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mitsueki Travels | 9D8N Taiwan February 2014 – Day 2 (Part 2)

Continuing on from my previous post on my day trip at Xinshe on Day 2 (Part 1), here’s the next post as there were too many pictures altogether!

You can read all my previous posts on my Taiwan trip here:

Stop #4: Princess Annie’s Garden (安妮公主花園)

After our 3rd stop at Lavender Cottage, Mr He surprised us by letting us have a quick glimpse of Princess Annie’s Garden. Previously I had also mentioned it in my itinerary during our interactions and I had to strike it off due to the lack of time.

Princess Annie’s Garden is built with multi-layered European wood, taking visitors straight into a European landscape painting. Next to the garden is Xinshe’s vital “Bai Lun Juing”. Because Xinshe lacks water resources, residents rely solely on this giant suction tube. Covering approximately 500 pings, the garden is lush with multi-colored flowers and plants, creating the likeness of a royal castle. Coffee and flower and fruit teas are priced around NT$150. All set meals are seasoned with herbs. The most popular dish, the Provence-Alpes Cote-d’Azur Baby Ribs, will set you back NT$380.


Only managed to take a couple of shots of the place while in the cab. Technically we couldn’t go in the place without an attraction ticket (100 TWD with 100 TWD coupon), but we told the person we were going to drive through quickly only. Luckily he let us in though 😛

292-20140223_144908 293-20140223_144951 294-20140223_145016

Anyway, Princess Annie’s Garden is really small, though rather beautiful – there’s nothing much there so luckily we didn’t spare much time there. There’s a nice cafe there as well if you would like to dwell there for awhile but other than that, you can skip it unless you have the extra time to spare.

Stop #5: Mushroom Garden (百菇莊/百菇庄)

Xinshe is very famous for their mushrooms so I made sure to have a stop at a mushroom farm to buy some mushrooms!(:

Calling all mushroom lovers! Head to the Mushroom Garden in Taiwan where you’ll probably see the more mushrooms in one place than you’ve ever seen! Learn more about the process of growing mushrooms, and packing them for sale. Of course, complete your visit by purchasing a pack of your favourite mushrooms for yourself. This place is also known as 百菇庄.


Basically there’s a small restaurant serving all sorts of mushroom related food items – menu is somewhere below when you scroll down later.

296-20140223_150240 297-20140223_150257 298-20140223_150318 299-20140223_150332

At the other side of the place, there is the mushroom growing area. As this isn’t the mushroom season, we weren’t able to see as many mushrooms, but there were still a couple!(:

300-20140223_150501 301-20140223_150523 302-20140223_150541 303-20140223_150552 304-20140223_150607 305-20140223_150634 306-20140223_150652 307-20140223_150806 308-20140223_150844 309-20140223_150911 310-20140223_150933 312-20140223_151013

There’s also an area here where there are talks held where you can learn about the mushroom growing process.


All the different types of Taiwanese mushrooms available!


Storage area where all the mushrooms picked are kept.


You can also buy fresh mushrooms and other mushroom related products as a souvenir. And of course, I bought some mushrooms for my mom as well as this dried mushroom snack for myself!(:

316-20140223_151108 317-20140223_151115 318-20140223_151223 319-20140223_151303

Next to the shop is the small restaurant and as promised earlier, this is the full menu for your reference. There’s mushroom meat braised rice, mushroom soup, fried/grilled mushrooms, and mushroom sausage to choose from!(:

Oh, and even..a mushroom ice cream!

321-20140223_151757 320-20140223_151547

Which I of course tried despite having lavender ice cream previously at Lavender Farm. Very weird taste though, extremely mushroom-y with frozen bits of mushroom. Didn’t like it at all ><

322-20140223_151911 323-20140223_152050

It’s a huge pity that I had lunch at Lavender Farm earlier or I would have ordered everything off the menu! Still, I made sure that we at least tried out most of the fried mushrooms here – and Mr He also mentioned that they are taste the best here because they are so fresh! Agree with him because this was where I had the best mushrooms in Taiwan!(:

324-20140223_152055 325-20140223_152117 326-20140223_152142 328-20140223_152215

Must Orders: Try everything! HAHAHA! It’s really good!(:

Stop #6: Carton King Creativity Park (紙箱王)

Carton King is another must-visit destination to check it out in my opinion. Luckily, there are quite a number of Carton Kings around Taiwan, with the largest / main one at Carton king Creativity Park at Dakeng (near Xinshe).

