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MediaCorp’s April Fool’s ‘cheating husband prank’ slammed

Facebook was just abuzz with a viral video where a Malay makcik was video-ed catching her cheating husband on the bus a few days ago.

And boy was I not surprised when this turned out to be an extremely elaborate April Fool’s prank pulled by Mediacorp. Coincidentally, it was also the season premiere of The Noose on 1st April yesterday.

Happy April Fool’s Day everybirdy! Remember to tap your Ez-Link card when you exit the bus 🙂

Unfortunately, many netizens aren’t too happy with the prank as seen below:

MediaCorp’s April Fool’s ‘cheating husband prank’ slammed

An elaborate tongue-in-cheek prank which saw a Malay “makcik” pretending to catch her cheating husband on a public bus has angered several netizens, who accused the actors of portraying Muslims in a bad light.

Mak Cik caught husband red handed

Makcik catches husband red handed part 2

Malay woman fights & whacks husband in public – part 3

The videos of the incident, which many thought was genuine, saw a Malay auntie confronting her husband with his mistress in tow. It quickly went viral after being uploaded on YouTube on 29 and 30 March, and was viewed over 200,000 times in total.

But after the stunt, which was crafted and acted by the team behind popular Channel 5 comedy show “The Noose”, was revealed to be an April Fool’s Day joke on Mediacorp Channel 5’s Facebook page, several readers were not amused.

In Malay, Facebook user Midi Yusope said that the prank had humiliated the Malay community. According to Maryam Nagisa, the joke had tarnished the reputation of Muslims and that the two Muslim actors involved in it had made a laughing stock out of themselves.

One of the actors involved in the prank also addressed the joke soon after the reveal. Sharifah Nur’aisyah, 19, who plays the mistress in the clip said on her Instagram, “Yes the girl in the video is me. No I’m not a home wrecker. No I’m not Pinoy. No I’m not a local minah. ….Tell everybody, your friends and your makciks that it was all an act. HAPPY APRIL’S FOOLS.”

But some were also unhappy that Muslims were associated with April Fools’ Day, a day deemed as not Islamic. Facebook user Faruq Rasid explained in Malay that Muslims shouldn’t celebrate April Fools’ because lying is not permissible in the religion.

But others felt they were taking things too far when the sketch was supposed to be just for laughs. “You were fooled, just admit it and move on. You don’t have to bring in religion into this matter,” says local comedian Muhammad Fadzri, 27, in Malay.

Credits: Yahoo Newsroom


But seriously, nice one Mediacorp!

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3 Comments on “MediaCorp’s April Fool’s ‘cheating husband prank’ slammed

  1. Haha! People should just take things easy and have a good laugh on these videos. There is no need to bring in race or religion about cheating and lying, etc. One word i have for sure – these Malay actor and actress are damn tokong! There acting skills are really really good and i am actually being taken in by them.

    1. Yeah, I think they should just stay calm and just accept that they were fooled. Don’t know why some people are so sensitive though >< Still, kudos to the actors/actresses and of course, the noose – that really caught everyone's attention for a couple of days! 😛

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