this particular room. Still, we didn’t get to use the internet much so we milled most of the time watching TV instead when we were back later.

Oh and did I mention that there is your very own mini ‘garden’ in the room?

014-DSC01640003-DSC01629 004-DSC01630 005-DSC01631 006-DSC01632 007-DSC01633 008-DSC01634 009-DSC01635 010-DSC01636 011-DSC01637 012-DSC01638 013-DSC01639

Level 1

Now if you head 1 more level down to Level 1, this is where the common dining room is at for their minsu guests. WIFI and 3G signal is the strongest here btw!

This is also the first place where 小游 will bring you once you’ve reached the minsu and where he would explain about the whole lake as mentioned earlier.

Anyway, it’s a very small and cozy kitchen with a very prominent cat theme. You can have drinks here at any time – coffee or tea, help yourself.

Every day, there will be cut fruits available in the fridge for everyone staying in the 3 different rooms. When we went there, it was a nice big plate of pineapples!(: How thoughtful ><~

Once you step out of the dining area, you will notice 2 bicycles that are free for rental. You can use them to head out to the various cycling trails with beautiful scenery. Pity that I couldn’t cycle – and we didn’t have that much additional time either so yeah.

025-DSC01651 026-DSC01652 027-DSC01653 028-DSC01654 029-DSC01655 030-DSC01656 031-DSC01657 032-DSC01658 033-DSC01659 034-DSC01660 035-DSC01661 036-DSC01662 037-DSC01663

There is a lovely garden on this level with koi and fishes in the pond. This is also the back / 2nd entrance to the minsu that is accessible 24/7. Most of the time, we used this path to get back to our room(: The only issue we had here (or mainly, the bf) will be mozzies but that could be because of the weather?

038-DSC01664 039-DSC01665 040-DSC01666

And yes, as mentioned, it’s colder here as compared to Taipei and Taichung – so dress warmly or you’ll be like the bf here, shivering like crazy!

042-DSC01668 041-DSC01667

Exploring Shueishe Village

Before heading to Sun Moon Lake and Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village (九族文化村),  we wanted to have lunch at the famous and highly recommended (by  小游 and many bloggers) restaurant – Sun Moon Lake Restaurant. The initial plan was to dine there for dinner but shops at the Village close pretty early, so it was better to have lunch there instead.

The restaurant was totally full so we decided to do a quick tour around the vicinity while waiting for a space. Anyway, the village is really small so you can probably finish walking around it within 30 minutes or less depending on your walking speed.

There’s a 7-11 (or Seven, as the locals call it) on the left side of the exit. Another 7-11 is directly opposite the main entrance of the minsu (the pharmacy) and it’s a great place to pick up some snacks at night – especially since most of the stalls close really early like at 8pm or so.

There is only 1 main shopping area at the village called Delight Mall – which is also essentially our initial drop off point. We wanted to explore it when we were back later that night at 8pm, but it was all closed by then. So if you want to check it out – do it in the afternoon(: Still, I don’t think that there’s much there, but worth a visit I guess – oh! and you can have dinner at Carton King restaurant somewhere there. We were going to try it out at Cingjing the next day so we gave it a skip!

Recommended souvenir items from Sun Moon Lake especially from this village are the assam black tea/assam red tea and black tea egg rolls. The place I would recommend you purchase the tea from is opposite the Ru Yi Syuan Baker’s House. The auntie there was really nice and will post more about that in my next post(:

And here are some snapshots that I took around the village for your viewing pleasure:


Sun Moon Lake Restaurant 日月餐坊

The initial plan was to ask Greg to help us make dinner reservations at the Sun Moon Lake Restaurant – which is just next to Doris Home by the way. But plans changed and we decided to have lunch here instead as we knew that we would probably be back late(:

Here’s a headsup though, this is a really popular restaurant frequented by the locals, so I would highly recommend you ask Greg to help you make a reservation especially for dinner.

The menu – which I had no idea what they were. Greg recommended us to ordered 2-3 dishes and rice and it should be enough as we wanted to get a lighter meal. Mm, if you don’t know what to pick, just go for the set menu, the basic one comes with steamed chicken, soup, vegetables and steamed fish if I’m not wrong.

P.s Sun Moon Lake is famous for their President Fish (總統魚), but caution – it has MANY bones. And that was why we didn’t order it

Just some photos around the restaurant.


Honestly, we didn’t really know what to order so we asked the very friendly waitress for recommendations. I don’t recall exactly the names of the dishes but here’s a basic rundown:

Bucket of Rice – enough for 3 ~ 4 servings

Healthy mushroom soup – very flavorful

One of the Taiwanese mountain greens – very crunchy and fresh recommended by our waitress. Doesn’t taste like vegetables back here in Singapore because there’s no..earthy taste.

One of the pork dishes that they had on the menu, it was pretty decent, lol. Well, I think ordering the set menu would have been a better choice in the end though XD

All diners were also given a free plate of fruits after the meal and that day, it was pineapples cut up and presented so nicely! Ah, their pineapples are so sweet and juicy, really love it! That was why I was super happy that we had a plate of cut pineapples back in the fridge at Doris Home which we enjoyed that night!


Okay and that’s it for Day 3 (Part 1), but hey it’s not really the end because there’s SO much more coming up soon in the next post for Day 3 (Part 2) where I finally show you photos of Sun Moon Lake, photos of the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village (九族文化村) x teddy bears and my unforgettable experience at the Aboriginal Cherry Blossom Festival(:

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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