Almost everything in Carton King (紙箱王) is made by corrugated paper, such as ceiling, tables, chairs, lanterns, plates, pen…etc. In souvenir store, it offers not only your usual paper products, but also paper hats and bags made from leather-like paper.


This is the entrance/exit of Carton King and you can buy your tickets at the counter there. Entrance fee is 200 TWD with 100 TWD voucher to offset your purchase at Carton King.

329-20140223_160719 331-20140223_160747 333-20140223_160852 334-20140223_160900 335-20140223_160907 336-20140223_160913 337-20140223_160936 338-20140223_160958 339-20140223_161003 340-20140223_161013 341-20140223_161026 342-20140223_161029 343-20140223_161121

The map below of the place makes it look rather big but not to worry, it’s not very big. It takes less than 5~10 minutes to walk from 1 end to another(:

First of all, you’ll go through the cardboard animal kingdom but along the way, there are plenty of cardboard pinwheels and other cardboard/corrugated paper hanging decorations – super cheery and pretty!(:

344-20140223_161146 345-20140223_161426 346-20140223_161433 347-20140223_161445 348-20140223_161505 349-20140223_161528 350-20140223_161612

After a short walk (prolonged only because of phototaking), we reached the main area of Carton King where the souvenir shops are and the larger corrugated paper/cardboard displays are at. Oh and we saw ramune soda sold at one of the stalls!


Some of the souvenir shops around the area where you can buy unique souvenirs(:

352-20140223_161648 353-20140223_161654

Again, this area is quite small and can be covered within 10 ~20 minutes tops. Basically, there are a number of famous and iconic landmarks around the world and others made out of corrugated paper scattered around a lovely garden! Super realistic no?

Some of the landmarks made out of the corrugated paper/cardboard are hugeeee like this leaning tower of Pisa while some are really small.

354-20140223_161713 355-20140223_161726 356-20140223_161734 357-20140223_161826 358-20140223_161924 359-20140223_161933 360-20140223_161939 361-20140223_161958 362-20140223_162019 363-20140223_162044 364-20140223_162056 365-20140223_162116 366-20140223_162134 367-20140223_162142 368-20140223_162204 369-20140223_162223

I really like to stroll by the path with the pinwheels – they are really pretty, colorful and as mentioned – super cheerful! 😀

We walked around the whole area taking photos of practically everything so you can see what I saw through the photos at Carton King(:

371-20140223_162257 372-20140223_162326 374-20140223_162402 375-20140223_162421 379-20140223_162534 376-20140223_162444 377-20140223_162505 378-20140223_162515 380-20140223_162553 381-20140223_162614 382-20140223_162638 383-20140223_162643 384-20140223_162652 385-20140223_162700 386-20140223_162719 387-20140223_162738  389-20140223_162758 390-20140223_162813

Of course, that’s not all to it as there’s also the Honey Bee Museum (蜜蜂故事館) inside the park. Since we finished covering most of the places, we headed there to take a look.

391-20140223_162825 392-20140223_162838 393-20140223_162910 394-20140223_162936 395-20140223_162947

P.s the only live bees you see are the ones here, lol.

396-20140223_162957 397-20140223_163008 398-20140223_163028

There are a few entrances to the Bee Museum, but we took the outdoor stairs route. Once you enter, you’ll be greeted with a souvenir shop selling all the bee-related products such as honey, etc.

399-20140223_163046 400-20140223_163050 401-20140223_163053 402-20140223_163125 403-20140223_163127 405-20140223_163244 404-20140223_163232

Nothing much really, so we headed back downstairs by this other staircase.

At the first level of the building is where Carton King Restaurant is located. Here, you can have a nice meal and be awed by everything cardboard – from the seats, to the cup holder, plates and so much more! I opted to skip dining here as I planned on dining at the Carton King Restaurant at Cingjing (Day 4) instead(:


A couple more snapshots around the place before heading into the main souvenir shops to take a look.

There are many souvenirs and knickknacks to choose from, but in the end, we didn’t get any!

407-20140223_163549 408-20140223_163600 409-20140223_163623 410-20140223_163647 411-20140223_163709 413-20140223_164036 414-20140223_164050 415-20140223_164100 412-20140223_164018 416-20140223_164107 417-20140223_164328 418-20140223_164337 420-20140223_164422 421-20140223_164432 422-20140223_164450 423-20140223_164456 424-20140223_164523 425-20140223_164540 426-20140223_164556 428-20140223_164605 427-20140223_164559 429-20140223_164629 430-20140223_164815 431-20140223_165008 432-20140223_165026 433-20140223_165059 434-20140223_165222

Oh and here’s a pretty nifty idea. On your ticket, you’ll see this 6 squares where you are supposed to go around the places to collect the little chops. After that, you can redeem it at Bee Museum for a tiny souvenir – a little car made of cardboard as seen below. Super cute, HAHA and we did that for fun!


Stop #7: Moncoeur (心之芳庭)

This is a last stop of the day at Xinshe. Moncoeur is located quite close to Carton King at Dakeng – perfect planning by Mr Liu to end off the day in a romantic fashion! 😀

Moncoeur is a beautiful place which is suitable for couples to date, and is a good place to take pictures.  Moncoeur wants to transmit the message that Love and happiness can create touching memories, so every places in Moncoeur are arranged and decorated in a romantic fashion. To sum up, Moncoeur is a place which is romantic and full of love.  If you like beautiful scenes, you can come to visit Moncoeur.

Taiwan Traveler

You enter by the pathway at the side, not the main gates as seen from the background. I believe that you have to pay to enter the main gates but that’s usually where weddings are held as I saw a beautiful chapel there. Also peeked through and it was a lovely place inside.

437-20140223_171750 438-20140223_171800

This is the pathway to the attraction area and this particular area is a popular place to take photos as a couple.

There’s a little counter along the way where you can purchase the tickets. The entrance ticket is 200 TWD with a 100 TWD discount voucher given as usual. Super adorable design don’t you think so? 😀


Moncoeur is essentially a replicate of a quintessential European town with a couple of retail shops with souvenirs and small eateries housed in these charming little houses. I really love the whole place and it’s really beautiful(:

As always, here are photos around the place – it’s really a great place for phototaking as a tourist or for weddings!


We stopped by chochoco to purchase a chocolate milk using our vouchers.And there’s a reason why I opted not to eat the ice cream here 😛


As you climb up the hill, you’ll come to the area with the love spoons. Not sure where to get it though 🙁


As you climb up the hill, you’ll come to the area with the love spoons. Not sure where to get it though 🙁


The menu as below, take your pick depending on your favourite! For the themed ice cream, don’t worry, you can choose your own ice cream flavour – you just need to choose whether you like strawberries, macarons, marshmellow or chocolate as toppings!(:

After that, choose 2 flavours of ice cream! We selected both flavours to be vanilla as I wasn’t a fan of the other flavours. Plus we already had Lavender ice cream previously at Lavender Cottage!


Take a seat by the tables at the side overlooking the view. It’s nice to breath in the clean, wonderful and fresh mountainous air from the top!(:


The super unique thing about ordering here is that you will get this pink balloon with your order number tagged on it. Then wait for your turn, go to the counter with the balloon and get your order! And yes, you get to keep the balloon after that(:


Here’s our order 俏俏爱上你 (Chocolate), lol fanciful names ya? I really love the presentation though and the order is EXTREMELY generous meant for sharing. We initially thought it was 2 scoops of ice cream, but seriously, there are at least 5-6 scoops inside – couldn’t finish it! This one comes with chocolate shavings, oreo crumbs, a slice of chocolate roll, chocolate wafer and cherry atop the ice cream(:


By then, it was about 6pm and the sky was getting dark soon. I notice that by 6.30pm, it usually becomes like night fall as if it’s 8pm or so. Tried to use whatever light was left to take some random photos around the area. By then, my phone battery died on me as I had been using it the whole day as my camera so had to use the bf’s photos instead for the following ones D:

As we were heading back to Mr Liu, we noticed that there was a huge crowd of people holding on to heart shaped balloons. Me, being greedy thought they were giving out so we headed there ;x

Initially, we were puzzled at what it was all about and then we realized… this is a live proposal! Having never seen one, we decided to stay a little while to see the whole proposal and snap some photos at the same time.

And then he took out the RING. Lol, the reason why it’s so shiny is because they placed an LED light there but there was a wow factor when he opened the ring box though, super cool!

Of course, the girl said yes and they kissed!(:

Wishing them a blissful marriage! 😀

After that, an hour or so drive back to Taichung from Moncoeur and I was so tired that I just conked out in the cab.

After reaching Taichung, Mr Liu was supposed to just drop us off at our hostel, Eiffel Tower Hostel (逢甲艾菲爾 ) – which he did. But he remembered that I mentioned that I wanted to buy the famous Taichung Sun Biscuits / Sun Cakes (太陽餅) from 阿明師 – one of the highly recommended brands by Taichung locals and he very nicely drove us there.

Stop #8: 阿明師老店太陽堂

The nearest 阿明師老店太陽堂 (Ah Ming Shi Lao Dian Tai Yang Tang) was quite a distance from our hostel so I was really thankful that he took the time to drive us there and it was already about 8pm. I really like the fact that Mr Liu doesn’t charge by the hours like many drivers (ie, additional 1 hour is 200 TWD, etc) and he charged us 2500 TWD for a full day to complete my itinerary. As a result, we later decided to give him 3000 TWD instead of the initial 2500 TWD(:


Here’s the shop and what they have for sale along with samples to try. Without hesitation, I already knew what I wanted to buy – the 太陽餅 and pineapple tarts. There are also other products for sale if you’re interested, but you HAVE to get the 太陽餅 (original) & pineapple tarts. So far, I’ve tried many brands and this is my favourite(:

10 太陽餅 Original Malt – 200 TWD
20 太陽餅 Original Malt – 400 TWD
30 太陽餅 Original Malt – 600 TWD
12 太陽餅 Honey – 300 TWD (Sweeter than Malt, but take the original!)
[Don’t remember costs of the pineapple tarts T___T]

Delivery to Taipei – 140 TWD

You can only keep the sun biscuits for up to 10 days and pineapple tarts for 1 month max. So I would suggest that you request for them to make a delivery to your hotel on the 2nd last day of your stay (to be safe). So far, I know that they do deliveries to hotels in both Taichung and Taipei, delivery service is about 140 TWD. Have to say that it was delivered very promptly to our hotel, City Inn Branch II on our 2nd last day – just remember to inform the staff there that you have a delivery(:


Oh, oops and because Mr Liu loaned us his VIP card, we managed to get an 8% discount! 😀


End of the Day

Our final, final stop for the day was Feng Jia Night Market. If you would like to see all my photos taken at Feng Jia Night Market, click here and scroll down to the last portion(:

We didn’t do much shopping there the day but we did on Day 2 as we mostly just ate. And ate. And ate. Anyway, here’s our loots for the day – bought a new bag, boots and a winter coat! Can’t remember the prices but it was pretty reasonable(:


Mini-Guide to Ramune Soda

Now before I end off, here’s a mini-guide to enjoying a Ramune Soda brought to you by the bf.

  1. Buy a Ramune Soda

  2. Remove the blue cap

  3. Press it down really hard like your life depends on it


  1. Blop and the marble is released


  1. Drink your hard-earned Ramune. SHIOK AH!~


Heh, anyway thanks for reading this long post, many more still to come since this is only Day 2! On Day 3, we’re moving from Taichung to Sun Moon Lake – stay tuned 😉

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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